Mystery Ranch vs. Stone Glacier: Which Backpack is Better?

Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier will be suitable if you want to purchase an ideal backpack for hunting, camping, or going on a mission. They are outstanding with their large capacities and excellent outlooks.

Both Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier are USA-made products. So, they come from the same manufacturing environment. However, there are some small differences between the two hiking backpacks, Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier. Whether you compare the two packs, Mystery Ranch will be slightly heavier.

Comparison Table: Stone Glacier vs. Mystery Ranch Backpack

Features Mystery Ranch (Subalpine) Stone Glacier(Sky 5900)
Dimensions:  3708 cubic inch 5400 cubic inch
Capacity:   80 lbs 150 lbs
Weight:   6.53 pounds 5.51 pounds
Material:   500-Denier Cordura Faric Cordura 500 and Xpac fabric
Price:   Check Price

A short review of the Mystery Ranch backpack

  1. It is a hiking backpack. It has a maximum loading capacity, meaning it can place many elements inside it. Thus, you can easily use it as a hiking backpack.
  2. The backpack has available water bottle pockets. They can ensure you have a perfect hydration system during your long time of travel.
  3. There is an accessible side zipper for the backpack. You can easily access the backpack’s main compartment without unpacking it.
  4.  It includes several pockets to provide sufficient space for your necessary elements.
  5.  There are side compression straps with the backpack. The straps add an extra volume to the bag. Thus, they make a load control for the gear.

Mystery Ranch SUBALPINE Men’s Backpack (Ideal for Hiking)

SUBALPINE is a perfect hiking backpack and also perfect for military use. It is 28.7 inches in height, 14.2 inches in width, and 9.1 inches in depth. It is a large and outstanding Mystery Ranch backpack, so its price is $484, which is comparatively higher.Mystery Ranch SUBALPINE Backpack

The DPM Camo backpack from Mystery Ranch is good for long journeys for general people. The backpack measures 23.86 inches in height, 15.43 inches in width, and 4.96 inches in depth.


DPM Camo is available for $235.

MYSTERY RANCH Vice Men’s Backpack

The Mystery Ranch Men’s Vice is 18.1 inches in height, 11.0 inches in width, and depth is 6.3 inches. It is a casual backpack for everyday use.


The Mystery Ranch Men’s Backpack, Vice, is the most affordable one. It is available for $71.

A short review of the Stone Glacier backpack

The Stone Glacier Sky 5900 is one of the tourists’ most popular hiking backpacks. Its add-on top lid, larger space inside the bag, and comfortable straps made it suitable for long days of of the Stone Glacier backpack

  1. It has a center opening system on the side of the backpack. So, you can easily insert the larger items into the backpack and remove them from it.
  2. There are several pockets inside the hiking backpack with sufficient space. So there is no confusion in placing all the necessary items inside the bag.
  3. The backpack is made of lightweight material. So, it is easy to carry, and you will not be tired after a long trip.
  4. The material of the Stone Glacier backpack is durable. If you can take proper care of the backpack, it will not be damaged after several years.


The Stone Glacier Sky 5900 weighs 5.51 pounds. The weight is less than another hiking backpack, the MYSTERY RANCH SUBALPINE Men’s Backpack. The weight of SUALPINE is 6.53 pounds.

Differences Between Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier

Although Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier are two large-sized backpacks, there are several differences between them, which will make you sure to buy a bag according to your needs.


The Mystery RanchMen’s Backpack, SUBALPINE, weighs 6.53 pounds (9.8 lbs). The Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Backpack (Medium) weighs 5.51 pounds.

So, if you think you should buy a lightweight backpack for your long day of hiking, you can select the Stone Glacier backpack.

There are also some lightweight collections in the Mystery Ranch backpack brand, but SUBALPINE and Sky 5900 will be perfect for long days of hiking. Both of the backpacks have a huge space.

Carrying Capacity

The capacity to carry weight is a significant feature of a backpack. It is more important for a hiking backpack because every user must carry a lot of things during a long day of hiking.

Mystery Ranch has the ability to carry more than 80 lbs. So, you must measure the volume of your essentials, so it does not cross the limit.

Comparatively, Stone Glacier can carry more than 150 pounds. It is an excellent and durable backpack with its durable material, so its carrying capacity is also good.

Although the two backpacks are durable, you can choose a Stone Glacier backpack if you have to carry a lot of weight inside your bag.

Price Comparison

There is a significant difference between the price of Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier. Comparatively, the Mystery Ranch backpack is low-priced.

The price of the Stone Glacier Sky 5900 hiking backpack is $946. But, the Mystery Ranch Subalpine is also a hiking backpack, and its price is about $485. It is almost half of the Stone Glacier Sky 5900’s price.

Now, we are going to discuss a topic that stimulates us to say many things. The Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier backpacks are very similar in their several similar characteristics.

It is necessary to mention the similarities because users can use a product as an alternative to another if they can not purchase it for any reason.

Matched Features

Large capacity

Both the Mystery Ranch SUBALPINE men’s backpack and the Stone Glacier 5900 are hiking backpacks. As a result, their capacities are sufficient for transporting a large number of items within the space.

Quality material

Both the Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier backpacks are made of 500-denier Cordura fabric. So, their materials are the same.

The material is highly water-repellent and durable. But, it is not 100% waterproof, so you can just take the safety of your electronic device from rain for a short time. Then it would be best if you took shelter quickly.

The USA manufactured

Both Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier are USA-manufactured products. Stone Glacier manufactures its products in the USA. Moreover, their use of components and materials for manufacturing backpacks is also USA-made.

Mystery Ranch is also the same because it provides us with USA-manufactured products. The outdoor packs, tactical backpacks, and fire packs of Mystery Ranch are made in the USA. But now, many of their products are also made in the Philippines.

Final thoughts: Which one is suitable for me?

Actually, it is hard to compare Mystery Ranch and Stone Glacier because they have a lot of similarities. Still, there are some noticeable differences between the two backpacks, which will determine the perfect one for your use.

The Stone Glacier Sky 5900 is a less weighty backpack than the Mystery Ranch SUBALPINE. Since they are both hiking backpacks and you have to carry the pack for a long time, you can choose the Stone Glacier Sky 5900 if you want to carry the gear easily.

Moreover, the Stone Glacier Sky 5900 is also good for carrying more things inside it. It can bear 150 lbs, which is more than Mystery Ranch’s carrying capacity.

As a result, the Stone Glacier Sky 5900 will be more suitable for use. However, Mystery Ranch can also be perfect because of its same durability and good performance at a measurable price. In Mystery Ranch, you can get almost the same hiking backpack for a lower price. The cost is so affordable that you can buy two Mystery Ranch SUBALPINE backpacks for the same price as one Stone Glacier Sky 5900.

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