Mystery Ranch 50 and Osprey Aether 65 Backpack

Mystery Ranch 50L vs. Osprey Aether 65L: Which is Better?

When the term “hiking backpack” comes to our mind, we can quickly imagine a backpack with extensive space and durability. A backpack is an essential item for hikers because it is carried to get the necessary things inside it. Since we should carry a lot of elements, including clothes, electronic devices, books, shoes, etc., to fulfill every necessary need while hiking, a hiking backpack should be larger than a regular one. So in this article, we will compare two hiking backpacks: Mystery Ranch and Osprey Aether.

Lightweight carbon fiber is the material of the Mystery Ranch 50 backpack. This material has a low density with high strength. It allows you to carry a comfortable bag for a long day of hiking, but it remains good after prolonged use.

On the other hand, the Osprey Aether 65 is made of 210 D and 420 D nylon fabric. Both are durable and robust materials. Significantly, 420 denier nylon fabric has several advantages. It is lightweight, tough, durable, affordable, water-resistant, and eco-friendly.

Comparison Table: Mystery Ranch 50 and Osprey Aether 65 Backpack


Osprey Aether 65

Mystery Ranch 50

Dimensions:   33.46 x 15.75 x 11.02 inches 28 x 25 x 13 inches
Weight:   4.92 Pounds 5 Pounds
Capacity:   65 Liter 50 Liter
Material:   210D and 420D Nylon Fabric Carbon Fiber
Color:   Black, Deep Water Blue, and Garlic Mustard Green Black, Loden, and Olive
Price Range:   Medium High
Check Review:   Review Review

Mystery Ranch 50L Backpack Features

The Mystery Ranch 50 L is a durable and outstanding backpack with a pleasant outlook. It has some features that will impress you.

Mystery Ranch 50L BackpackCheck Today’s Price

  1. The 3-zipper opening is a unique feature of the Mystery Ranch 50 backpack.
  2. A high-tech carbon fiber frame is attached to the Mystery Ranch backpack. It helps your back support the load, even if it is heavy.
  3. The water bottle pocket of the Mystery Ranch 50 L backpack is made of stretch-woven fabric. It is so flexible that you can easily set up a large-sized water bottle inside the bag.

A short discussion about the Osprey Aether 65L backpack

If you are looking for a hiking backpack, you must consider the Osprey Aether 65. Its outstanding features will satisfy you, and the bag will give you access to a long day of hiking.

  1. The shoulder straps, hip belt, and torso length made the backpack perfect for fitting the body.
  2. The hip belt pockets of the Aether 65 backpack are dual-zippered.
  3. The side water bottle pockets of the Osprey Aether 65 backpack are stretch mesh.
  4. The backpack is sustainable. If you can take care of it, you can enjoy using it for several years.
  5. The Aether 65 has an excellent carrying capability. It can easily bear 30 pounds. No problem. It will happen if you place more than 60 pounds.  
  6. It is a premium-built backpack. The Osprey Aether 65 provides you with a lifetime warranty. As a result, the supplier company is ready to service the bag if a technical issue arises.

Osprey Aether 65L backpackCheck Today’s Price

Differences between Mystery Ranch and Osprey Aether backpacks

The Osprey Aether and Mystery Ranch are two different backpacks from different brands. Although there are several similarities between the two bags, including their large space and hiking intentions, they differ in several aspects.

Price Comparison

The Mystery Ranch Terraframe 50 L backpack is available on Amazon and other marketplaces for $399. On the other hand, the price of the Osprey Aether 65 backpack is around $309.

Both are expensive because they are used for traveling and long-distance hiking. However, large-sized backpacks are worthwhile because of their exceptional performance in carrying a lot of things in adventurous areas. 

Comparison Dimension

There is a slight difference between the Ranch and Aether’s dimensions.

First, if you take the Mystery Ranch backpack, you will find it is 28 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 13 inches in height. The Osprey Aether is also a backpack with an extensive surface. Aether’s dimensions are 33.46h x 15.75w x 11.02d inches.

Osprey Aether is lightweight

The Mystery Ranch 50 L backpack is slightly heavier than the Osprey Aether 65 L backpack. 

The item weight of the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 50 L backpack is 5 pounds. Osprey Aether weighs slightly less, at 4.92 pounds (4 pounds 14.7 oz).

Similarities We Found

The Mystery Ranch 50L and the Osprey Aether 65 are two popular backpacks with extensive dimensions. There are several features of the two bags that are common.

Removable parts

Both the Mystery Ranch and Osprey Aether backpacks have removable parts attached to the bags. If you want to use the bags for your short travels or other personal activities, you can make the backpack smaller by removing the parts.

Hiking backpack

Both the Mystery Ranch 50 Liter and the Osprey Aether 65 liter are appropriate for hiking, long tours, and adventurous journeys.

The huge space inside the backpacks made them appropriate for carrying a lot of things inside and allowed you to enjoy a perfect hiking experience with the travel pack.

Extensive Size

Hiking backpacks are always larger. Osprey Aether, Mystery Ranch, Teton Sports Scout, etc., are examples of extensive backpacks that are appropriate for carrying many things while hiking.

So, the large size is another common feature of Mystery Ranch and Osprey Aether backpacks. You can use any of them as an alternative to other gear.

Suggested Users

There is another mentionable similarity between Mystery Ranch and Osprey Aether’s backpacks. Both of them are appropriate for men.

Significantly, the extensive dimensions and weight of the backpacks are appropriate for carrying by men. However, female hikers can also use hiking backpacks with comfort.

Mystery Ranch vs. Osprey: Our Recommendation

Osprey Aether 65 weighs less than Mystery Ranch 50. So, you can find a slight comfort by using the Aether. But Osprey Aether’s dimension is larger than the Mystery Ranch 50L.

The Osprey Aether 65 backpack gives you access to many more types of equipment inside it. Because of the ample space, the Osprey Aether 65 backpack is better than the Mystery Ranch 50 L.

The price of the Osprey Aether 65 is also lower than the Mystery Ranch 50 L backpack. So, users who want a less weighty backpack at an affordable price can select the Osprey Aether 65 to purchase.

However, if you want a good backpack with less weight to carry with comfort, you can select a Mystery Ranch backpack for use.

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