Borealis vs north face jester backpack

North Face Jester Vs Borealis- Two Best-Selling Backpacks Comparison

Do you want to buy a backpack which will be comfortable for you? Do you need a suitable, fashionable, and classy carry-on bag? Then this page will guide you to choose the right one because we are going to compare two well-known and reputed backpacks in this article. Jester and Borealis are two popular backpacks from the same company named North Face. The ample and sufficient compartments of these bags will be perfect for carrying all necessary things. Both of the backpacks include NorthFace’s super systems and give pleasure during your journey. You can use all of them for school, college, or university. You can also utilize it for your short trip. Both of the backpacks will provide you with a FlexVent Suspension system. So I can assure your satisfaction, you will not be disappointed buying one. But which one should you choose between Jester and Borealis? Let’s Checkout.

Comparison Chart: North Face Borealis and Jester Backpacks


North Face Borealis

North Face Jester

Dimensions: 19.75 x 12 x 6.5 inches 19.75 x 13.25 x 7.5 inches
Weight: 2.12 lbs 2 lbs
Capacity: 27 Liter (Women)

27 Liter(Women)

27.5 Liter (Men)

28 Liter(Men)

Materials: Nylon, Nylon Ripstop, Polyester Recycled Polyester
Laptop Storage: Up to 16 inches Up to 14 inches
Tablet Storage: Yes No
Waist Belt: Yes No
Compression Straps: Yes No
Fleece Lined Pocket:   Yes No
Price:   Check Price
Check Price

About The North Face Brand

North Face is a well-known and reputed company over the world. It prepares many kinds of backpacks, carry-on bags, luggage, and other necessary baggage items both for men and women worldwide. Douglas and Susie Tomkins in 1964 formed the brand. Mountain peaks inspired the name North Face. One of the most challenging tasks is to climb a mountain in risky weather. But, the North Face backpack makes your climbing uncomplicated in unpredictable weather patterns. North Face produces backpacks, jackets, and other necessary elements.

How is The North Face Jester backpack?

The North Face  Jester backpack is a beautiful backpack to use. It has a zipper pocket inside it. You can keep your valuable things. It has a beautiful shape and a bright outlook. Anyone will like this. Those who want a simple backpack will especially like this. It is not such a costly backpack.  

Overview of North Face Jester

  • The bag has polyester lining. 
  • Its buckles are a closure. 
  • FlexVent Technology 
  • Flexible shoulder straps.
  • The Jester contains a 15″ shoulder drop.
  • Comfortable for carrying to school, college, or university.

How is North Face Borealis Backpack

If you want to buy a well-built backpack with a flexible harness system, the Borealis bag is just for you. It is a good bag for your buck. It has excellent value. The backpack is so comfortable with the straps. It is a very stylish backpack for men and women. Even when you go on a journey, you will look so nice, young man!

Overview of North Face Borealis

  • It contains some easy-access organizations.
  • It provides you with a unique tablet sleeve. 
  • The North Face Borealis assures you anti-theft side compression straps.

What are the Similarities Between North Face Borealis and Jester Backpacks?

Both Come With Multiple Colors

Both of the Jester and Borealis backpacks are colorful. You can find various beautiful colors on them. Each is comfortable and of the same quality.

I suggest you buy a bag of your choice. 

Bungee Outside Compartment Section

Being bungee is an important feature and is present in both bags. These bungee cords created an independent compartment that made this essential to keep things like towels, and yoga met, etc. You can keep your towels while going to the sea. You can take clothes in it. Thus you will get your necessary garments close to your hand. This bungee outside is for your essential use and a good bag look.

Both Comes With Comfortable Shoulder Straps

On the outside, the straps of the two backpacks are the same. First of all, the Jester provides flash sowing, making the straps flexible. The top of the straps is wide for giving extra support to your collarbone. But, in the Borealis, there is nylon on the top. I like this. The nylon connected the straps and made the bag comfortable for you to carry. In terms of the padding of the straps, there is a similar density. I like the comfortable one.

Features Flex Vent Technology

It has made backpacks more comfortable. In the pads of the technology, air can become circular so quickly. Your body will be free from sweat. Behind the straps, the part stuck with our back is dense and comfortable to carry. If you compare the two, you will find the Borealis is denser. 

North Face Jester Vs Borealis- What Are The Exact Differences?

The difference in Size and Storage Capacity

The North Face Jester and North Face Borealis backpacks are suitable to use for every man. The dimension of the North Face Jester is 19.75 inches ×13.25 inches × 7.5 inches in size; the extent of The North Face Borealis is 19.75 inches × 12 inches × 6.5 inches. If you have to carry a lot of necessary things and to buy a backpack which should be more extensive, you can take the North Face Borealis.

Borealis vs north face jester reviewOn the other hand, you can collect the North Face Jester backpack if you do not have to take many things. I always advise you to emphasize your necessity. The Borealis is 2.12 lbs in weight, and the Jester is 2 lbs. The Jester will be a light bag for you. If you want to carry a bag easily, I suggest you think about the Jester. The Borealis has a volume of 28 liters, and the Jester is 26 liters. It can seem to you that the Jester is lighter. You got the point. If you want a more lightweight bag to carry around a day, the Jester will be perfect for you.

Compartments Comparison

You can find some essential compartments in Jester and Borealis backpack. The North Face company provides you with a huge space to store your valuable and necessary items. 

Main Compartment

If you want to keep your essential items, you should be careful about the compartments of a bag. The North Face provides you with some kinds of bags with such qualities. The bags’ main compartment is so large that you can keep your necessary items in it. The Borealis provides 28 liters capacity of compartments for men’s backpacks and 27 liters for women. The Jester contains 27.5 liters capacity of compartments for men and  27 liters capacity of packs for women.  

Front-Storage Compartment

There are front storage compartments of both laptops besides the main compartment. The Borealis and the Jester have a front organizer compartment. The compartment of the Borealis provides tablet sleeves, zipped pockets that have a key leash, and fleece-lined pockets for a phone. You will keep your books, notebooks, papers, and other vital accessories inside this. If you go on a trip or traveling or hiking, you can take your clothes easily inside this. This compartment is so prominent in both of the two bags. Here I suggest both of the backpacks are good, you should think about other features to choose from. But, the Jester has no tablet sleeve and a fleece-lined phone pocket. It has a mesh-made sleeve pocket for smaller items. I can certify that the Borealis contains more advantages than the Jester with the view of the front-storage compartment.

Laptop Compartment

The dimension of the laptop sleeve of the Borealis and the Jester is 15 inches. It includes just a fleece-lined padded sleeve. Both of the bags provide a padded laptop sleeve in their main compartment—this is an essential feature for every laptop user. north face Borealis vs jester backpack reviewBut, the Jester has a floating padded sleeve; on the other hand, the Borealis has a padded, fleece-lined laptop sleeve. So, I suggest you, if you want to get extra security for your laptop, you can buy the North Face Jester backpack.  

Only Borealis Has Tablet Sleeves

A tablet sleeve is present on the North Face Borealis Backpack In the front compartment. It is an excellent feature of the North Face Borealis backpack. You can easily carry your tablet with you while going outside. 

The Jester will not provide you with the opportunity. I think you also want to keep your chargers and other cords with you. There is no problem because you can get a few zipped pockets in the front compartment. There you can put all of your chargers, headphones and other accessories. 

Water Bottle Pockets

There are two water bottle pockets on the two sides of both bags. The water bottle compartments outside the Jester are longer than those of Borealis. If you put a 14-ounce bottle into the water bottle compartment of the Jester, you can put it quickly. It will cover your entire bottle. But, the pockets of Borealis are a little bit different. When you try to keep your bottle inside it, half of the part of the bottle will stay out. You can think there is a light space on the top of the bottle. That is not a problem for you. Borealis created a mechanism to keep your water bottle tight in the compartment. It has a bungee cord on the pocket. When you keep your bottle in it, you can tighten it hard then keep your bottle safe. It will also be loose when you put a heavy bottle in it.

So I have a good suggestion for you. If you want to use a long heightened water bottle, you can buy the North Face Jester backpack. And if you have a heavy water bottle, you can use the Borealis backpack because of its bungee cord. It locks your bottle and keeps it safe. The Borealis backpack’s water bottle pocket fabric is smooth, and Jester has a mesh outside. 

Quick Accessible Pocket

The Borealis backpack will help you keep your smaller but valuable things and stick out those instantly. It has a quick access pocket very in front of it. It is lined with fleece easily accessed. You will use it at the storage of your smaller items. You can put pens, pencils, sunglasses and many other things you can find instantly when necessary. 

Do Both Have Side Compression Straps?

It is an essential feature present in the North Face Borealis backpack. The feature helps you to protect your bag from thieves. When the thief tries to pull its zipper, it will be clung to the straps. Thus the thief can not steal anything from your bag. It is an effective solution against short-term theft.

Fleece-Lined Pockets

The Borealis provides you with some fleece-lined pockets for quick access to your important things. They will help you to protect your digital devices and take the essential smaller things quickly. But this feature is not present at the Jester. Here, I advise you that the Borealis will be better for you if you want to get this feature. 

Final Recommendation- North Face Jester or Borealis? 

Both of the bags have their different advantages. It looks like the Borealis is a little bit better than the Jester in every aspect. You can find the Borealis backpack bigger and more durable compared to Jester. It has more capacity and more pouches to hold more necessary items. It has plenty of space to carry your daily necessities. However, north face Borealis vs jester reviewsJester is not bad at all. But, comparatively, the Borealis is a little bit better. It is a more durable travel pack. The Borealis include larger spaces. Its main pocket laptop compartment is larger than the Jester. Both of them are fashionable, carriable, and suitable. Jester is ideal for going to school whether Borealis is carrying it for traveling. I liked both, but mainly I prefer the Borealis over the Jester. 


  • Is the Borealis pack bigger than the Jester in size?

Both of them are close to their sizes. They are not so different. Jester is 19.75 inches ×13.25 inches × 7.5 inches in length, and Borealis is  19.75 inches × 12 inches × 6.5 inches. So, in my experience, both of them are the same and perfect for use. If you think of buying a large backpack, both will be suitable.

  • Which is suitable for thin people? Borealis or Jester?

North Face Borealis and North face Jester are the same in size. The main compartment and laptop compartment capacity are also the same. But the Borealis is a little bit larger than the other one. You will find the broader backpack that will stick out in Borealis more from the bottom when you wear it. 

  • How many liters are the North Face Jester and the Borealis?

The North Face Borealis contains 28 liters of volume. On the other hand, the  North Face Jester has 27 liters. Here we found the North Face Borealis bigger than the North Face Jester. Both of them are so useful. As you search for the big one, I suggest collecting the Borealis.

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