Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack Review In 2023

When you are looking forward to buying a backpack that can carry all of your stuff daily according to your need, you may stumble upon many tactical and ECD bag options. We think the Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack is very suitable for fulfilling your day-to-day needs for a backpack. So we decided to review Samurai Wakizashi tactical backpack to give you all the details related to this backpack.

Tactical backpacks are bags that are inspired by military bags. They hold a lot of compartments, and sometimes a hydration pack has MOLLE added to help attach extra pouch and other lightweight types of equipment. The samurai wakizashi tactical backpack has even made it to number one for the best tactical backpacks in 2023. What can be more intriguing than that?

Technical specifications of the Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack


Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Dimensions:  17.1 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches
Item Weight:  2.2 lb
Material:  Polyester Fabric
Volume:  24 Liter
Shoulder Straps:  Yoke-style shoulder straps
Sternum / Chest Straps:  Adjustable sternum strap
Zippers:  Heavy-duty zippers
Handles:  Top Carry handle
Loops and Attachments:  Molle system, velcro patch holder
Main Compartment Access:  Normal zipper access
Molle Equipped:  Yes
Hydration Compatible:  Yes
Side Compression Straps:  Yes
Price:  Check Price

100% Polyester Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack Review

Let’s jump into the details about this fantastic backpack and see what this bag has to offer to us.


The samurai wakizashi tactical backpack is suitable for your use if you are a student or work at an office, carrying your tools, or hiking. This bag has a lot of pockets and gives you loads of space to fit all of your necessary belongings in. This bag is stylish, offers so many exclusive options and facilities to add more pouches and pockets. It also has a hydration bladder to help you keep hydrated. The bag is affordable and offers you so much with its various services making your everyday life easy.

Affordable Price

The price of this fantastic tactical backpack is lower than the number of exceptional facilities it offers. It makes the life of a hiker to students easy with so many necessary secure compartments, has a hydration bladder, and costs less than $30. That is very affordable and cheap for such high qualities!

Attractive & Compact Design of Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

This bag is highly fashionable whether you use it for your class or travel, or hiking. It has double metal zippers that you can lock. The entire bag has a chic polyester lining. It has a velcro patch holder in the front with molle types of equipment. The bag has compression straps on both sides and a shoulder strap in the back that helps support the load against your body. The back of this bag is padded and mesh. It has breathable materials, and that makes the bag more comfortable to use. Overall, the backpack is highly fashionable.

Size and Color

The samurai wakizashi backpacks come in two different and very convenient colors of black and desert grey. These colors are long-lasting and are highly recommendable for using them in the long run as the chance of getting stained or getting dirtier is slightly less on these colors.

The measurement of this backpack is 17.1 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches making sure that it’s considerable and compact enough to hold a lot of your stuff in it effortlessly.

100% Polyester Fabric Material

The Samurai wakizashi backpack is made of 100% Polyester fabric and has a polyester lining all over it. It has mesh padded straps that are durable, soft, and comfortable for you to use it. The material is durable and robust as much as it’s solid and sturdy. The breathable fiber in the back is high quality and helps the user with the utmost support. It is water-resistant as well.

Multiple Pockets and Compartments

Samurai Wakizashi Backpack ReviewsThis backpack has so many compartments and sub-compartments that allow you to carry your most essential belongings separately and securely. The bag contains one main compartment, which is large and has an additional mesh zipper pocket. It helps you keep your necessary belongings such as books, laptops, notebooks, or clothes in order and separately and safely. In front, there are two pockets, of which the top one is soft and secure with a zipper. You can store your wallet, passport, charger, or sunglasses like small essentials there. The pocket at the bottom has a mesh zipper pocket and protective sleeves for keeping the hydration bladder or something fragile and essential in it. It also has two side pockets for holding water bottles or umbrellas if you want to.

Durability and Support

This tactical backpack has the capacity of holding up to 24 Liter worth of stuff. That is perfect for you if you use this bag for class, office, or a short trip or hiking. The material, outlines, and zippers are solid. The bag is capable of holding the load, and it is lightweight. Even after using this backpack for months to years, this bag gave the best support as day one. The zippers work okay. The fiber is so strong that it rarely fades away or gets damaged. The padded mesh covers help protect the stuff as well as the bag. Isn’t that the best option for all of your cases? The customers love it because of how comfortable yet durable this bag is.

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Samurai Wakizashi Features Hydration Pack

If you go for a hike or a long trip, or maybe you are stuck in a line for a while, you might get thirsty. But what if you don’t have a water bottle with you? Don’t worry about this issue all if you have the samurai wakizashi tactical backpack with you. This bag has a hydration bladder pack attached to it. This feature makes it tranquil for you to access drinking water wherever and whenever you need to.

Advantages Samurai Wakizashi Tactical Backpack Have

  • It is a solid EDC backpack
  • Made with high-quality polyester
  • There are so many pockets, and they are very organized, even the smaller ones.
  • The bag is comfortable to carry
  • The hydration pack is beneficial
  • Great backpack at such a price


  • The zipper of this bag is a bit stiff.

Final Verdict on Samurai Wakizashi Backpack

Samurai Backpack Reviews

Overall, there’s no doubt to say that the samurai wakizashi backpack is one of the best tactical backpacks you can ask for. It is light, roomy, solid, comfortable, and safe to use. So if you are a student or an office-going person, or even if you love to go on trips and to hike on short notice, this backpack will be able to give you the best support and company. I hope the provided pieces of information come in handy for you. Thanks for reading this Samurai Wakizashi tactical backpack review article, and happy shopping!


  • How much does the samurai wakizashi bag weigh?

The backpack is lightweight. It’s about  1.94lbs in weight.

  • Where is the hydration port of this bag?

The hydration port is on top of the bag near the handle.

  • Does the samurai wakizashi tactical backpack have a waist strap?

No. This backpack doesn’t have waist straps.

  • What are zippers made of plastic or metals?

The zippers are made of metals.

  • Does the bag stay in place while running?

Yes. The bag certainly does!

  • Is the samurai wakizashi bag fast at shipping?

Yes. The bag ships fast worldwide.

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