Jansport Big Student Backpack

Jansport Big Student Backpack Review [For School or College Students]

Whether you are a high schooler or a college-going student or going to the office or maybe a short trip, or need a backpack for your everyday usage, the JanSport big student backpack can be your best solution for all. This bag is vastly admired and trendy amongst young adults for its durability and so many exclusive facilities that come in handy for students in general. So students who are searching for a backpack must read our Jansport Big Student Backpack review article before buying any bags.

If you happen to be a young adult high school-going student or going to college, you have come to the right place to look for a perfect backpack for you. This backpack can hold many necessary items for one’s day-to-day life, from classes to jobs to other activities.

Technical Specifications of the Jansport Big Student Backpack


Jansport Big Student Backpack

Item Dimensions:  17.5 x 13 x 10 inches
Weight:  1.5 lb
Capacity:  34 Liter
Material:  600- Polyester
Shoulder Straps:  S-Curve padded shoulder straps
External Pockets:  3 zipped front pockets and 1 side pocket
Internal Compartments:  Two large main compartment
Handle:  Web haul top handle
Laptop sleeve:  15 inches laptop compartment
Laptop Compartment size:  15 x 10.2 x 1 inches
Back Panel:  The fully padded back panel
Price:  Check Today’s Price on Amazon

100% Polyester Lining Jansport Big Student Backpack Reviews 2023

Let’s waste no more time here and dive into the details about this unique bag with so many features that will benefit you in so many ways.

Polyester Fabric Material

The primary material to manufacture this JanSport big student backpack is 600-polyester. This fabric is high-quality and long-lasting.  You can find an extra layer of nylon inside the main compartments to provide more flexibility and support.

The material makes sure that you can use this bag for years without the chances of damaging it. That’s highly helpful for the students as they can use the pack for multiple purposes for a long time before and after their graduation.

Although you can open the zippers of the two chambers all the way, they are not as high-quality as the rest of the materials. But if they get damaged, they are repairable.

Jansport  Backpack Offers Different Colors

In addition, to add more options and colors for both male and female youth, the JanSport big student backpacks come in many vibrant and different shades of colors. And they are very stylish too.

The backpacks come in many shades, such as aqua dash, midnight magenta, strawberry shower, buckshot camo, geo flux, graphite grey, night sky, red tape, and even plain black. Jansport Big Student Backpack ReviewPrints on the fabrics are unique and lively. That’s why this particular backpack has more hype in the younger generation. They are so pleasing to look at, and the quality of the fabric already adds a huge plus point to it.

Huge Storage Capacity

The JanSport big student backpack indeed is a big guy! It comes with a height of up to 17-inches, width over 13.5-inches, and has a pair of shoulder straps above 14.5-inches. 

Not just big to look at, the backpack has the capacity of holding up to 34 liters worth of stuff inside of it. Which indeed is a lot to store your books and other necessary items for your classes, and you might still have a lot of space left. 

Value of Money

The JanSport backpacks provide you with both quality and quantity. The bag is big, durable, has very highly demanded fabrics, and has enough space and pockets for you to keep your belongings organized. Also, you can use the backpack just fine for years. You can get all of these facilities and guarantee in less than $85. 

The price may seem a little over-board at first, but when you think about how many services this bag is offering, that too in high-quality, the price appears to be just fine. The JanSport big student backpack is affordable and highly demandable among students for mostly their all-purpose use. In that case, this bag indeed is cheap and gives you an all-in-one facility.

Jansport Big Student Backpack Features Multiple Compartments

The JanSport big student backpacks also have two big compartments, and the bag overall includes five inner and four outer pockets in total. Not only does this backpack hold a lot of stuff, but also they are very well organized too.

You can store your books, laptop, notebook, notepad, tiffin-box and so many more in the main compartments according to your needs. You can carry clothes and other stuff too. 

So the user can store your small necessary items like your wallet, pen, earphones, credit card, phone, chargers, and so much more in the smaller compartments. Here is one side pocket in the backpack for carrying a water bottle or an umbrella.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The JanSport big student backpacks ensure safety and comfort with their highly functioned up to 14.4 inches long shoulder straps. The straps have a unique “S” curve in them, and they are padded.

big student jansport backpackCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Its backside is fully padded as well. So it makes sure that you get the full back support and the bag is comfortable to carry even if it is fully loaded.

The durability of Jansport Big Student Backpack

Thanks to the high-quality materials, the JanSport big student backpack is highly durable. The students prefer it so much because the bag for being long-lasting. Many young adults have been using this bag for various purposes like their everyday use, job, taking it to their gym, even traveling alongside using it for class-related purposes. 

You can put your bag inside a locker or even put it in the trunk while traveling, but this bag still stays set and most likely doesn’t get damaged. Because of its durable quality, it is highly loved and appreciated by its targeted audience.


JanSport’s big student backpacks are so comfortable to use that they are highly appreciated and loved. Even though you have the bag fully loaded to its highest capacity, the padded shoulder straps and the padded back makes it so comfortable and easy for you to carry the weight on your back without having to add extra pressure on you.

The storage space and so many compartments also make it easy to keep your things well-organized inside of your backpack. That, too, adds comfort to those who are using the JanSport big students backpack. The bag is comfortable and suitable for young adults in mainly all kinds of ways. After getting all the technical information from our Jansport Big Student Backpack review, now let’s check its pros and cons.

Features we like

  • It is an excellent backpack for students from high school to college.
  • The bag is highly durable and has high quality, sturdy material.
  • Its shoulder straps are comfortable and padded.
  • The backpack has two main compartments, and both of them are roomy.
  • It has several small pockets to keep your essential, necessary belongings for class or work.
  • These JanSport big student backpacks are washable.
  • It has more storage capacity compared to the JanSport Hatchet backpack
  • This backpack offers you so many features at a very affordable price.
  • The bag is long-lasting.
  • You can use it for multi-purposed reasons.
  • It has a lifetime equipment warranty.


  • The zippers are a bit weak.
  • The carry handle doesn’t have padding.

Final Overview

In conclusion, if you are a young adult who needs a backpack for your high school or college or everyday use or even traveling, the JanSport big student backpacks are one of the best solutions for you.Jansport Big Student Backpack reviewThis backpack has a vast storage capacity, offers you many different valuable features, and comes in various unique colors and choices at a very affordable price. You can also use this backpack for up to so many years and wash it too. That’s all you are looking for in a bag.

If this Jansport Big Student Backpack review with the pieces of information we were able to provide you with were helpful, hurry up and place your order as soon as possible! Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


  • Are the JanSport backpacks long-lasting?

Yes, the JanSport big student backpacks are highly durable and long-lasting. A high schooler or a sophomore student can buy this backpack and get it going till the end of their college years. The materials are durable and offer a less damaging performance even after using the backpack for many years.

  • Is The JanSport backpack a multi-purpose bag?

The JanSport big student backpack is a multi-purpose bag. You can take it with you while hitting the gym before your classes, get changed, and attend your class. And then change again and take it to your part-time job if you have one. You can apply this example to both high school and college students. The backpack is an excellent use for all kinds of young adults day to day activities.

  • Can You wash JanSport backpacks?

Yes, you can wash the JanSport big student backpacks. They have washable materials as it’s primary fabric. To maintain the bag’s shape and cleanliness, we highly suggest washing the packs by hand. Using cool water and some good quality fabric softener should be enough. It would help if you avoided strong washing powder or bleach to prevent the backpack’s fabric from causing harm.

  • How long will it take a Jansport backpack to dry?

Honestly, it depends on the weather and humidity to determine how long it might take to dry a JanSport backpack. However, it shouldn’t take more than one to two days to dry the bag.

  • Are JanSport backpacks overpriced?

The manufacturers use high-quality fabric to make the JanSport big student backpacks. Due to using top-notch materials while making sure the bags are solid and durable, the price tags on the bags may seem a bit expensive. But the backpack’s material is highly demanded and high quality, and you can use it for up to many years.

  • Is Jansport a reliable brand?

The JanSport has been manufacturing backpacks for over decades from 1967. They have gained their trust by providing students with high-quality, durable bags. They are highly reliable and popular amongst school and college students and people who need a backpack for their daily usage and Officeworks regardless of their gender and age.

  • Are the JanSport big student backpacks suitable for high schoolers?

The JanSport big student backpacks have a high demand among high schoolers. The targeted audience is primarily young adult students, exceptionally high schoolers, and college students for its longevity and valuable features. So We can undoubtedly state that the JanSport big student backpacks are highly suitable for high schoolers.

  • Do the JanSport student backpacks have a separate laptop compartment?

The JanSport big student backpacks don’t have a separate compartment for storing a laptop. However, the main rooms are spacious enough to keep a medium-sized laptop if you want or need to carry one with you.

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