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Skip Hop Forma Backpack Review 2023[Hands-Free Diaper Bag]

The best solution for your baby’s day out is the Skip Hop Forma backpack, without any doubt. It is a diaper bag, your shoulder bag, your baby’s toy, or bottle carrier, all in one. Are you, by any chance, a mother of a newborn who still requires diaper changing but still somehow didn’t get used to the concept of using a diaper bag? You might still use your carry-on shoulder purses and sometimes forget to carry your baby’s diapers and other necessary items in them. So go through this Skip Hop Forma backpack review article to get the best recommendation.

The Designing of Skip Hop Forma backpack is for mothers with a toddler or two who might need a diaper changing. You can use this as your purse, too, as the bag has plenty of space for keeping your stuff as your baby’s necessary items.

Technical Specifications of the Skip Hop Forma Backpack


Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Dimensions:  14 x 8 x 6 inches
Weight: 0.65 Kg
Material: 100% Polyester
Main Closure: Zipper
Top Handle: Easy-Grab
Compartment: Eight
Laptop sleeve: 15 inches
Padded backpack straps: 13″ to 28″
Manufacturer Colour: Jet Black, Grey, Mauve, Navy, Grey Feather, Jet Black, Grey Feather
Waterproof:  Yes
Water Resistant:  Yes
Price: Check Price On Amazon

Multipurpose Insulated Cube Skip Hop Forma Backpack Reviews

Let’s get into the details and see what this backpack has to offer.  


Skip Hop has been a well-known brand for manufacturing necessary goods for newborns, mothers, toddlers, new parents in general since 2003. The parents’ demand for this back is getting higher and higher.Skip Hop Forma Backpack ReviewsYou, as a parent, have no chance of forgetting things behind, such as your baby’s diaper, not bottle or food, not the toys, and no chance of failing to carry your wallet, mobile phone, other necessary items, or even a laptop. You can bring them all in this Skip Hop Forma Backpack comfortably.

This backpack is lightweight and spacious, comfortable, has some fantastic features. Such as easy access to storage cube, stroller straps, meshed compartments for food and laptop, cushioned changing mats, and high-quality, easily washable material. All of these are at an affordable price as well.

Materials Used in Skip Hop Forma Backpack

The Skip Hop Forma backpacks use water-resistant polyester for their primary materials. With a wet-tissue wipe, you can easily clean this bag as the fabric wouldn’t get damaged. The materials are PVC-free and phthalate-free, which is very Eco-friendly and safe to use.

The zippers are strong and smoothly open all the way to the nappy-changing compartment and the other ones. The handles and straps are padded and make it easy and comfortable for you to carry the backpack.

 The Skip Hop Forma backpack also weighs approximately 1 pound, which is very lightweight. The product dimension is 14 x 8 x 6, which is pretty spacious and big.

Style and Color

Not to mention, the Skip Hop Forma backpacks are highly very stylish and come in some pretty convenient colors such as black and grey so that you can use the bag for your baby whether you’re the mother or the father. The backpack’s features are unisex, and it’s very fashionable for both the mom and the dad. skip hop diaper backpackThe high-quality materials have quilt stitches which makes it look exceptional and feel comfortable too. The stitches are solid, and so are the materials. You can throw in your necessary belongings in the separate compartment beside your little one’s essential items as well, and you are good to go as you put the bag on your shoulders, no matter if you are the mother or the father. It will suit you and will come in helpful and handy for your toddler.

Value and Pricing

The multi-purpose, high functioning, and very high-quality Skip hop Forma backpack have numerous helpful features for the baby and the parent. And compared to the quality, style, storage, comfort, and features, the price is highly affordable. The bags cost approximately from $70-$115 what’s comparatively cheaper than the number of quality features that the bag offers. 

Storage Capacity of Skip Hop Forma

The Skip Hop Forma backpacks are very roomy. It has up to 8 compartments, of which all of them are very spacious.

The zip-around opening at the top opens to the very spacious room where you can keep your baby’s diapers and quickly grab them whenever your little one needs a change. You can carry enough diapers in that storage space for at least a day. This chamber also has a washable padded pocket that you can use to store a laptop or a notebook.

There is a meshed compartment on the front, which is spacious enough to store both packing cubes that come with the backpack. You can keep separate necessary belongings of your own in this compartment. This chamber has a slightly small zippered mesh pocket on top of it where you can put your small essential items such as your phone, keys, wallet, and such.

Check Price On Amazon

The Skip hop Forma backpack also has two insulated side pockets to carry bottles for water and even for milk. It also has elasticized interior pockets and mobile compartments. 

So much storage and space in a separately organized form for both the baby and the parent, what more can you possibly ask for?

Additional Packing Cubes

The Skip Hop Forma backpack comes with two additional multi-purpose packing cubes in the front compartment. Both of them are very light-weighted, and you can use them in multiple uses. They are color-coded, and both of them can be very useful.

skip hop backpack diaper bagYou can store your baby’s wipes, burping napkins, breast milk bottles, emergency first aid kids, medicines, and so many other items in these two bags.

It’s so hard to organize and find all of your toddler’s small items in a big roomy bag. That is why these additional packing cubes might be very helpful to keep them organized and easy to grab whenever needed.

Cushioned Changing Mat

You are taking your baby out, and you have a very well-functioned diaper bag and diapers too. But it’s going to be a bit hard to change their diapers whenever needed when you are outside, right? The Skip Hop Forma Backpacks have a solution for that problem too! 

This backpack comes in with a foldable cushioned changing mat that’s wide enough to be folded into a laptop sleeve for up to 15 inches devices when not in use, but not too big so that you can easily fit it into the main compartment.

You can unfold this changing mat on a table or on the floor, whichever is suitable and more helpful in that situation when your baby needs a change, and then you can wipe it clean with a cleaning wipe and put it back as it was. That indeed makes the work very easy.

Comfort and Quality

Skip Hop Forma backpacks offer you high-quality material and facilities in a very comfortable form. Not only the big comfortable, organized compartments, but this backpack also has to offer so much more when it comes to comfort.

 The bag’s fabric is waterproof and easily cleaned so that you can maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the backpack and the baby regularly. You can keep clean and used nappies separately and keep the bag clean too.

The quilt stitch formula makes the backpack very comfortable and soft. The weight of this backpack is very light, and the zippers are smooth. Padded shoulder straps and handles make it so easy to carry the Skip Hop Forma backpack. The bag’s comfortable structure will make you feel less weight and more comfortable even when loaded fully.


The amount of maintenance a parent has to assert after a baby is born is a lot. If you are a working parent, the pressure extends a lot which the Skip Hop Forma backpacks make slightly easier.

 You need to maintain your work, life, and your baby all at once. And a baby requires a lot of care and products. It’s tough to carry so much stuff in different bags, and you’d most likely forget diapers at home by mistake. This bag, however, is offering you wonder by providing you with all of them in just one backpack. And you can buy them at an affordable price too! I hope our Skip Hop Forma backpack review helped you come up with a wise decision. Happy shopping!

Things we liked

  • Working mothers all over the world tend to love this backpack.
  • This bag is roomy.
  • It has a lot of pockets to keep your baby and your things organized.
  • The backpack is lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • This backpack has so many facilities and additional goods to make it more helpful.
  • The Skip Hop Forma backpacks are affordable compared to how much it offers.


  • Some parents want more padded and longer sleeves for the backpack.
  • Unlike the Nomatic EDC backpack, the bag doesn’t come with an additional suitcase sleeve


  • What Are Diaper bags?

A Bag carrying diapers for your newborn or toddler makes it easy for you to change their nappy easily wherever you are known as diaper bags.

  • What are diaper bags and the Skip Hop Forma Backpack different?

A diaper bag’s sole purpose is to carry diapers and store the used ones after changing. You usually have to take more than one bag if you are a parent of toddlers, especially a mother, to keep your stuff in one bag and the diapers in the other.

The Skip Hop Forma backpacks serve all of the purposes at once. It gives you the ability to use it as an all-in-one bag both for the baby and the mother as it has so much separate space for storing the diapers and your stuff in an organized order.

  • Is The Skip Hop Forma Backpacks waterproof?

The Skip Hop Forma backpacks use high-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric for the bags. They are waterproof and easily cleanable too.

  • Does the Skip Hop Forma Bags use plastics?

Yeah, the Skip Hop Forma backpacks use plastic for their handle and strap, but they aren’t dangerous as they are PVC and phthalate-free.

  • How to Clean the Skip Hop Forma Backpack?

It’s so easy to clean the Skip Hop Forma backpacks. As the materials of both the bag and the changing sheet are waterproof from in and out, you will be able to clean it with your hands by using cleaning wipes, detergent water, and a damp cloth to wipe it clean. You will also be able to clean the backpack with your hands.

  • Are The Skip Hop Forma Backpacks suitable for you?

The Skip Hop Forma backpack has so much storage space and meshed comfortable compartments. As a working parent who has a toddler, you need a lot of stuff to take care of, along with changing nappies; this bag will benefit you.

If you are going on a trip with your toddler or staying out overnight with them, this backpack will be able to carry your baby’s and your necessary items together.

  • Is Skip Hop Forma backpack easy to use?

As a parent, the Skip Hop Forma backpacks are straightforward to use. You have effortless and quick access to the main chamber by just unzipping it. The bag has space for keeping all of your baby’s toys, changing clothes, food, milk bottle and still gives you tons of room to store more stuff. The bag is so lightweight and easy to handle and take care of as well.

  • How many compartments do the Skip Hop Forma backpacks have?

The Skip Hop Forma backpack has eight compartments, including two side pockets, one main compartment, a front compartment with an attached zip pocket. It also comes with two compact bags to separate your smaller necessary items in an order.

  • What additional facilities do the Skip Hop Forma backpacks have?

As you know from our Skip Hop Forma Backpack review article that the bag has so many outstanding facilities. And it just gets better with its additional facilities. Two extra packing cubes to keep your baby and your small essential things in order and, most importantly, a changing pad to change your baby’s diaper, which is foldable, and you can fold them into a shell to keep your laptop protected.

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