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YOREPEK Backpack Review [Extra Large 50L Travel Backpack]

Are you going for a hike or traveling and looking for a suitable backpack that can hold your laptop and other necessary belongings? The YOREPEK extra-large backpack has so many excellent facilities that may offer you the best solution in that case. So in this YOREPEK backpack review article, we will discuss its features and performance so that you can make the right decision before buying.

This backpack can be your best friend for hiking or traveling, or going to the gym, and it can even be your most helpful partner for class or office. Starting from your laptop, it can carry so many things like your books, clothes, camera, camping bag, water bottle, umbrella, and other electronic equipment. That sums up that you can carry mainly everything you might need for different kinds of events as it has a capacity of up to 50 Liter.

Technical Specifications of the YOREPEK Extra-large 50L Backpack


YOREPEK Backpack

Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.2 x 19 inches
Weight: 2.75 Pounds
Capacity: 50L
Pocket/Compartment: 20+
Zipper: Metal Zippers
Color: Black, grey, purple, blue, bright red, red, and royal blue
Mesh pockets: 2 side pockets
Laptop Compartment: 15.6 and up to 17 inches
Material: Polyester fabric with high density nylon lining
Water Resistant: Yes
TSA-Approved: Yes
Waterproof: No
USB Charging Port: Yes
Price: Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Is YOREPEK a good brand?

YOREPEK has been manufacturing backpacks since 2017. And now they have claimed their place to be one of the best brands for laptops and traveling bags. They are highly loved and suggested for their USB port for charging phones. 

Their bags, extra-large compartments, and laptop folders are always in high demand. This brand is indeed very highly recommended for purchasing backpacks.

TSA-Approved YOREPEK Backpack Reviews 2023

Yet this backpack offers you many brilliant facilities and is highly affordable too! So let us give you some details of this fantastic backpack and what it offers to us below.


This backpack for men has up to 50L capacity. It’s extra-large( comes in with a  height up to 19 inches ), so that you can fit a laptop up to 17 inches and more large and heavy stuff in it. It’s also TSA-approved, comes in at a meager price, and offers you so many unique facilities. Such as a built-in USB port for charging your phone, a headphone port, is water-resistant. It comes with breathable high elastic fiber and offers you an ergonomic design that prevents your spinal cord from getting hurt. This bag comes in with so many compartments and pockets to keep a hold of your belongings. Not to mention that it is highly very helpful for traveling or classes or work, everything!

Design and Color of YOREPEK Laptop Backpack

The YOREPEK backpack is designed very simply, however, with so many unique facilities and colors. The breathable high elastic fiber that’s used in the back of this bag is designed very uniquely. The bag has up to 20 compartments and pockets holding three large compartments. You can open this bag up to 180 degrees flat angle, which will help the electronic devices inside of your bag easier to scan through the security pass.YOREPEK Laptop Backpack

This bag comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, bright red, grey, purple, royal blue, and red. You get to have so many options while choosing the color according to your preference.

Affordable Pricing

Considering the amount of service this bag offers, the price of this bag is really low. This backpack provides all-in-one facilities, from carrying your laptop, camera, and other electronic devices to taking it to travel or hiking. It has a lot of compartments, is strong and sturdy. But compared to the number of facilities the bag is offering, the price is really affordable. They come from $30-$75, which is considered lower than they offer.

Compartments and Pockets

This bag has up to almost 20 pockets and compartments with so much space to keep things inside. Two of the main compartments are really big and have a lot of space for clothes, books, and so many other things according to your need. The front zipper has so many mini pockets to keep your smaller items organized. YOREPEK extra large Backpack reviewsThere are three more inner pouch-like pockets to keep your passport and wallet kind of valuable things. It also has two side pockets, of which one has zippers on it, and the other one meshes. And then it has some more side pockets to keep your water bottles or umbrella. You can already see what the hype is about! This bag has so much space and so many compartments, and It is really roomy.

Material and Durability 

This backpack is made with heavy polyester fabric, which is more wear-resistant. The breathable padded cover in the back makes it easy to carry the bag. It comes with solid metal zippers, which ensure sturdiness and security. Whether traveling or using the bag for your everyday use, the bag’s long-lasting features and durability ensure that this bag keeps providing us just like a brand new bag for years.

Comfortable and Compact

The YOREPEK backpacks are comfortable and compact. They have wide mesh shoulder straps with sponge pads inside, making it easy to carry the bag. It has a 3D breathable design which eliminates heat and helps the bag ventilate. And it gives you the right amount of back support that prevents you from damaging your spine. The bag’s handle is rugged, and it’s covered by steel to give you a strong grip and help you lift and carry your backpack safely and comfortably.

USB Port and Headphone Holes

The built-in USB port outside and inside makes it easy for you to charge your phone and other devices easily when walking or on a trip. There are extended padded pockets and straps for adjusting your USB charger according to your need. 

There’s a headphone hole that supports your headphone wire from inside your backpack. It’s easier to listen to your favorite songs without having to carry the device and headphones in your hand. Young people tend to love these features, especially for hiking and traveling.

YOREPEK Backpack is TSA-Approved

While traveling somewhere on a plane, this backpack saves you from all of the hassles. This backpack is TSA-approved. It opens up to 90-180 degrees accordingly for you to take out your laptop/computer/notebook or other devices while a security check. This approval makes the security check quick and easy.

YOREPEK Backpack reviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Short Key Feature Review of YOREPEK Backpack

  • Very well made.
  • Affordable and low in price.
  • It has a lot of space so that you can fit a lot of your stuff inside.
  • This bag has a lot of compartments.
  • TSA-Approved.
  • It has a USB port and headphone hole.


  • It is not waterproof.

Final Thought on YOREPEK Backpack

The YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack is ranked 3rd  at the top 12 backpack category, which is incredible! This bag has a lot of storage space to hold all of your books, clothes, and other necessary items whether you go for your work, hike, class, or travel.

The number of pockets and compartments has been more than a lot and so helpful! And it’s affordable too. I hope this YOREPEK backpack review helps you make a wise decision and helps you make up your mind about buying a better all-purpose extra-large bag within your budget. Happy shopping!


Are backpacks suitable for travel?

A backpack that has large compartments and is made with solid and durable materials is helpful for travel. If the bag can hold all of your clothes, camera, camping bag, sleeping bag, and other essentials for a trip or hike, the backpack is beneficial and easy for travel.

 Is YOREPEK an expensive bag?

YOREPEK backpacks are not expensive at all! These bags offer and provide you with so many excellent and unique features, but the bags are so well above the price. The price range is around nearly $30- $75, which is very affordable and low in price.

What size backpack can I take with me on a plane?

If you are traveling somewhere by plane, you can carry a backpack up to 20 inches in height and 14 inches in width. You can bring bags that have up to 40 Liter weight capacity on a plane. 

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