How to dye a nylon backpack?- Change the color

Is it possible to dye a nylon backpack

Who does not want to keep a good outlook on his backpack? Everyone knows that sufficient cleaning can maintain a backpack’s view well. But, discoloration is a significant problem with gear, making it look old even if you wash it regularly. Dyeing is a process that can keep your bag safe from the situation. Is […]

How long should a backpack last?- 7 different types

A backpack is a long-lasting product. A less durable backpack can even last for one or two years. Several backpacks have a lifetime warranty. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of backpacks’ durability and longevity. Factors Determining the Lifespan of a Backpack If you want to judge a backpack, you must […]

How to spot a fake Tumi backpack? (Common signs)

Every popular brand carries a risk of product duplication. Several unregistered manufacturing companies make fake products with the same name and earn a lot of profit. So this article will show you how to identify a fake Tumi backpack. What is the sign of a real Tumi backpack? Tumi backpacks are also designed and manufactured […]

Is carrying a heavy backpack good exercise?

Carrying a backpack is an essential task for both students and professionals. Many people become astonished after learning that carrying a backpack is also a way to build muscles and develop this health condition. Sometimes, a heavyweight backpack does the task that a gymnasium does. Caution: Carrying a heavy backpack can be helpful for our […]

Bad effects of carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder?

Bad effects of carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder

You shouldn’t carry a heavy backpack for several hours. Leg, shoulder, or knee pain is now common cases in our generation. Carrying a backpack endlessly is one of the main reasons behind this.  Health effects of carrying a heavy Backpack on one shoulder When the backpack is so heavy, it becomes the reason for several […]

How do you put a hydration bladder in a backpack?

How do you put a hydration bladder in a backpack

The hydration bladders are very useful for travelers. They can easily hold a sufficient amount of water so that you can drink it when you are thirsty. Suppose you need a backpack with a hydration bladder that will hold a sufficient amount of water inside it. But your backpack does not have this feature. Moreover, […]