SwissGear 5358 ScanSmart Backpack

Review of SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Backpack For Laptop

If you are looking for a tech backpack with a contemporary style, then the SwissGear 5358 backpack would be the best option for you. Every unique feature of this pack attracts people as it is a fashionable bag. If you want to organize all of your valuable materials, including your laptop, notebooks, clothes, and others, the SwissGear will be your best companion. When you search for diversity in your backpack, SwissGear will give you the actual definition. SwissGear provides you with exceptional features; you will get much pleasure. You may think the bag is oversized and heavy to carry. But the SwissGear is quite a smaller backpack that we are thinking of. I hope, in this SwissGear 5358 backpack review article, you will get a lot of information about the product, which will help you gather information about it and buy this backpack without any hesitation.

Technical Specifications of the SwissGear 5358 USB Laptop backpack


SwissGear 5358 USB Laptop backpack

Item Dimensions:  18” x 11.5” x 7”
Laptop Compartment:  15” x 11.25” x 1.25”
Tablet Compartment:  10” x 7”
Capacity:  31.4 Liter
Material:  Ballistic Fabric
Item Weight:  3 lbs
Laptop Sleeve:  16 inches
Zippers:  Rainproof Zippers
Outside Compartment:  RFID Pocket inside
TSA Approved:  Yes
Waterproof:  No
Water Resistant:  Yes
Price: Check Review

What are the advantages of using the SwissGear 5358 USB Laptop backpack?

  • TSA-friendly lay flat back panel helps you skip the airlines’ policy troubles.
  • Padded shoulder straps and panels give you more comfort.
  • You can use the designed shoe compartment can for carrying extra footwear.
  • Your phone may have handy charging with a USB port and the detachable cable included in this backpack. 

What are the setbacks?

  • Swissgear 5358 is costlier than other backpacks because of its vast capacity, highrise materials, and attractive features.
  • Carrying many things makes this backpack overloaded and hard to bear.

SwissGear 5358 Laptop Backpack Review

Someone can ask you a question: why will you buy the SwissGear 5358? Rather every pack provides you with many attractive features. Ok, I am giving you some ways to judge the SwissGear 5358 backpack. Check it carefully, and I hope you will say that the SwissGear is the best backpack you have ever seen. SwissGear 5358 USB Laptop backpack

Water-Resistant Materials

Every corner of this backpack will surprise you. The abrasion-resistant polyester fabric made the bag safe from a lot of harm. This feature keeps your gear safe when a stiff thing rubs with your bag. I especially like this very much because it keeps me tension-free from any harm to my backpack and unwanted suffering. The dimension of the gear is 18 inches in height, 11.5 inches in length, and 7 inches wide. 


The valuable materials and the features of this bag made this a durable backpack. As it is much more stable, high school students can buy this pack for several years instead of buying a new bag every year. The backpack’s handle is more expansive and easy to hold. The abrasion-resistant polyester 


The SwissGear is a large backpack with a huge space in it. The size of the gear is 18 inches × 11.5 inches × 7 inches. It is a large pack to carry your extensive load. This pack will help you take a long day trip when you need to have a lot of essential items. The bag’s container capacity is 31.8 liters.

All The Compartments of SwissGear 5358 Backpack

The tech backpack contains the necessary organization to keep our power cords, business cards, chargers, phone, and other essential elements. The outside compartments of the bag are – two sides zipped pockets, two sides mesh pockets, and two front zipped pockets. You can use them as quick access and keep your pen, pencil, keys, and many other accessories. Two huge compartments are present in the bag, and you can put many products inside these. 

Main Compartment

Its extensive access to the main compartment includes an important feature. You can find an internal zipped shoe bag with side access. While traveling, you can put your shoes quickly inside the pocket. The main compartment is so large that it will help you store your huge necessary things during the journey. There is an air mesh small pocket in the main room. Here you can easily carry your phone and put it on a charger. There is a small hanger beside this. You can hang your essential keys to unlock your necessary locks. 

TSA-Friendly Lay-Flat Back Panel 

All of the vital characteristics of a tech backpack are present in SwissGear 5358. When you unzip your laptop compartment, it unzips totally to lay flat on an X-ray machine. It is called scan-smart technology. There is a 16″ padded laptop sleeve to store your device. The padding of the compartment will protect your device from accidental falls. You will also get a USB port for charging, and you can set your device here. There is a small media pocket on the upper side of the laptop compartment, and you can put your i-phone inside this quickly. There is another air mesh pocket inside this. You can keep your power bank here and use it as your power pack. The TSA feature gives you more security. It also keeps separate the laptop and the other elements inside your bag.SwissGear 5358 Backpack

Cold Water Bottle Compartment

Having a cold water bottle pocket is a fantastic feature. Some people usually travel in summer. But they feel a lot of pain in the scorching heat of the sun. When you are tired, you need some cold water. This bag’s feature will help you get the water at the perfect temperature. Moreover, it will also help you carry hot water and save this to use in the cold weather.

Outside Compartment

There is an outer compartment in front of the backpack, which is necessary for quick access. There is an RFID pocket inside it to identify any theft. It will keep your bag secure. There is also a group of tiny little pockets inside the outer compartment to keep your small items and find them very quickly. The side pockets and the internal hidden pockets are handy for a person who has to bear a pen, a mobile phone, or other things and take it out fast as necessary.

Crush-Resistant Pocket

You will find a fleece-lined crash-resistant sunglass pocket and an organizational extra pocket inside the backpack. This pocket will keep your glasses and sunglasses safe from any misfortune. The feature is necessary for everyone to wear a sunglass inside their bag.


When you are planning to celebrate a tour for several days, you should carry a comfortable backpack. Otherwise, the journey will be terrible for you. The gear has a pair of adjustable padded and ergonomically contoured mesh shoulder straps and a ventilated airflow back padding. The back airflow panel is heavily padded, and that’s why it is so comfortable. They keep you free from sweating and keep you fresh. You can enjoy this comfort While traveling and hiking.

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Attractive Outlook

The bag is in different colors, including black, black/red, blue ballistic, blue/black, grey ballistic, and heather. These colors gave the backpack different attractive outlooks. The color and the design of the gear are impressive. When you look at the bag and know about the features, you will be astonished to know how it is possible to have both outlook and stability. 


The SwissGear 5358 gives you valuable and stable zippers to use the bag safely. On the laptop compartment, you will find rainproof zippers. It will be helpful to protect your device from any harm. It also involves an inner shoe bag to discover a zipper for your necessity. 

Multi-purpose backpack

You can use the SwissGear 5358 as a multi-purpose bag. You can buy it for your child as his durable school bag and also can take it for hiking, traveling, or trekking. If you want to take your valuable laptop, tablet, or i-phone, you can also put them inside this quickly. 

Key Features at a Glance

  • A USB outlet power-ready port is in the backpack. When you are on the way, you can charge your pack.
  • To squeeze the load closer to the backpack frame, it includes compression straps.
  • It has a crush-resistant pocket to keep your sunglasses safe.
  • The water bottle pocket is slide insulated and can keep the perfect temperature. 
  • There is a Small Accessories Storage Pocket of the bag to store your necessary materials.
  • Inside the backpack, the front Organizer Compartment accesses your pens, pencils, and piece of paper.
  • You will get a crush-resistant sunglass compartment to store your glasses safely.
  • On-The-Go USB Charger port to charge your phone inside the bag.
  • The gear provides you with an insulated water bottle pocket with an exterior mesh pocket to keep water at the perfect temperature.
  • A collapsible shoe pocket with side zip access will keep your shoes inside during the journey.

Final Remarks on the SwissGear 5358 Backpack

You probably want to take a long-lasting pack for your longer use, and you can buy the SwissGear. It is a total package for your journey, hiking, trekking, and essential services. Though it is a costly backpack, its quality does not disappoint you. Its temperature-saving system of the cold water bottle compartment assures your peace and removes tiredness. Its abrasion-resistant feature gives the backpack much specialty. It increased the durability of the pack and made the package more attractive.

I especially like the character because I want a more robust gear. The SwissGear backpack is in various colors. Who likes colorful bags can buy blue ballistic, gray ballistic, or blue/black color. So you have both options to make the decision which kind of color you would like. The SwissGear provides you the opportunity to pack every necessary thing in your gear, even cold water. I think everyone will choose SwissGear for its attractive features.


  • Is the SwissGear 5358 backpack good in standard?

The SwissGear 5358 is made with abrasion-resistant polyester fabric. It is a high-grade fabric, and it helps the bag keep safe from abrasion and any other harmful effects. If you want to buy a durable backpack, the SwissGear will be your choice. 

  • How is the SwissGear 5358 different from the other backpacks?

Two different features added a new dimension to the backpack: a scratch-resistant glass compartment and another pocket to keep your dirty shoes away. These features made SwissGear an additional package from others.

Is the SwissGear 5358 waterproof?

Neither of the materials of SwissGear is waterproof. So, The SwissGear backpack is water-resistant.

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