Swissgear 1900 Laptop backpack

Swissgear 1900 Travel Laptop Backpack Review in 2023

You may find a whole bunch of products while surfing the Internet. You can find every type of product according to your needs. But today, I am introducing you to a special kind of product, a prominent and sturdy backpack this generation can get, which is the Swissgear 1900 backpack. The ScanSmart is one of those cool products mostly known for its spacious compartments. Huge laptop-sleeved compartment, extra zipped pockets, and internal mesh pockets. Nonetheless, Swissgear is offering you an ocean of features that is hard to find in any of the backpacks available In the market, and guess what? This product is also a budget-friendly addition to consumers. Things can not get better than this.

Most people need to pack a huge amount of stuff, and those tech-forward guys need a large backpack for keeping up those electronics. Swissgear 1900 backpack offers you an unimaginable twelve compartments of small and large sizes, including a TSA-friendly opening and a heavily padded laptop sleeve compartment. This is undoubtedly the best to offer a product in the market at present. Let us explore all the insights about this backpack.  

Technical Specifications of the Swissgear 1900 Travel Laptop Backpack


Swissgear ScanSmart SA1900

Dimensions:  18.5 x 13.25 x 9 inches
Laptop Compartment:  14.5 x 11 x 1.5 inches
Tablet Compartment:  10 x 7 inches
Capacity:  31 Liter
Item Weight:  3.3 lbs
Material:  Durable 1200D Ballistic Polyester Fabric
Laptop Sleeve:  17 inches
Zippers:  YKK Zippers
Shoulder Straps:  Contoured, padded shoulder straps
External Pockets:  3 zipped front pockets and 4 side pockets
Handles:  Rugged molded top handle
TSA Approved:  Yes
Water Resistant:  Yes
Back Panel:  Heavily Padded Back Panel

Quick Overview of the Swissgear ScanSmart SA1900 Backpack

This backpack is large in size, as I said earlier. It has a dimension of  18.5 inches by 13.25 inches by 9 inches, which is almost the most oversized laptop backpack on the market. It has a spacious laptop compartment with 14.25 inches by 11.5 inches by 1.5 inches, where you can easily fit a 17 inches laptop. This backpack weighs more or less 3.3 pounds. Inside the laptop compartment, there is a dedicated floating Tablets Safe tablet compartment. There are also multiple internal accessory pockets, Water bottle mesh pockets, tiny side pockets, and many more features. This backpack is made of durable 1200D polyester, which is water-resistant.

The back panel is heavily padded with soft foam with outstanding airflow ventilation technology. The built-in suspension system splits out the backpack’s overall weight, and the padded shoulder straps give you comfort while carrying the rucksack on your back. A rough molded plastic handle allows you to carry a heavy weight. The front quick-access pockets enable you to keep small things like pens and pencils; in the mesh pocket, you can keep all your pieces of stuff, and the carabiner can attach extra gears. At a glance, this is a compact and majestic backpack allowing you to fit in all of your necessary kinds of stuff. 

Key Features of the Swiss Gear Scansmart SA1900 Travel Backpack 

  • A large spacious main compartment carries almost all the essentials and chores. In the main compartment, there are mesh pockets for holding small devices and gadgets. There are multiple partitions inside the main compartment for putting in extra stuff.
  • There is A Dedicated laptop compartment with versatile dividers capable of carrying a 17 inches laptop. Alongside, there is a stretchable meshed tablet compartment that can fit almost any size of tablet and notebook.
  • The padded shoulder straps come with an inbuilt suspension system, and the breathable mesh body fabric keeps your back sweat-free. The ergonomically contoured shoulder strap keeps the balance of the back of the human body.
  • There is a big organizer compartment at the front and multiple divider pockets to keep your tiny item like pens, pencils, keyrings, passports, ID cards, etc. 
  • There are Side water bottle pockets and zippered large side pockets, and quickly accessed front zippered pockets. 
  • To make the carrying experience more enjoyable, the company gives you a sturdy, reinforced molded grip handle. This looks robust but feels comparatively soft.
  • The overall architecture is ScanSmart lay-flat design with a TSA-friendly system allowing transparency while immigrating or checking at the airport.
  • The body is made with durable 1200D polyester, which is water-resistant at the same time. This kind of polyester increases the product’s longevity and makes sure that the product is secured from aquatic and damp conditions. 

Color Varieties 

This is a really good aspect that you can now get a Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart in various colors. You can get this backpack in almost eight colors. The basic black is the most common of them, besides red and gear backpack reviews Heather gray is a color that can be fancy to consumers. The gray color looks more legendary, in my opinion. The reflective accent of the shoulder strap keeps you safe while roaming at night. And this accent creates a wild shade that largely increases its aesthetic.  

Irresistible Durability

As mentioned earlier, this ScanSmart 1900 Swissgear backpack is infamous for its durability. The material used in this backpack makes it quite a sturdy and long-lasting backpack. 1200D ballistic polyester is a kind of polyester that adds water resistance to the product. And there is also a sleek overlined area inside the compartment to make this even more durable. Swiss gear has provided metal zippers and daisy chains instead of YKK zippers, which is appreciable.

swiss gear 1900 backpack reviewsThe metal zippers will last longer than Ykk zippers, which are more durable. The back panel is designed with soft, ventilated, and padded sections that reduce sweating in the hot temperature. One of the best positive sides of this backpack is that its top handle is too rough and sturdy, enabling it to carry a heavy-sized backpack. Overall, there are no issues with the durability of this backpack, and you can utilize it for a casual or heavily used purpose.

Massive Capacity in Compartments

This backpack is made to carry a heavy load. The capacity is enormous, and there are a total of twelve small, medium, and large compartments. There is a main compartment and a fully-sleeved laptop and tablet compartment. The rest of the compartments are small and add a larger feel to keep all the equipment. This backpack has a capacity of 31 liters.  

Main Compartment 

The main compartment is sectioned into three big expanding file-size compartments to fit almost everything you need. You can also set up one more laptop, clothes, and hiking needs a DSLR and combination that you like. On the other side, there is one more meshed pocket zipper and a top compartment for iPod or portable hard drive, which you will not be used if not necessary. A zippered pocket on both sides extends to the end of the backpack. There are three different zippers at the end of the backpack, but there is only one main compartment. 

Laptop Compartment

There is a multi-functioned Laptop Compartment in this backpack. The zip in the bag extends from the top to the bottom side, where you will be able to fit a 17-inch laptop. The whole backside and the bottom of the compartment are padded to protect the laptop. The second in the middle extends to both corners of the backpack to lay down the whole laptop compartment. There is padding gear at the sides, and the whole side is padded to protect the laptops. There is also a tablet compartment, which is about 7 inches wide. This material is stretchable and a quarter-inch more than this length. The end of this laptop sleeve is also made with fully padded foam. The laptop compartment is padded well on the bottom, but the rest is just regular material. 

Other Small compartments

On both sides of the backpack, zipper pockets extend till the end of the backpack fallout by a water bottle holder with a strap lock. In the front, there are two pockets. The top is about eight inches deep and covers the whole upper part, while the bottom has multiple pockets inside this. This pocket can be expanded from the back surface to fit more stuff inside it, like pens and pencils, gums, bars, and many more. On the outer side, there are straps and hooking bucklers so that you can hang any of the accessories like sunglasses or specs. There is a regular detachable key holder in the pocket, which can be removed at any time.  

Pricing Factor

This is not a typical carry-day backpack. As it offers a great number of facilities, the prices should be a little bit high, which is totally okay. This is mainly a middle-budget backpack that may cost you below a hundred dollars. It is completely knowledgeable that Swissgear is giving you this multifunctional and tech-friendly laptop backpack for this reasonable price. 

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Tremendous Compatibility

This backpack is well known for its compatibility. If you are a hiker or a travel freak, then this backpack will ideally serve you. There are plenty of rooms for travel belongings. Its ergonomic function will ease the pressure and give a nice backup to the shoulders while conveying the backpack. Its reinforced carry handle and compression straps will remove the pain of carrying the backpack for a long time. It is ideal and versatile for a day to day use. It is really easy to access the main compartment, and there are also quick stash front usability pockets. The main; carrying handle is made of sturdy materials, which lengthens its durability.

There are accordion file holders and an RFID-protected organizer that classifies your small stuff and organizes it professionally; moreover, this is an all-purpose backpack compatible with students, professional hikers, and workers. One of the most compatible features is that this backpack has a TSA-friendly laptop compartment. Its main advantage is when your luggage has been checked at the airport or for any other security purpose, and you don’t have to unzip the whole main compartment. Just unzip from top to bottom using its lay-flat ergonomically contoured technology. The x-ray machine may automatically scan the whole backpack. This feature is really helpful one saving your precious time. 

Warranty of the ScanSmart Swissgear 1900 Pack

Swissgear believes in its product quality. They use the finest raw materials to make their product. Normally, they give almost a lifetime warranty on their products. Swissgear 1900 is no exception. ScanSmart Swissgear 1900 Pack review They give you a ten years extended limited warranty on buying the product directly from a Swiss Gear Outlet. In case you choose a different method of buying this product, you will have only three years of warranty.

Pros of the Swissgear 1900 Travel Backpack

It Has a TSA-friendly scan Smart Lay Flat design which breezes through the security without removing the devices and the electronics. The company uses a very durable 1200D polyester, making the backpack water-resistant and durable. The mini zip pockets allow the accessories to access quickly. The padded back panel adds extra security to the shoulder and the waistline. The biggest advantage of this backpack is that it is a 31L backpack that can carry a large amount of stuff and has two spacious dual compartments, including a laptop compartment. Technically you can carry two laptops simultaneously.

Cons we found

The main problem is that this backpack can get a bit bulky when it is fully packed, and sometimes the compression strap interferes with the side pocket access, which is quite annoying.


Is the Swissgear 1900 backpack waterproof?   

Unfortunately, this product is not waterproof, but the backpack is made of 1200D polyester, making it a water-resistant backpack. The inbuilt quality of the backpack is very robust as the outer shell is made of highly durable material. In a mild shower, this backpack may ensure the security of your kinds of stuff.

What is Swissgear smartscan Technology?

The ScanSmart Swissgear 1900  has the Unclogged, ScanSmart lay-flat design, which allows the airport security smart x-ray machine to scan the laptop compartment without unboxing the device. This protects your laptop from unwanted situations.

How many liters is the Swissgear 1900 backpack?

Normally the Swissgear ScanSmart 1900 is known for its spacious size compartments. This backpack is 31L which can carry almost all of your daily necessities. Due to its huge size, sometimes it feels heavy, and the shape is distorted. But as a whole, it is a tremendous backpack for carrying your heavy stuff.   

Comparison Table: Swiss Gear 1900 vs. Swiss Gear 1923 Backpack

Features Swiss Gear 1900 Swiss Gear 1923
Dimensions: 18.5 X 13.5 X 9 inches 18 x 13 x 8.5 inches
Material: Ballistic Nylon Nylon
Volume: 31 liters 31 Liters
Weight: 3.3 lb 3.09 lb
Water-resistant: Yes Yes
Laptop Size: 17 inches (with padded sleeve) 15 inches (without padded sleeve)

Summary of Swissgear 1900 Reviewswissgear travel backpack reviews

Every product has some good and evil sides. The Swissgear 1900 smart scan backpack is no exception. This backpack is ideal for the students and the hikers who need to carry many electronics and devices with them. This backpack is a genuine tech-friendly product, allowing a lot of gazettes inside this. The small meshed zipped pocket comes to the rescue to keep the small accessories neat and clean. If you are roaming for a large backpack in a budget-friendly manner, I can assure you to buy a Swissgear 1900 laptop backpack.

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