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Is Osprey Porter 46 a Good Backpack?- Updated Feature Review

Need a duffel bag and also a regular backpack? Are you confused between these two kinds? Don’t know which one is right for you? Osprey came up with a great solution to help you with this problem. The Osprey 46L porter backpack is a multi-functional backpack. That means you can use it not only as a duffel size but also as a backpack. The main compartment is 46L. That’s a vast space. And also, their belts and back parts are well padded. Chest and hip straps also help you balance your load. That’s why you can easily carry this.

This backpack is water repellent to use in mild, rainy areas easily. And the design is also very different from other bags. It is not only used for compression but also gives you security. And you get all these features under a 200$ budget. So if you read this osprey porter 46 review article to the end, you realize why it is perfect as a travel backpack.

Technical specifications of the Osprey Porter 46L Backpack


Osprey Porter 46L

Dimensions:  21 x 14 x 9 inches
Weight:  3.4 lbs
Material:  420D Nylon Fabric
Capacity:  46 Liter
Shoulder Straps:  Padded shoulder straps
Main Compartment Access:  Clamshell
External Pockets:  1 top, front, bottom, and back zipped pocket
Handles:  Padded top and side handles
Laptop Sleeve:  Up to 15 inches
Zippers:  YKK Zippers
TSA-Approved:  Yes
Waterproof:  No
Water Resistant:  Yes
Price: Check Review

About Osprey Backpack Company:

Osprey started their journey in 1976 with only one sewing machine. From this to now, they have kept their soundtrack by maintaining great quality products with a minimalist style. Mike Pfotenhauer is the founder of Osprey, and he loves to create new backpacks for everyone at that time. That’s why, after finishing university, he started making backpacks for travelers. He loves this work, and his craftsmanship is different and perfect for any tour. That’s why people are starting to like his product.

Nature always gave him the inspiration to create new things. He also loves stitching. That’s why he started making new backpacks with his design. After some days, with his effort, people began to like his works, and day after day, they became famous among people, especially travelers. And yes, they still keep their highest quality, that’s why people trust them.

Overview of the Osprey Porter 46L backpack:

  • A multi-functional, convertible duffel and standard daypack.
  • 46L substantial main compartment.
  • Heavily padded backside laptop sleeves fit a 15″ laptop.
  • Water repellent.
  • Hidden shoulder belt with chest and hip strap.
  • Straightjacket compression strap in the front part.

Osprey 46L Porter Travel Backpack Review in 2023

As I told you before, this porter backpack is a multi-functional bag. You can use it as a duffle bag and carry it as a backpack. Yes, that’s a convertible bag; the preference is yours. And the Osprey also added extra padded laptop sleeves on the behind side of the pack.

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The hidden shoulder straps also make it the perfect duffel backpack. There are two handles in this bag, side, and top. The front side is closed with a compression strap attached to a straight jacket. That helps compress the bag’s size when it’s fully loaded. The design and available shades are also very trendy. The organizing section also keeps your many small and valuable items. All In all, it’s a perfect backpack for you, on your travels or on the way to the gym.

Materials, Size, and Volume

The Osprey Porter backpack is made with the best quality material, nylon. Two types of nylon are used here, and the inner part is 420 D nylon pack cloth and the outer side 420D nylon wave ripstop. Ripstop is famous for its durability. This kind of fabric is water-resistant. They are also very hard to rip or tear. These kinds of fabrics are easy to use. So you can easily wash it in your washing machine with mild hot water. With all these features, these materials are also very lightweight. That’s why this backpack is only 3.4lbs (1.5kg). A 46L backpack with highly durable fabrics and this much-weight made it slightly pricey. The dimension of this backpack is 22in×14in×9in (55.9×35.6×22.9 cm). 

Stylish Design

The Osprey Porter 46L backpack is a bestselling product. The beautiful central part of this bag is its design. This bag is designed as a duffel bag and looks like a backpack. This porter pack is also a kind of suitcase. When you load a bag, it works like a suitcase; after that, you can carry it like a backpack or a duffel bag. The Osprey logo is on top of the front part. The model name is also in the middle of the load.

osprey porter 46 reviewThe most exciting part of this bag is the front aspect. The Osprey used a “Straightjacket” in front of this backpack. This padded compression compartment gives you a minimal size when you load correctly and give security. Because this section parted in two ways, these two parts stuck with two compression stacks. That’s why it also gives you protection because when you hang your backpack on the shoulder, you don’t know what happens behind your back. So it’s a significant part of this porter bag.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The Osprey also designed this backpack’s bottom side very cleverly. The shoulder straps are hidden behind an unzipped compartment, and the waist strap is invisible with a zipped compartment. That means you can get a casual look. There are also two D-strings attached to one side of this bag so that you can attach the strap and use it as a duffel backpack. But it won’t come with the package, and you need to buy this cord separately. Two padded handles also give it a very trendy look. These handles mainly help you to carry your load as your wish. There are two straps added to both belts, chest and hip strap. In the chest strap, you find a built-in whistle, which helps you in emergencies.

All The Compartments

There are three compartments Osprey offers in this backpack. The organizing, main and laptop compartment. We are now talking about this compartment first.

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Organizing Compartment

There are so many organizing sections in this Osprey Porter backpack. At first, there are two vertical compartments under the straight jacket. This chamber is also quite significant. Then on top of that, there is the leading organized section. This section is separated into two subsections. There is a zipped compartment for your valuable item and an air mesh section for your pen, pencil, and other small elements. You also get a beautiful plastic key-lash in this section. Keys are complicated to find in this type of large base. That’s why if you attach your key or this type of item in this lash, you can find it easily. On topmost of this bag, you find another small section. You can easily use it for your sunglasses. This compartment is easy to open because the Osprey used YKK zippers here. 

The main disappointment of this backpack is the bottle section is absent. So you need to use a vertical one or use it to carry it in your hand. That means you won’t find any special pockets for hydration. It’s also a big problem for travelers. But you get four organizing sections, and you can use one of them as a bottle section.

Main Compartment

The Osprey offers you a large 46L main compartment with a suitcase system opening process in this backpack. It is easy to load in this suitcase system and provides lots of space. You can carry your one-week essentials in this compartment. There are also two sub-sections on both sides of this compartment. one is air mesh, and another is usual. Both parts are secured with a zipper, and it’s very important to store your many small items like soap, shampoo, etc. This compartment has two compression straps for securing your load. It minimizes the size and fits your things in the exact location.

Laptop CompartmentOsprey porter backpack reviews

All the compartments of this porter backpack laptop section are my favorite ones. They put the laptop compartment separate from the main room and the bottom. The sleeve pad is also powerful and soft; you can easily keep a 15″ laptop in this compartment. There is also a tablet section attached to this section’s other side. This section is beneficial for keeping you with gadgets like tablets, headphones, etc.

Shades and Budget

People think that travelers’ bags are perfect when it is black. That’s why the majority of these travel bags’ shades are black. But you find another beautiful three-color option, the Osprey Porter 46L backpack. They are hay bale green, petunia blue, and amber orange. My personal favorite is the hay bale green one.

The budget for this porter bag is not fixed. The price mainly depends on its extra features and also color. The fabrics are also different for different shades; it’s not set. But you can get this backpack for under 200$. It was a little bit expensive but looked the Brightside of this backpack is as perfect as a duffel or backpack. Osprey uses high-quality material in this backpack and gives you a lifetime warranty.


  • It can be used as a duffel bag as usual as a backpack.
  • The main compartment is a suitcase system, easy to load.
  • Straightjacket front, ensure extra security with compression.
  • Water-repellent.
  • The bag is lightweight, with a 46L capacity in the main compartment.
  • Shoulder straps and waist straps are tuck-able and easily give a casual look.


  • The bottle section is absent.
  • Rain forced loops didn’t come with a backpack; you need to buy them separately.

Who Should Buy A Osprey 46L Porter Backpack?

Do you love traveling, then it’s an ideal backpack for you. It is also convenient if you also need a bag for your some-day vacation. This backpack is TSA-approved and also fits under the seat with the help of these two compression straps. But if you love hiking, I must say it’s not perfect for you. And this gear is also not ideal for daily use or as a school or campus bag.


  • Can I use this Porter 46L Backpack for hiking?

No, it’s a high-capacity bag, so it’s challenging hiking with this bag. I’ll suggest you do not take this.

  • Is this Osprey 46L backpack waterproof?

No, it’s not waterproof. But its water resistance means you can use it in a mild, rainy area for a bit of time.

  • Does my 15″ laptop fit in this Osprey 46L backpack?

Yes. A 15″ laptop can easily fit in the laptop sleeves.

  • Why is the Osprey porter backpack another shade that is more expensive than black?

Yes. These backpacks’ different shades are a little expensive because, most commonly, packs are black, so their material is easy to find. On the other hand, there are some differences between every shade of the bag. That’s why it is a little bit expensive in different shades.

  • Is the upgraded Osprey better than the old one?

The upgraded one is much better than the old one in its features and design. And I recommend buying the upgraded one.

Overview About this 46 Liter Osprey porter backpackOsprey porter backpack

The Osprey Porter backpack is trendy among travelers. The main compartment is also very easy to load with a suitcase system. Two D strings are attached to the side of this bag so that you can easily use it as a duffel bag. The handles are also very strong and easy to carry. Depending on your load, this bag can easily fit under the airplane seat. These bags are also TSA-approved.

But you can’t use this for school or campus purposes because it’s a capacity backpack. And that’s also a reason that you can’t use it hiking. It is perfect for tours and is easy to fly on domestic airlines. The straight jacket also secured your front compartment. All In all, it’s a good backpack for any short to semi-long tour.

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