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Bopai Business Class Laptop Backpack Review

In the 21st century, living without technology is impossible. Just like that, a laptop is the most important of all gadgets. Suppose you are a job holder, then it is your most valuable and necessary thing. So finding a unique bag for your laptop is very difficult now because you don’t want one bag for this gadget and another for some extra essentials. And if you are traveling in commuter, you also have a headache about security. That’s why Bopai came with a fantastic backpack. There slip laptop bag is mainly designed for laptops, and they also give some extra features.

The volume of this backpack is 34L. That’s why its main compartment is roomy. Any school or college student can also use this bag. These bags are waterproof and also have an antitheft Design. That means you can easily use it in the rain with security. And it’s one of the most affordable laptop backpacks in the market.

Technical Specification: 

Features Bopai Business Class Laptop Backpack
Material: Water-resistant and scratch-resistant polyester fabric
Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 2.7 inches (42 x 29 x 7 cm)
Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)
Capacity: 15.6-inch laptop, tablet, charger, documents, and other daily essentials
Compartments: 1 main compartment, 1 front pocket, 2 side pockets, 1 back pocket
Laptop compartment: Padded compartment with a strap for securing a laptop up to 15.6 inches
Tablet compartment: Padded compartment for storing a tablet up to 9.7 inches
Anti-theft design: Hidden zipper and pockets, and a combination lock to protect your belongings
Comfort: Padded back panel and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
Style: Minimalist and professional design, available in black or grey
Warranty: 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

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Quick Review About Bopai Slim Laptop Backpack:

  •  The laptop compartment is soft flannel that can fit a 15″ -15.6″ laptop.
  • Waterproof.
  • Anti-theft Design,
  • Affordable and TSA-approved.
  • Extra Organizing space.
  • Very slim and lightweight.

About Bopai backpack Brand

Bopai is one of the oldest backpack companies. It was founded in 1870, and still, they are famous for their excellent quality product. Bopai is named after a famous Italian painter. From the 19th century to still, they are renowned for their best quality leather products.

Key Feature Review of Affordable Bopai Anti-Theft Backpack

A slim, lightweight laptop backpack is now on the pick on-demand. Because the laptop itself is weighty, it isn’t effortless to handle if the bag also adds extra weight. That’s why Bopai came with this Slim 15″ laptop bag. They used men in their title, but it is a unisex model to carry this without trouble easily. This bag is a waterproof backpack so that you can easily take it in a rainy area how much time you want. Its main compartment is quite extensive so that any student can easily use it in daily life. There is a more exciting feature you can get in this backpack. We are going to talk about this now:Bopai Slim Laptop Backpack Review

Exterior material and Design

Bopai slim laptop backpack is a waterproof and very stylish bag. That’s why we have an idea about the quality of fabrics. And yes, they used the best quality microfiber leather and durable ballistic nylon material on its outside. The top of the bag is made with nylon and microfiber leather used in the bottom. This leather is used primarily to give protection if you accidentally fall your laptop on the ground.

Microfiber leather is famous for its lightweight and also water-resistant quality. This microfiber is artificial leather, mostly said it’s a genuine leather alternative. With all this usability, this fabric is also very durable. And it is effortless to clean. Another material, Ballistic nylon, is also prevalent for its durability and cheapness. This nylon is very tough, thick, and waterproof. It has its coarser weave texture, enhancing the bag’s outlook. Just like microfiber leather, it’s also easy to clean. These two fabrics are very lightweight. That’s why this backpack is very easy to handle.

Suspension System

The harness system is also impressive. Because Bopai used air mesh fabric in the belt, that’s why air can easily pass through it when you carry your backpack for a long time. The backside is also user-friendly designed because the bottom part is a flex vented system with breathable fabric. It is an outstanding and practical design for an air suspension system. There is also a belt loop attached with a strap.

Flannel Laptop sleeves with vertical and top organizing compartment

Bopai men’s slim backpack is mainly a laptop bag. That’s why they designed it very cleverly so that users can easily carry it on their backs. Talking about their main compartment, it is for a laptop. His is a flannel staff padded compartment. This flannel helps to reduce the fraction between backpack and notebook. They also used artificial leather in the bottom of the bag to protect your precious gadget if it accidentally falls. There is also a small section under the main compartment so that you can keep your tablet or iPad there. This compartment gives a lot of space—that is why you also can use it for your camera or any standard-size notebook quickly.

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Now there is two organizing section on the front side of this backpack. One is vertically, and another one is horizontal. Both came with quite ample space. So that you can easily keep any document there, this section is easy to open because Bopai uses the best quality zippers. In the horizontal compartment, you find a key loop. This key-lash is very helpful because most of the time and keys are hard to find when you keep them in your roomy organizing compartment. You can also use this compartment for your water bottle.

Antitheft features and any others

You can find an unzipped hidden compartment on the backside of the Bopai slim men’s laptop backpack. This chamber is the main antitheft feature of this backpack. You can keep your mobile, passport, etc., valuable items there. When you hang this bag on your shoulder, this section turns with your back. That’s why no one can get this thing quickly. And you also find a little area for a card with a belt of this backpack.

A webbing loop is attached to the hidden section of this backpack. This loop is beneficial when traveling with your wheeled bag. This open-loop helps to hang with the wheel bags. That’s why it is easy to carry when you are out with a piece of heavy baggage for a long time.

Dimension, Volume, and Budget

The Bopai laptop backpack is very thin, and it’s only 3 inches. The total size of this bag is 17×11×3 inches. That’s why you can only keep your 15″ laptop easily. A 15.6″ laptop can also fit in this section if it is thin. But no gaming laptop is suitable for this backpack. The weight of this bag is only .7kg(1.5lbs), which is very lightweight. The space volume is 34L.

The price of this backpack is too affordable. It is cheap, and the price is under 100$. This backpack also came in three different sizes at different prices. But with all these helpful features in this price range, literally unbelievable.

What do you like In this Bopia Slim men’s laptop backpack:

  1. Very lightweight,1.5lbs.
  2. Waterproof,
  3. Invisible card section.
  4. Antitheft system,
  5.  Breathable backside.
  6. Soft flannel secured laptop compartment.
  7. Preferable for any students.

What is the disadvantage of this backpack:

  1. Not suitable for a gaming laptop.
  2. No fixed hydrating section.


  • Is this Bopai Slim backpack can suitable for women?

Yes. The brand gives men’s in the title. But in the description, you will find that this backpack is designed in unisex so that a woman can easily use this.

  • Does this Bopai Men’s backpack come with a warranty?

Yes. This backpack came with a 90days warranty.

  • Is there any charging port attached with this Bopai 15″ slim backpack?

No, there is no charger port in this backpack.

  • Can the Super slim men’s laptop backpack stand up on its own?

Yes, this bag is a standers backpack. Its weight distribution is perfect. That’s why it can stand upon itself.

  • Is this Bopai laptop backpack TSA approved?

Yes. It’s TSA-approved.

Final Suggestion

And at last, this backpack can offer you a great room for your laptop. A soft flannel compartment helps reduce the fraction between backpack and notebook, so you can easily carry it in the commuter for a long time. The main section is also quite large so that you also can keep your notebook or camera there. This slim bag is a perfect backpack for any student who needs minimum essentials in a day. So if this matches your every need and you need a light, comfy journey with your laptop daily, then this Bopai slim 15″ laptop backpack is perfect for you.

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