Different Types of Backpacks

13 Different Types of Backpacks and Their Uses

Choosing a new backpack is like choosing your new best friend. This backpack stays with you in every need of your life. So selecting a perfect bag is a little bit difficult. There are so many backpack types in the market now, which quickly gives you difficulty choosing the right one. Also, finding a good quality bag that fulfills every requirement is essential. Bags mainly differentiate in many things, like gender, size, purposes, style, budget, occupation, etc. However, every recognized backpack company tries to fulfill every user’s wish with the product in a limited number of designed bags. Here we try to help you out a little with this problem. There are a few kinds of backpacks given below for ideas to choose your own easily.

Quick Exploring List:

  • Classic Daypack
  • Laptop backpack
  • Mini backpack
  • Antitheft Backpack
  • Crossbody Sling Backpack
  • Tote/Convertible Backpack
  • Duffel Backpack
  • Professional Backpack For Work
  • Tactical Military Backpack
  • Drawstring Backpack
  • Hydration Backpack
  • Cycling Backpack
  • Wheeled Backpack

13 Different Types of Backpacks For Different Purposes

In this article, we have listed some popular backpack types found on the market. So let’s check the list-

Classic Daypackclassic backpack brands

These types of backpacks are the most popular bags. Everyone uses this classic Backpack for school, commuting, Gym, etc. You also take this bag with you on a short trip. A simple and elegant design is preferable for this kind of bag. The perfect use of these bags for school or college didn’t have a great feature. The volume is also limited to 20-40 liters. This capacity depends on their compartment size and style. Its lightweight, minimalist design and budget are also low so that everyone can easily afford this.

The main disadvantages of this bag are it is not waterproof. And it didn’t stand upside down, retraining its shape when it’s empty. The backside and the harness are also not designed for heavy load. That makes it uncomfortable. But this backpack is perfect as a daypack. That’s why any school or college student can easily use it daily. This backpack’s price is also affordable.

Ideal For: School and College Students, Budget Shoppers

TSA- Approved Compact Laptop Backpack

In this 21st century, everyone uses different types of gadgets. Most of the commonly used part of this technology is a laptop. These are most frequently used and also very important for every occupation. This gadget is easy to carry, but you also need to think about its carrier. Keeping this in mind, many companies invent many designed laptop bags. For choosing a perfect bag for this precious and handy item, you need a unique bag. 

Laptop BackpackYou can find a single laptop bag for your every day, but most people like a multi-functional bag with a special chamber for laptops. If you want to buy a bag only for this purpose, look after its padded quality. The foam quality is significant for this backpack because pads give you the safety of your gadget when it accidentally drops. And if you want a multi-functional bag, you also keep those things in mind the quality of the laptop compartment, it comes with a secured sleeve, its volume, and it fits your laptop. Nowadays, you can find a laptop section in many tour hikes or commuter bags.

Best Suit For: People who are searching for a secure backpack for their electronic gadgets should buy this.

Rucksack Bags For Daily Use

It is an everyday daily life classical daypack. But the main difference between the two of them is their style. The design of the rucksack is different, and it is mainly famous and recognizable for this. In this kind of bag, there is no zipper in the main compartment. Instead of a zipper, a flap covered the section or magnetic strap between two parts of the main chamber.

It gives you an instant visual difference between a daily daypack and a rucksack. The usual volume of this backpack is 15-30L. You can find laptop sleeves in some of the versions. The storage option of this rucksack is more than a traditional daily backpack. So if you want a daily classical bag for your everyday chores, but in a different design, then this type of bag is perfect for you.

Purpose: Suitable for gym lovers

Lightweight Mini Backpack

Mini backpacks are very trendy nowadays. This bag is more significant than a purse but smaller than a standard bag. That’s a small-size daypack which some models provide you with the space of your laptop, camera, or other items—this type of bag is mainly designed for women. It came with a minimum capacity of 5-15L.Lightweight Mini BackpacksMini backpacks are lightweight and also affordable in price. Some companies designed this mini backpack used in two ways. That means users can use it as a two belt harness system bag or extra handle on the top, and a removable harness also makes it a one-side bag. So if you want a bag that can replace your small purse, match the present trend, and offer space for your mobile camera, etc., you can easily switch in this kind of mini backpack. They are easy to handle, and lightweight has also worked as a purse and standard size traditional backpack.

Who Should Buy This?: The backpack is best for EDC use

Antitheft Backpacks For More Security

Backpacks are famous among travelers. This kind of bag can easily carry, but the most significant disadvantage is users can’t know about what happened behind their back. For those anti-theft bags is a blessing.

Anti theft BackpacksTheft-proof bags are mainly designed a little bit differently. If you see them, you can see that this bag is just like an everyday casual backpack. But when you notice carefully, you don’t find any visible zipper. That means this part is hidden, and that’s the specialty of this bag. This bag also has extra features like cut-proof and waterproof fabric, hidden zippers, zipper secured with compression straps, etc. After years, popular backpack production upgraded this backpack, like adding extra pockets with RFID tags, GPS chips, a combination lock system, etc.; this helps you from electronic thief ab. If you lose it, you can track down this via GPS tracker.

Crossbody Sling Backpack with One Arm Strap

This kind of backpack is mainly a classical one. But slings are different, just like a rucksack. Sling bags are the best solution if you don’t like carrying your backpack on your two-arm side. The style of this bag is that it has one arm strap instead of two to take one side of your arm, and the bottom part of the bag wraps around the hip. If you don’t carry bulky loads every day, this bag is perfect for you. These bags are designed differently and are also lightweight and affordable. Though this is just a style bag, it gives you less space and organizing section than the standard one.

Tote/ Convertible Backpack

Nowadays, tote bags are trendy for their multi-functional quality. That’s is used as a backpack and as a torn pack. A removable back strap makes it unique. That means if you want one bag that you can use as a regular classic bag, and want to use a one-sided large space bag, then this is the best one. It’s not only a convertible, but it also offers a lot of space in the main compartment.

Tote BackpackMostly this is a women’s version of bags. The tote bag is not comfortable carrying because the harness is thin padded, or sometimes there’s no pad. That makes it hard to maintain. The volume of this bag is also not so much, only 15-35L.

Duffel Backpack

This bag is just similar to its name. This duffle bag has two shoulder straps for carrying it, just like a backpack, although it looks weird. But with some organizing compartments, it makes it like a pack.

You will love this backpack if you are a gym freak. You can easily handle your bulky gym item in its roomy main compartment. The duffel bags start from 30-120 L in volume to give a vast space. It’s also perfect for travel because it’s easy to load, just like carrying. This considerable space also makes it ideal for any hiker. Most duffel bags feature waterproof hats, so you can easily use them in any rainy area. Its price differs with its many features and also built-in materials.

Professional Backpack For Office

A different kind of backpack is essential for every corporate person. There are many things to keep in mind before buying any bag for your daily office. The first one is a laptop, then other valuable items, etc., so professional bags are mainly made for them. You can get laptop sleeves, and also it is made with tough quality fabric. That’s why they are also water repellent. These bags are perfect for your everyday commuter. Nowadays, many backpacks come with different technology like anti-theft design, additional power bank, etc., attached with these professional bags. So if you need this technology, then buy it. It also gives you extra security. Before purchasing any backpack, I will suggest you research this on google, and it will help you more to find the perfect one for you.

Durable Tactical Military BackpackMilitary Backpack

The design of these military bags is heavy-duty. You got the idea about the backpack from the name. Soldiers have a duty in the mountains, jungles, etc., rough places. For this reason, they also need a rugged bag that can survive this environment. This military bag is just like a classical bag from its design. But their built-in material makes them high profile. Every tactical backpack is waterproof and made with durable material.

These bags are also different from other bags in weight and colors. Most tactical bags are heavier and more costly than standard bags because of their built-in premium process. They also have some extra organizing compartments to minimize every little item.so if you want a durable bag for any rough and tough tour, this tactical military bag is perfect for you. 

Drawstring BackpackDrawstring Backpacks

If you rank in every bag for Gym or sports, this drawstring will be at first rank. This backpack is designed especially for sportspeople. Any bag can be helpful if it’s not well functioned; just like that, this drawstring backpack is famous for its simple design.

The most impressive part of this bag is its weight. It’s the lightest bag among all backpacks, only some ounces. That is why you can easily carry it with your other gear when traveling. When needed, you can easily open it and load it. But most of these bags are not suitable for laptops, but they are computer friendly. That’s why a sportsman or gym freak like this backpack is the main reason.

Hydration Backpack- Ideal for long-distance hiking

This kind of backpack is popular for riding. It is a famous bag among every cyclist. Hydration one is small and lightweight for carrying but very important for hikers. It is very comfortable to use, and its volume is about 3-10L max. An extranet plastic pipe is attached to your shoulder strap, and this pipe helps you reach the water. It makes for hydration and some different sections to store your necessary items.

Hydration Backpack for hikingIt mainly gives you hydration without your hand. When cycling or hiking, people can quickly hydrate themselves without stopping. This bag is primarily waterproof and easy to adjust its compression strap. It’s better than carrying a bottle, that is why it is famous for running or cycling. 

Cycling Backpack for Long Cycling Day

If you love biking or cycling, this backpack is perfect for you. A cycling backpack is mainly prepared for a specific reason, that’s always built with waterproof material efficiently to use in the rain for a long time.

Backpack for cyclingA cycling backpack designed for the biker, that’s why you can find plenty of space for keeping your bike item in one pack. These bags are a little bit expensive, but they’re made with very high-quality material so that it is hard to tear or rip. You also find the hydration section as a hydration backpack in some designs. The harness system is also made with a soft pad; that’s why a biker can carry it for a long time. Chest and hip straps also give a balance with the load. So it is perfect for you if you love to use cycles in your daily life.

Wheeled Backpack- Best types of backpacks for traveling in airline

A wheeled backpack is a perfect solution for bad back pain. This bag is designed to carry it like a suitcase or a backpack. These bags also offer you a lot of space, like 40-150L. That’s very convenient for many travelers. Most of these bags are TSA-approved so that you easily take them on any domestic flight. The back panel is also made with a good quality padded system so that it also gives you comfort if you carry it in your back; it also doesn’t make a fuss for rolling time. Because the rolling wheels and wheel handles are made with high-quality material and easy to use, that’s why for some reason, this wheeled backpack is perfect for telling.

For Closure

Here I try to give you a small tour of the backpack world. I think this will help you to buy the best one for you. But always check the built-in material and also space before buying. There are many kinds of backpacks available in the market now. The most important part of this site is that companies rapidly upgrade them. So before buying any of them, search about them and learn about their latest features. I hope it will help you much in the future.


Which backpack is suitable for Gym between a duffel and drawstring?

Duffel is mainly used for large packages. If you have many items for every gym class like a mat, water bottle, towel, dumble, etc., this kind of bag is perfect for you. But if you need to carry your essential items, a drawstring is ideal for you. So choose a pack with your needs.

What backpacks are popular right now?

Yes. Every brand is famous for its good quality backpack, so choosing between them is difficult. But I only suggest a few of them, like North Face, Adidas, Osprey, Rei, Patagonia, Eagle creek, etc. These companies are also well known for their many specialties, so before buying any backpack, learn about them from google.

Which backpacks are safest?

For security purposes, anti-theft backpacks are perfect. Because this backpack has invisible zippers and also cut-proof fabrics can give you the most security. And there’s also an internal pocket for keeping your valuable items like money, passport, etc. Many upgraded version theft-free Backpacks have extra RFID pockets—that’s why anti-theft bags are perfect for security reasons.

Which backpack is perfect for a school student?

For school students, classical or laptop bags are perfect. It depends on how many things they carry with them and what essentials they need. That’s why choosing a backpack relies on the user’s needs.

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