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Exact Measurement: How Big is a 25-Liter Backpack Should Be?

In This harsh modern world where the digitalization of life narrows the opportunities to explore the world, making daily life monotonous. Then you want to spend your leisure time going on a day trip. And the most important aspect is an ideal-sized backpack for your day trip. Identifying a perfect-size backpack is a cumbersome task. When you search for a daypack, a 25 Liter backpack comes to your rescue. A 25L backpack is categorized as a medium-sized backpack. The daypack is suitable for going on a short trip where you do not need a ton of belongings. These are mainly lightweight backpacks that outperform the unnecessary carrying of items. A 25-liter backpack may serve you well and end without giving you the feel of carrying a burdensome daypack. So let us have a look at the matter of how spacious and productive a 25L backpack is.

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Technical Specifications:

Specification Description
Material 1680D ballistic nylon
Dimensions (HxWxD) 20 x 12 x 9 inches (50.8 x 30.5 x 22.9 cm)
Weight 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Capacity 35 liters
Laptop Compartment Fits up to 17-inch laptops
Measurement System Integrated digital scale (0.1-ounce/1-gram increments)
Power Source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (USB-C charging)
Battery Life Up to 72 hours of continuous use
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatibility iOS and Android
Water Resistance IPX4 rating
Main Compartments 2 (main and laptop compartments)
Additional Pockets 4 (2 side, 1 front, 1 hidden)
External Attachment Points 4 (2 side, 2 bottom)
Padding Ergonomic back panel and adjustable padded shoulder straps
Reflective Strips 3M Scotchlite reflective material
Warranty 2-year limited warranty

How spacious is a 25L backpack? 

A 25L backpack is an ideal backpack for going on a day trip, and in fact, it can fit into a decent amount of belongings. These backpacks are not too spacious or too small. It is just the right backpack you want.

Backpack size and volume

As we know, there are lots of backpack companies in the market, and they produce a wide variety of sizes of backpacks. The calculation in size of their backpacks may vary from one to the other. But the ideal size of a 25L backpack is 21 inches by 11 inches by 6.5 inches. From brand to brand, this dimension may vary.     

Backpack weight

As we know, the 25L backpacks are ranged in medium-sized backpacks, and the good news is these backpacks are lightweight, so it is ideal for going on a one-day trip, and these come with spacious and many zippered pockets which can keep the belongings. The actual weight of a 25L backpack is one to two pounds which may be considered a lightweight backpack.   

The capacity of the backpack

You always choose a backpack according to your needs and requirements. A 25L backpack may carry a healthy amount of belongings, and it has a medium capacity for carrying the essentials. Capacity is always an important gesture of the backpack. The main compartment mostly determines the backpack’s capacity, so when you buy a backpack, always check the specification of the backpack. 

How many commodities can a 25L backpack carry?

A 25L backpack is quite huge and can carry a good amount of accessories into it. Let us check a list of items that a 25l backpack can take,

  • It can carry large headphones, iPad, iPhones, chargers, and batteries. 
  • Water bottle and hydration sets
  • Small books, documents, and magazines
  • Two pieces of hoodies or sweaters
  • DSLR camera insert and power banks
  • Two pieces of 1-inch binders
  • Laptop Up to 15″ 
  • Card reader, Plug adaptor, Padlock, and Dive logbook

This chart is given by following a common standard. Usually, people carry these items in their backpacks. Also, you can look for similar kinds of products that are compatible with your backpack. 

What Features to look out for in a 25L backpack?

Modern backpacks are designed with a  lot of amenities. Among these bunch of facilities, you need to choose the best one for you. A 25L backpack can offer you a bunch of facilities. Before buying a backpack, look at these points that a backpack must have.  25L backpack

Excellent durability and inbuilt material

The materials are responsible for increasing the durability of the product. Usually, companies make 25L backpacks with Ripson nylon and artificial fibers that last long. Some backpacks are made of polyester and artificial leather. But there is a matter of sorrow that the leather lifts up the pricing of the backpacks. Usually, nylon gives pure durability to the products and makes them water-resistant also. Whatever raw material you select, make sure that it has a long life span. 

EDC backpack

EDC or everyday carry backpacks are smartly designed to convey your items on a regular basis. These backpacks are most useful for students, professional photographers, day trip hikers, and daily workmen. EDC backpacks are a revolution to the backpack world; before the Invention of this category, backpacks were used to be heavyweight and bulky. This lite version of the backpack has gradually changed the whole scenario. So, your 25l backpack should be EDC-friendly.  

Trendy Design

This world has become the worshippers of beauty and outlook. The more you look aesthetically, the more this world gives you value. Such a selection of an ideal backpack for you will energize your soul and will make you more confident. The outer stash pockets and the mesh pockets can create an impact on the outlook of the backpack. The outer sleeve line must be nicely designed, and the outer shell of the backpack should look exquisite. The material should not look too cheap, so manufacturers should be aware of this fact. 

Affordable Pricing factor

One of the main things that customers see before buying a product is that that product is worth money. People will not invest in those products which cost really high but do not give the feedback as expected. The backpack you are going to buy must be affordable in price. A 25L backpack can cost you a range between twenty dollars to one hundred dollars considering their quality and compartment facilities. Some brands offer discount shopping from their outlets, and some companies give you discounts on their best-selling items. So keep your eyes aware before buying a backpack. Pay heed to the websites of particular brands selling the most affordable backpacks.

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Comfortable shoulder straps

One of the most worth-mentioning aspects of a backpack is the comfortable shoulder straps. This carries almost all the weights of the backpack. The shoulder straps handle the weight distribution of the entire gear. When you are carrying a 25L backpack, then you have to be aware of premium quality shoulder straps. The padded and ventilated shoulder straps ensure that the airflow circulation is well enough to keep your body sweat-free.      

Water-resistant quality

There are a bunch of material selections when producing a backpack. The 25L backpacks are usually made of nylon materials, polyester, or polypropene. These artificial fabrics are water-resistant, which also strengthens the product’s life span. Water-resistant backpacks keep your products safe and secure. All your belongings keep safe in a water-resistant backpack during monsoon or rainy weather.

Ventilated back panel

The back panel is as important as the front compartment. The overall size increases when you carry all your stuff and makes you sweat while hiking or camping throughout nature. So my suggestion is that you must check the back panel before choosing a backpack. Ventilated air flow with meshed or foamed panels keeps the backside dry.  

Front-loading feature 

A 25l backpack is not that spacious, so you may find a product easily with front-loading advantages. Front-loading refers to the bag opening from the upper end and from the front side. This feature enables you to access your stuff easily without unloading the entire backpack. Some modern brands like Osprey, North Face, and Carhartt can provide you with such a backpack.

Framing of the backpack

Some backpacks come with an internal framing system which gives a sheer shape and a proper rigid volume to the backpack. Nevertheless, you should buy one that has an internal frame. This will give the backpack more support and make it narrow and keen. But there is a negative side: a framed backpack would be more costly. But compared to a 25L backpack, this feature is not mandatory.

Compartments and Organizational Pockets

Consumers usually want a product with a huge Compartment facility. You may find a good and deep compartment in a 25l backpack compared to the price, and some 25l backpacks may have three compartments. The main compartment must have a good amount of your belongings. In this size of the bag, you may easily have a 15 inches laptop. The pocket compartments must be large enough to fit small accessories like mobile phones, pens and pencils, snacks, lunch boxes, chargers, and so on.  25L backpack

Hip belts and sternum straps

The backpack should maintain a balance between the gear and body, And to make this happen, the hip belts and the shoulder straps come to the rescue. Your backpack may look distorted and quizzed when you put too much weight in the back. And the weight distribution may be hampered. If you have Hip belts and sternum straps, buckle yourself with the backpack. This may tighten the grip of the backpack.

Ultralightweight Facilities

A 25l backpack can be considered a lightweight backpack. Those who do not need to convey a large number of items can rely on these backpacks. These are super lightweight. You can carry your books, documents, a tiffin box, and small clothes while going to school or any outdoor program. You will be free from body pain, back issues, and all types of shoulder pain while carrying these 25l daypacks.   

Compact Compression straps 

The Compression straps tightened the gear and gave it a more compact outlook. When you pack a tiny amount of products into the backpack, this may lack the proper shape. To avoid this distortion of the shape, quickly tighten the compression strap and forget the agony. 


A 25L backpack can also be referred to as a daypack. A daypack is a kind of backpack that allows you to put your things for a single-day trip or for schooling. This type of product is mostly for professional hikers or students who are in need of a backpack. Usually, these backpacks are very popular among the young generation, and if you are a youth, then undoubtedly, this backpack size is ideal for you for your day-to-day life. These medium-ranged backpacks are the most demandable and famous backpacks of this generation. I have inquired a lot about these products, so I recommend Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack, a tremendous and perfect 25L backpack. I tried to cover all the aspects of a 25l pack. My hard work will be paid off if you find this article helpful.


Is a 25L backpack big?

A 25l backpack is not a big backpack; it is a medium-sized backpack. Though it is a medium-sized backpack, it can carry a lot of accessories like books, hiking attire, and electronic devices. Its roughly big compartments allow a bunch of items to be stored.

Is a 25L backpack big enough for school?

For schooling purposes, you can gently use a 25l backpack. Actually, there are idealized backpacks for schooling. A student generally needs books, after-school activity stuff, and gym outfits. This backpack can carry all these products easily. So if you want to purchase a school backpack, then a 25l backpack can be a better option. 

How much does a 25L bag hold?

Generally, a 25l backpack can hold a lot of things like large headphones, iPad, iPhones, chargers, batteries, Hiking outfits, mats, jumpers, and your electronic devices. Carrying these backpacks is simple and hassle-free. This will also remain you free from body pain.  

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