Streamlight Protac Hl USB Review 2024

In this Streamlight Protac Hl USB review, we’ve chosen one of the best military-grade tactical flashlights which is the Streamlight protac hl usb flashlight. This is a quality-made torch with outstanding features. It is constructed from anodized aluminum which resists both water and impact. The Streamlight Protac Hl has an LED bulb which is bright and durable.

The light has a maximum of 850 lumens which can give you the brightness that you need. The Streamlight Protac HI flashlight uses rechargeable batteries that last longer than disposable ones. In addition, it has a nice grip for easy handling of the flashlight and has different lighting modes for different uses. Read this Streamlight Protac Hl USB review to know more about this flashlight.

Technical Features of the Streamlight Protac Hl USB Rechargeable Flashlight


Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB 850 Lumen

Minimum run-time: 1.50 hours
Peak beam intensity: 12,000 candela
Max beam distance: 219 meters
LED: Bright white C4 LED
Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum
Maximum Brightness: 1000 lumens
Minimum Brightness: 65 lumens
Maximum run-time: 23.00 hours
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Ion Battery, CR123A Lithium, Lithium Ion
Length: 6.50 inches (16.51 centimeters)
Weight: 7.20 ounces (204.12 grams)
Modes: 1) high/strobe/low 2) high only 3) low/medium/high
Battery Include: Yes

A flashlight can be the difference between life and death. Hunting a deer or climbing steep slopes at night can be really challenging. Also, chasing down a thug or fighting an assailant can be difficult if you don’t have a quality tactical flashlight. Therefore, having a flashlight that you can rely on when you are in danger or just during hunting is very crucial. With so many flashlights on the market, people are normally torn between choices. But this shouldn’t be the case as one can distinguish between quality tactical flashlights and the ones that aren’t. And Streamlight Protac Hl USB review article is dedicated to the Streamlight Protac flashlight.

  • Constructed from anodized aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most durable and quality used materials. Most of Streamlight flashlights are used anodized aluminum. The Streamlight Protac hl USB is created with anodized aluminum. This material ensures that the flashlight lasts longer and is protected from water. Also, it is impact resistant and can survive harsh conditions in the wild.

  • Uses LED technology

Most of the users of tactical flashlights highly recommend flashlights with LED technology. This is because they have a filament that is strong and can last for years before spoiling. Also, CREE LED bulbs have a longer lifespan and are brighter than most of the other types. Furthermore, LED bulbs provide the best vision no matter the condition.

  • The high number of lumens

For those looking for a small and portable light the Streamlight 88052 is a quality flashlight to have. It is one of the brightest among its size with a low lumen of 85 and the highest of 850 lumens.

This provides enough light to light your path or for use in the camp. The highest lumen can light up to 200 meters, which is just amazing. So, acquiring the Streamlight Protac hl usb torch will give you a lot of lighting options.

  • Uses rechargeable batteries

Most of modern flashlights come with rechargeable batteries. Usually, tactical flashlights either use disposable or rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are a bit costly, but run more hours when compared to disposable batteries. On the other hand, disposable batteries are very easy to find and are not costly. The best flashlights have rechargeable batteries, although they are a bit more costly than lights that utilize disposable batteries. Streamlight uses rechargeable 3v CR123A batteries.

  • Removable pocket clip

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you should get a flashlight that has a pocket clip for easy storage of the torch when not in use. The Streamlight 88052 comes with a pocket clip that enables the user to keep the flashlight ready for use when needed.

  • Has a USB cord

One of the distinct features of the Streamlight Protac hl USB is its USB cord. Since the military-grade flashlight uses rechargeable batteries, it comes with a USB cord that allows a USB to be connected during charging. So, you can charge the light as you drive your car or from a gadget that has a USB port.

  • Has 4 different light modes

Are you looking for a light that allows you to adjust the light as you wish, then the Streamlight 88052 is the most suitable torch for you. If you want to save on battery, you can either use low or medium light mode. The high mode can be used when you want the beam to reach a greater distance. The strobe mode is for disorienting enemies or assailants in case of an attack.

  • Wonderful grip

Finally, the flashlight has a nice grip that enables the user to control and handle the light with much ease. In addition, it has a tear-resistant nylon holster. So, there shouldn’t be a worry about the handling of this military flashlight during use.

Other top features include an O-ring sealed, tempered glass and water-resistant sliding metal sleeve.

Features & Streamlight Protac hl USB Review

  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • 4 different light modes
  • Uses two 3v CR123A lithium batteries
  • Anti-roll face cap
  • Removable pocket clip
  • 850 lumens maximum
  • Nylon holster
  • Handle with grip
  • C4 LED HL bulb
  • Tail switch function
  • Hard bezel

Advantages of using Streamlight Protac hl USB Flashlight

  • This flashlight is durable and made with anodized aluminum to withstand harsh conditions. This prevents it from being damaged even when it falls on a hard surface.
  • It has a maximum of 850 lumens which makes it to provide great brightness to users. Thus, it’s ideal for hunting or camping.
  • The torch comes with a durable housing and a nice grip handle so that the user and have total control of the tactical flashlight.
  • It uses a CREE LED bulb which runs for many hours and has a quality filament that cannot be easily damaged by impact or other conditions.
  • The removable pocket clip enables the user to securely keep the flashlight and have it ready by placing it on their belt or pocket.
  • It as well has 4 different light modes which include: low, medium, high and strobe. The different light modes provide the user with several options to select from.

The Streamlight Protac hl USB is a powerful torch with quality construction. It is highly rated and a favorite of campers and hikers. It can light a wide area and it is easy to handle. For instance, anodized aluminum-built light has a good reputation on the internet. The tactical flashlight has a good feature that I liked much. Thus, I send as the gift this flashlight to my relatives and their comments were like this.

I always buy cheap flashlights for under 30 bucks. But, within a few days, I face problems with those junkies. I never knew flashlight quality until Kevin sends me this Streamlight. Got this as a Father’s Day gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it. Very small and you can take it in your pocket, backpack, tool belt or even purse.

I need a flashlight because of my night shift job. Kevin, advise me for this kind of job you need powerful light. I own this Streamlight Protac hl usb which is quite bright and I love it. The flashlight is mounted in the car and comes everywhere with me. Actually, this light brightness is very high and I always try to keep it away from my eye to avoid any unwanted injuries.

The main features that I love in the Streamlight 88052 ProTac HL USB flashlight:

  • USB Rechargeable Flashlight.
  • 3 Modes & Maximum 850 Lumens.
  • Self-adjusting battery.
  • Durable and anodized aluminum construction.

I don’t like:

  • Take too much time to fully charge(7-8 hours).

The Streamlight Protac hl usb flashlight is a sturdily made flashlight with top features. It is created from anodized aluminum and has a strong tactical switch. It is bright with 850 lumens and comes with 4 different lighting modes. In addition, it is portable and has a pocket clip for easy carry when hunting, hiking, camping or even when fishing. Generally, this is a great tool for outdoor activities. Streamlight is a top brand with various types of military-grade flashlights. Hope you’ve found this review to be of great importance.

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