Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2023 – Buying Guide

There are two types of flashlights available on the market. One is High-quality flashlights and the other is low-quality flashlights or fake flashlights. Quality does not depend only on price. You will find lots of crappy flashlights whose price is high. I am a survival expert and I have tested hundreds of flashlights. So, it […]

Best AA Flashlight Review 2023

Why use the aa battery flashlight? AA batteries have a higher amount of electrochemical material than the AAA batteries. That means, AA battery flashlights have a higher voltage than the AAA battery flashlight. Thus, AA batteries are more powerful than any other normal batteries. If you want a long runtime flashlight, then the AA battery […]

What is the Best Keychain Flashlight 2023?

A flashlight is an important item that we need to have with us on a daily basis. There are different types of everyday carry lights and one of the most common and convenient types among them is the keychain light. These are very portable and can be carried with much ease. Keychain flashlights are powered […]

Best AAA Flashlight Review 2023

Do you know what is the biggest advantage of using an AAA battery? Its portability. The AAA batteries are very small in size. So, if you want a portable and a small flashlight, then you should buy a AAA flashlight. This type flashlights weight is very small thus, You can use this flashlight as an […]

Top 10 Best 18650 Flashlight Reviews 2023

Do you know what does 18650 battery mean? The 18650 means an 18mm diameter and 65mm length battery. Now, we need to know which type of battery flashlight is good. We have 3 popular batteries and those are AA, AAA and 18650. So, Which battery you should select for your flashlight? If you compare the […]

Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews 2023

The first rechargeable flashlight was discovered in the year 1967 to tackle the cost and management of batteries. At this time the lights were created for rescue workers, firemen and policemen. Today, they have advanced and are used in almost any kind of battery. The best flashlights on the market are actually powered by rechargeable […]