Surefire Titan Plus Review 2023: Ultra Compact LED Keychain Light

Carrying a heavy flashlight in the backpack or pocket isn’t my thing. Yes! I love flashlights but not heavy ones. Flashlights have come to my rescue many times such as during camping or when there is a blackout. Most of the time, people get stranded when they realize that they need a flashlight.

They forget that a flashlight is an item that one ought to have always. The Surefire Titan Plus is an ultra-compact flashlight that has a maximum of 300 lumens brightness. If you believe in quality, then Surefire Titan will be a great choice for you. Read this Surefire Titan Plus review article to know about the features and quality of this flashlight.

Technical Features of the Surefire Titan Plus Flashlight


Surefire Titan Plus

Maximum Runtimes: 15 lumens / 7 hours
Medium Runtimes: 75 lumens / 2 hours
Minimum Runtimes: 300 lumens / 1 hour
Weather Resistant: Yes
Output Lights: 3 (300, 75 and 15 lumens)
Light Source Type: LED
Batteries: Included rechargeable Eneloop AAA NiMH battery or AAA alkaline (not included)
Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 7.3 inches
Weight: 2.88 ounces

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tactical, Keychain or edc mini light. It is crucial that you get the best and it should meet your demands. Also, durability and brightness should be at the top of your priorities when searching for a quality flashlight.

The surefire titan plus flashlight is one of the best keychain lights on the market. This flashlight is not only stylish but as well has exceptional features. It is durably made and very bright with a maximum of 300 lumens. Read on to know more about this keychain flashlight from Surefire.

Surefire Titan Plus Review: Features and Benefits of this LED Flashlight

Quality construction

One of the best features of the Surefire Titan plus AAA flashlight is its construction. This keychain light is made of a durable nickel-plated brass body. This is a very strong material that will withstand all the hardships of indoor and outdoor environments. Hence, you can utilize the flashlight in the woods, at a construction site, at home or even in the office without fear of crashing it or dropping it in water. The nickel-plated brass material as well defies scratch and corrosion. So, you can rely on this light to serve you for a long time.

Different light outputs

Small flashlights like the Surefire Titan plus keylight usually don’t come with a wide range of lighting options. This is not the case with the Surefire Titan plus AAA keychain light. Actually, it has three different lighting modes which can be utilized in different scenarios. This includes the high, medium and low modes. The high mode uses 300 lumens, the medium mode uses 75 lumens and the low mode uses 15 lumens. But if you want the flashlight to run for at least 7 hours, then you will have to switch on the low mode. 300 high-lumen mode uses a lot of power and it will drain the battery quickly. But it is the best mode if you want a very bright light. You can compare this brightness with a surefire G2X 320-lumen flashlight.

Sleek and compact design – keychain

A unique feature of this flashlight is its design and sleekness. Similar to many keychain flashlights on the market, the Surefire titan plus flashlight is a beautiful light that is very attractive to the eye. It is stylishly built and shinny. Also, it is compact in design and can be handled with less difficulty. Since this flashlight is small in size, you can easily use it in tight places and it is very suitable for close use. This includes checking something in your closet, drawer, or even for reading.

LED bulb/faced reflector/beam

The LED technology is the new trend in every flashlight that is currently being made. It’s hard to find a flashlight with an incandescent bulb or any other type of bulb nowadays. LED bulbs are reliable and last longer. This is why they can be found in most large and small flashlights as well. Surefire Titan Plus keylight uses an LED bulb, too. The LED produces very bright light at a maximum of 300 lumens. In addition, the proprietary faceted reflector shapes the LED’s light into a wide, smooth MaxVision beam that this light produces. In the end, you have a broad light pattern great for close and mid range activities.

Powered AAA NiMH rechargeable or AAA alkaline

A good number of EDC flashlights usually use AAA alkaline batteries. But with the advancement of technology, you can comfortably acquire AAA rechargeable batteries which are more powerful and run for longer than disposable batteries. The Surefire titan plus offers its users an opportunity to utilize either AAA alkaline batteries or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. When you purchase this flashlight, you will get a rechargeable Eneloop AAA NiMH battery included in the package. But you can as well purchase AAA alkaline battery which is cheaper and easily available everywhere you go.

Easy to use and no intense hot spot

The good thing about the Surefire Titan Plus LED flashlight is that it is very easy to use. To switch on/off the light, you simply need to twist the head switch and select the mode of your choice. Twist it counterclockwise repeatedly to activate and set the output level of your preference. Rotate the head to achieve the mode that you want or to switch off the keychain flashlight. Also, unlike other flashlights it has no intense hot spot when constantly lit on high mode which helps the user to be attentive and fully utilize the flashlight.

Easy to keep with removable pocket clip and ring

After using this flashlight or if you intend to use it later, you can easily keep it in your pocket, attach it to the belt or even keep it in the backpack. This is because it is very easy to store as it comes with a removable pocket clip that offers numerous secure carry choices. Also, the ring can be used to attach it to a keychain. You won’t feel any burden carrying this device to and from your daily activities.

Weather resistant

The flashlight is built with a sturdy material that is able to resist bad weather and withstand tough conditions like rain and crashing. This is because it is waterproof and the durable nickel-plated brass material can resist impact. Thus, you can use this flashlight in a construction site but it is more suited for close to mid-range tasks.

Reliable brand

With more than 36 years of experience in this field, the Surefire brand knows what customers want and that’s why they are regarded as one of the best. They have a wide range of flashlights on offer and the Surefire Titan plus LED flashlight is just one among their broad range of flashlights on the market. In addition, the brand offers a no-hassle guarantee for buyers of its flashlights.

How to switch on/off the Surefire Titan plus light

Start by placing the batteries via the tailcap and tighten them. Twist the head switch counterclockwise for low output. Then, return to off by rotating the switch clockwise and counterclockwise once more in one second to adjust to medium light mode. And finally, repeat the same procedure for a third time to turn on the high light mode. Low mode runs for 7 hours, medium mode for 2 hours, and high mode for 1 hour.

Bottom line
An everyday flashlight such as the Surefire Titan plus AAA flashlight is important to have with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work, at home or when out. When it gets dark, a flashlight can be very useful and can be the difference between you getting home safe or limping. This keychain light has outstanding features and is made by one of the most reliable brands on the market. It has a strong beam with a maximum output of 300 lumens.

Also, it is sturdily built and keeping it is very easy by attaching it to your keychain, belt or pocket. No one should rush to just buy any flashlight because they are in need of it. Because quality matters. I hope, you have gotten a clear idea after reading this Surefire Titan Plus review.

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