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Osprey Quasar Compact 28 Liter Backpack Review in 2023

Choosing the right backpack is a complicated situation nowadays. Many options are open for us, so finding the perfect one is a little tricky. Osprey helps us choose our new convenient backpack for every problem we face. They designed such bags that help us with many issues. And their bags are the first choice for those who love tracking, traveling, or using a lot of gadgets. Their bags are designed with great style and are very helpful in organizing everything in a backpack. Osprey Quasar laptop bags are newly designed with significant upgrades in organizing stuff. It gives 28-liter space in the main compartment with the laptop and iPad section storage with a great look.

The most impressive part of this backpack is its lightweight with this considerable space and multipurpose organizer. With all these fantastic features, you can get a lifetime of free services from them. So if your budget is under 100$ and you want a multipurpose, durable, high-quality bag, it’s very much worth it for you.

Quick Product Overview:

  • Weight: 0.76kg
  • Storage Capacity: 28L
  • Color: Red, black, yellow, etc. Total 6 colors.
  • Ideal For: Travelers, campus students, office workers, etc.
  • Laptop Size: 15″ inches


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About Osprey Company:

Osprey is a very famous company for their excellent bags collection. They are well-known for their customized backpacker and the first choice for travelers from the beginning. In 1974, Mike Pfotenhauer founded Osprey in Santa Cruz, California. He was very fond of handmade bags. This young entrepreneur was very famous for his unique and customized craftsmanship. Travelers love his work, and after some days, they become trendy for their outstanding quality products. After that, in 1990, they moved their company from California to Dolores, Colorado. Still, they are the first choice for every traveler because they upgrade the backpack with the changing of time.

Osprey Quasar Men’s Laptop Backpack Review

The Quasar men’s backpack is a  laptop bag of Osprey. This upgraded backpack is a very stylish design with vast space. The organizer compartment is the most attractive part of this bag. The material of this bag is very lightweight, with various sections. 

Osprey Quasar Men's Laptop Backpack ReviewThe Osprey Quasar 28L backpack is made with high-quality nylon fabric, which is water repellent. The leading use of multiple sternum straps divides the bag’s heavyweight so that it’s very comfortable to use as a traveler with a vast load. Its color combinations are also very stunning. You can get six color options in this model, and each shade is very convenient with Design. Bungee criss-cross in the front part of this bag gives you extra space, and it also looks pretty good.

The material used to build it

The Osprey 28l Quasar backpack is made with a high-quality nylon fabric called ripstop. A 420D nylon dobby blend in the compartment and a 630D nylon dobby blend in the bottom for heavy-duty in this bag. This Quasar laptop backpack is a water-repellent one but not waterproof. They used heat embossed and scratch-free slash water bottle pockets. In front of this bag, they used a blinker light loop for visibility in darkness. The Y.K.K. zipper enhances its quality and Durability. The belt of this bag builds Air vented foam. It’s soft and gives comfort when users carry a large amount of weight. Backside soft foam is also used as an air suspension system and can pass maximum Air.

The Osprey Quasar backpack feature and Design

The significant part of this Osprey Quasar backpack is an extra slot with a laptop sleeve in the main compartment. Now talking about the Design of this bag, with six different color options, it is a very stylish backpack for travel or use in school/college. In front of this bag, we first notice the beautiful bungee criss-cross section, giving extra space with a very traditional look. There are also light blinkers in front of it to be visible at night. The first compartment is hidden with a zipper-puller to make it invisible with innovative craftsmanship.

Osprey Quasar Compact 28 Liter Backpack ReviewCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The most helpful feature of this bag is a scratch-free zipper in the front part so that you can keep your sunglasses, headphones, etc., critical and sensitive things easily. The threaded webbing around the compartment made it helpful when the user carried a heavyweight, and it used to compress all weight in the center of your gravity. They also add two sternum straps with the belt. The extra strap gives a lot of support comfort and reduces the excess weight in the backbone and around the neck of the body. They also added a whistle in their upper strap to use in emergencies. Their mesh air vented foam in the backside of the back is used primarily as air suspension material, and this soft foam does not add any extra weight but also gives a lot of relaxation.

Secure Laptop Sleeve

The main attraction is the Osprey Quasar backpack, the extra padded section in the main compartment with the laptop section. This additional slot can store an iPad or charger, earphones, etc. you can carry a maximum 15’’-16″ laptop in this bag. Two mesh pockets are as a water bottle section. These pockets are elastic cuffs to fit different size water bottles safely. There is a rugged handle at the top of the bag, which is very handy. But this bag is specially designed for men. So, it’s not a unisex/women’s bag.

Osprey Quasar Backpack Compartment

The compartment style of this laptop is the main attraction. Because there are multiple sections in this bag, like:

  • Hidden Front scratch Compartment

The Osprey Quasar men’s laptop backpack has three compartments. With these slots, you can show off your organizing skills. The first compartment is scratch-free and gets the maximum space to store many critical sensitive things like sunglasses, headphones, phones, etc.

  • Organization Compartment

After that, start with the central organizing section. This compartment has three extra slots for sorting pens, pencils, and phones. The attached key-lash improves the quality of the organization. The middle room also offers plenty of space to store another small element.

  • Main Compartment

We are now talking about the best part of this Osprey Quasar backpack, its main compartment. This slot offers a massive room and three padded spaces for storing any electrical gadgets. In a laptop sleeve, it can fit a 15”-16″ laptop easily. In front of this, users can use it to keep their iPad in it. Top of this section, a mesh pocket is also used for reserving another important gadget like the charger. All these slots are secure a soft pad which gives extra safety.

Size Dimension, Cost, Shades

This Quasar backpack from Osprey permits 28 liters of storage in its main compartment. With this large size, it is very lightweight, only 1.68lbs (0.76kg). The dimensions of this bag are 19 H x 13 W x 10 D inches. Laptop Slot Dimensions: 36 (l) x 28 (w) x 5 (d) cm. This Osprey Quasar backpack has six shades available, and every color is stunning, like black, red, yellow, etc. But I like their marron ones. This price is not fixed; it’s changed with its color scheme. The price range is between 89$-109$.

What you would like in this bag:

  • It’s a large capacity with a very lightweight size and water repellent.
  • A scratch-free, heat embossed compartment in the front.
  • The front Bungee section makes it a more stunning and quick slot.
  • 15″ laptop storage.
  • Very balanced, sight upright easily.
  • Provide a lifetime warranty.

What are the leggings of this bag?

  • Not waterproof.
  • Laptop sleeves are not Air approved, which is a problem for travelers.

Overview about the Osprey Quasar laptop bag

This upgraded Quasar 28L bag is perfect for carrying your gadget and great for traveling. This 23 liters space in the main compartment can be used for laptops and store any other device with its extra padded sloIt’st’s designed with an excellent balancing system that helps it sit upright. So this backpack is handy for the traveler.Osprey Quasar Compact 28 Liter Backpack Osprey designed bags for travelers from the beginning. They also maintain their product quality successfully and give you a lifetime warranty so that if you break or damage some part, they give you a free service of repair. So this backpack is worth every penny.


  1. Can the Osprey Quasar laptop bag be used in hiking?

Osprey mainly designed their backpacks for travelers. So obviously, this backpack is perfect for hiking. There are three pairs of straps they use for balancing and comforting travelers. The light foam of the backside also made a great advantage. And the front bungee cord section is helpful for quick storage.

  1. Is the Osprey Quasar laptop bag only for men?

Yes, they specially designed this for men. Osprey created other models, especially for women; you can find them on their website or other-commerce sites.

  1. Is the Osprey Quasar men’s backpack waterproof?

No, it’s not completely waterproof. It’s just water-resistant. But the front side first compartment is scratch-free and waterproof; in emergencies, you can store your valuable product in this section.

  1. Can I carry a 15.4″ laptop in the Osprey Quasar laptop bag?

Yes, you can easily use this as a laptop bag for your 15.4″ laptop. And these laptop sleeves are of excellent quality so that it also gives you safety.

  1. Is the Osprey Quasar backpack T.S.A. approved?

No, their laptop sleeves are not air-approved. So this is a problem for travelers.

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