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How Big Is a 30L Backpack?- Check The Standard Size & Capacity

Every Tour is fascinating and enjoyable for any tourist in every way. People love traveling in every profession because they love to go to a new place, meet many new people, test many types of food, and learn about different cultures. And yes, they need a perfect bag for carrying their essentials. Some of them want a multi-functional backpack. Like they can use this in their daily lives and use it in their short trip. The bag is a perfect solution because it comes in various sizes and is suitable for campus or any tour, so from my perspective. A 30L backpack is very famous because it is convenient in size and easy to carry. You also find many designed features of different bag types at affordable prices. And that’s why I will try to help you choose your best size backpack.

How big is a 30L Backpack?

A 30-liter backpack size depends on various key points, like its build-in material, quality, extra compartment, design, feature, etc. Now talking about some of this process and also some standard sizes for the idea:
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Why and How to measure Liters in Backpack?

First of all, it doesn’t seem very easy to measure any backpack size. And only one way to measure it is by its volume. The unit of volume is liter. That’s why for backpack capacity, always uses liters for their volume unit. The primary measurement is any backpack’s main compartment size. That means the introductory section size is the liters-wise size of any pack.

Another complicated part of this bag is how to measure. The measuring process is also quite interesting. Because we need the help of math for this, you can easily estimate your backpack with your free hand. You need to know about the bag’s depth, length, and width. After gathering all information, multiply it with each other. The value you get is called cubic value. When you divide this value by a million, you can easily find the size of the backpack.

Standard Dimension, weight

It is challenging to say the exact size and weight of any backpack. Because it depends on the design, features, materials, etc., we can assume a stander size that satisfies more 30L bags. Supposedly, the average length or height is 18.5 to 21 inches, and the average width is 9.5 to 12 inches. If you are a student, this backpack size is handy. You can carry a laptop, and some notebooks in this easily. And some of the bags have an extra comfy compartment for your computer.30L BackpackCheck Today’s Price

On the other hand, the weight is also variable for various backpacks. But most of the 30l backpack is 2 to 3 pounds in weight in general. If you want this bag size for your short Tour or any weekend plans, always look for a lighter one. Because it’ll be hard to carry a loaded bag, and if it’s heavier by its weight, that’ll make a fuss.

Materials, waterproof, and Budget

Material is the structure of any backpack. So it is essential to choose a material that is hard to rip and helps from getting wet on rainy days. But most of the time, brands use nylon, polyester, mixed ripstop, or recyclable fabrics. This fabric is most commonly used in any backpack because it makes any bag durable in any harsh environment. They are also suitable water-resistant .this materials are very light in weight, so they don’t add much weight to the shoulder, which is the first demand of every hiker and traveler. This size bag’s other most important part is its shoulder strap and back panel. These two things are always an important part. Most bags use high-quality soft foam with air ventilation fabrics, which comfort your back when carrying a heavy load. Many brands are using a flex vent system because of better air suspension. You also find separate laptop sleeves in most of these size bags. These sleeves are secured with soft padded. The funny part is it also adds extra weight to your backpack.

Most of the backpacks are water repellent or resistant. It is hard to make a bag waterproof with these fabrics. This process also raises the cost of any gear. These size bags are preferable for students most of the time, so Budget also matters. You can find a waterproof bag in the market quickly, but it’ll be expensive. It will be good for you if you buy a rain cover for the bag, that’s how it’ll be waterproof ideally. Now some backpacks came with an extra rain cover.

Number of Compartments

Most of the 30l backpack has one main compartment in common, and this is the main volume of any bag. Various organizing rooms, bottle sections, and laptops came with this kind of bag. The laptop sleeves are separate from the main compartment; others are attached. But both use a soft thick pad for safety. Nowadays, many brands connect a tablet section with this laptop one. There are many different subsections in the organizing section for your little item. One or two hydration sections are available in every 30L backpack. A bungee cord is linked up in the front part in some backpack models. This part enhances the design and gives you quick storage for your jacket, yoga mat, or towel.
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Who Should Buy a 30L Backpack?

This matter depends on the user, their profession, or their purposes. But I give you an idea about this 30-liter backpack for various scenarios. Like:

For Students

This pack is ideal for students, most commonly school and college students. This bag offers plenty of space for essential daily items for school. You can easily keep your couple of standard-sized notebooks and Tiffin boxes if you are a student. One or two bottle sections are always available in most of this size bag, so you can easily save your bottle and umbrella in these two sections. Many air mesh pockets are attached in their organized compartment, which is very useful for small items for your pencil, pen, etc. A laptop sleeve is connected with the main room that can fit like a 15″ -17″ laptop. You also find a different section for your tablet in the upgraded one. And this backpack is very budget-friendly.

For Professionals/Job-holders

Now talking about the professionals, most of them need a durable backpack for their daily commuter life and provide a comfortable section for their multiple gadgets. So they also can easily go with this 30L backpack because they are very convenient in size and durable. Before buying any of this, first, check the brand’s fabric. You can easily take your laptop, two or three notebooks, camera lens headphones, etc.

For Gym

This backpack also gives you excellent service if you are a gym lover. If you buy a bag with bungee space in front or a compress strap in the bottom, you can use this as a storage of your yoga mat or towel. You can quickly go with your extra clothes, water bottle, toiletries, etc.

For Travelers and hikers

A backpack is mainly famous for this user because it’s easy to carry, and some are multi-functional. Those types are easy to carry or lift. A 30L backpack is ideal for two to three days or this short trip. They are easy to handle and provide enough space for your sort of time trips essentials. That’s totally up to any user. If they want little dress or conditions, they can easily use this bag for week trips. The sternum strap is linked up with every shoulder belt in most packs. This two-strap is mainly easy to balance the weight of the load. If you want this size backpack only for the Tour, go with an ergonomically designed one because it gives the highest balance with gravity when fully loaded.


  • Question: Why are 30L backpacks famous?

Answer: Because of its convenient size, this bag is not too much small or big. And also the weight is easy to carry. People of many professions can easily use this. That is why they are popular among many users.

  • Question: Is a 30L backpack suitable for a hiker?

Answer: Yes, if it’s not a long-term program. It’s perfect for a 2-3 days Tour. And before buying any bag for hiking, choose the lightweight one.

  • Question: Can a kindergarten student use this 30L bag?

Answer: No. I think it’ll be ample for a toddler.

  • Question: Can I use this 30-liter backpack in my daily commuter journey?

Answer: Yes. You can easily use any brand 30L backpack for your daily commuter life.


A 30L backpack is the main topic here, and I think I can draw a point about this. A 30-liter backpack is your daily uses bag because it is small in size and light in weight. This type of bag we prefer most in our everyday life. Those people who love short trips or regular flight users, for them, are also convenient. Because it can easily give you enough space for your two to three days essentials, it can easily fit under the airplane seat after loading it. In the market, you find many brands of the backpack, from them the North Face, Osprey, Patagonia, etc. these are well known for their unique features and durability. You can find every budget-type bag here.

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