Best 40l backpack for traveling

Best 40L Backpacks Models For Travel, Hiking, and Commute Journey

Are you a college student? Also, a travel freak? Need backpack which can be helpful to college and tour both? Then a 40L pack is perfect for you because this is compact, minimalist, and versatile, perfect for campus and any term. The backpack is ideal for any travel lover because it is straightforward to carry, and there are hundreds of extra features attached to it. These packs are beneficial in any tour. And after that time, you also use this backpack in your office of the daily commuter journey. There are a thousand options open for you, so it is tough to find the perfect one for your need. Here, the most popular 15 different 40L backpack contains some preliminary information. You also get an idea about their exciting features—budget, preference, etc.

Why did we choose a 40L backpack?

You can find various size backpacks in the market. So finding the perfect one is very difficult. Now you can think why to choose the exact 40L back because these size backpacks can easily be used as a carry-on or multi-day tour. This 40L is a mid-range size backpack. That’s why most commonly, people choose this size backpack over another dimension. 

A 40L backpack is a suitable size bag for hiking. Most hikers want low-weight, large-size gear to carry this easily. The hike is also a short or multi-day trip, so you don’t need a lot of essentials. So why do you bother to have a big bag on your shoulder? And you are living in any warm area, and then you don’t need too many clothes for any multi-day trip. A 40L backpack is enough for every important thing. 

Now, most of the 40L backpacks are TSA-approved. So you can quickly fly with this bag, and this backpack is also easily fit under the seat, depending on your load. Most brands try to attach the laptop section separately in every 40L backpack. So you can handle your clothes or other things and your gadget, this compartment also gives you an extra tablet section for your iPad or tablet.

 Recommended Most Popular 40L Backpack List:

Here I suggest some of the backpacks in my experience:

  • Best for traveling: Osprey Farpoint 40L Backpack,
  • Ideal for hiking: Mountaintop Hiking Backpack,
  • Best military tactical bag: Reebow Gear Military Backpacks,
  • Best for Flight: Aselin-Backpacks,
  • Most Affordable: Venture-Pal-Lightweight-Packable-Backpack,

Top 15 Models Reviews: What are the Best 40L Backpacks in 2022?

If you love budget shopping with multi-functional products, this 40l backpack review article will be very convenient for you. Because the dimension of any 40L is minimal, you can easily use this backpack as your campus bag, in your office, or your daily commuter journey.

Osprey Farpoint 40L men’s backpack

This large backpack is multi-functional. Because it’s duffel style, the main compartment is also huge, and it is open just like a suitcase—that’s why it is easy to load. There is also two compression strap in the front part. The bottle section is also in front. That’s why the compression strap minimizes the load’s size and gives the hydration section security.Osprey Farpoint 40L BackpackCheck For Details

Osprey 40L uses high-quality nylon, so it is a robust backpack and easily carried in a harsh environment. This fabric is also an excellent water-resistant material.

There is also a soft padded laptop compartment, and a 15″ laptop can easily fit there. A heat-embedded scratch-free chamber also attaches to its front side so that you can easily keep your sunglass, mobile, etc., in this slot. This backpack is under 100$, and also they offer three beautiful shades. So this backpack is best for travelers.

What the brand promise:

  • This backpack is a Duffel size with a suitcase-style opening main compartment.
  • Bottle section in the front part.
  • Heat embedded, scratch-free section.
  • The backpack shoulder straps are solid and built with air mesh soft foam.
  • Hip and chest strap available.
  • This bag weight distribution is excellent so that it can be stand by itself.

Our findings:

  • Not waterproof.
  • When this bag is fully loaded, another compartment can use difficulty.
  • Not suitable for students.

Mardingtop 40L Tactical Backpacks

If you want a waterproof backpack on a low budget, then this Mardingtop backpack is perfect for you. This nylon lining backpack is water-resistant. 600D nylon is the main element, which is very durable and robust. It also came with an extra rain cover. This backpack is also very lightweight, only 0.78kg(1.7lbs).

Mardingtop 40L Tactical Backpacks ReviewsCheck On Amazon

There are three organizing compartments, one main compartment, and two hydration compartments on the side of the bag. The main compartment is 40L, which offers considerable space. And organized sections are designed with lots of air mesh pockets so that you can easily keep your small item there. You can also minimize the size of the backpack with an extra compression strap. The shades of this backpack are also convenient and vary in price with color.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Water-resistant and also came with an extra rain cover.
  • Easy to access compartments,
  • Affordable,
  • This backpack harness system is S-shaped and built with an air mesh pad.
  • Unisex design.
  • Perfect for multi-days travelers.


  • Laptop sleeves attach with the main compartment,
  • Size is a little bit problematic for women.

Deuter Fox 40 Kid’s Backpack

If you need a backpack for kids or teenagers, this Deuter bag is perfect because it is specially designed for kids. The harness system is comfortable, S-shaped soft foam used, which is very much air vented. The shoulder straps are also straightforward to adjust.

Deuter Fox 40 Kid's Backpack ReviewsCheck On Amazon

This backpack has multiple organizer sections with one large 40L main compartment. There are also separate bottle sections on the side of this bag. You also get an SOS- label with life-saving tips in case of emergencies. 600D PES and 210D PA ripstop fabric made this backpack more lightweight and durable. These fabrics are not waterproof but quite good water-resistant. It is a perfect backpack at a great price, and you also get two color options. 

What are the key features?

  • Specially designed for kids and teenagers,
  • Comfortable harness system,
  • Easily accessible hydration section,
  • Easily adjustable hip and chest strap,
  • Several webbing loops,
  • Durable,
  • Extra sleeping bag section,
  • Various organizing sections.


  • Not waterproof,
  • No separate laptop section,
  • Not suitable for school or college.

Hynes Eagle- Best 40L Backpack For Travel

It’s a great backpack for those who fly now and then. This bag is TSA- approved, and it is so handy to size. You can quickly put this gear under an airline seat. This backpack is a convertible, which means you also can use it as a duffel bag. That’s why there are two strong handles attached to this.

Hynes Eagle- Best 40L BackpackCheck Price

This pack is also open just like a suitcase, that’s why it is easy to load. You also get some extra sections as an organizing section. This fabric is lightweight and also water repellent. The bag uses high-quality polyester. The shoulder straps are straightforward to carry this bag. This bag is very affordable, but it came with only one shade option. The design is also for both men and women.


  • Affordable.
  • Durable,
  • Dimensions: 20.1 x 13.4 x 9.8 inches,
  • Convertible as a duffel bag,
  • Various organizing compartments,
  • Separate laptop sleeves,
  • Suitable for gym or school.


  • No hydration section.
  • Not waterproof.
  • A little bit heavier than the other 40L backpack.

Kelty Women’s Redwing 40 Liter Backpack

If you want a backpack that goes with the present style, it’s the best backpack. This bag is suitable for women. A highly developed harness system is attached to it, so you can easily carry a heavy load. There are also many compression straps attached to this bag to minimize the size.

Kelty Women's Redwing 40 Liter Backpack ReviewsCheck On Amazon

This backpack is waterproof. That’s why you can easily carry this in a rainy area. There are padded laptop sleeves attached to the main compartment. The main room is also huge with 40L of space. There are also seven small organizing sections you find in this backpack. The design is also very trendy and convenient.

What are the advantages?

  • Waterproof,
  • Light-weight
  • TSA-approved,
  • Soft padded laptop section.
  • Developed harness system.
  • Easy to access in the hydration section.


  • Extra webbing loop,
  • When the bag is loaded, it is hard to use the organizing section,

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

This gear is one of the strong and hardest ones on a low budget. This bag is military gear. That’s why it’s made with the best quality fabric. In this backpack, 600×600 density fabric. These materials are famous for their durability. This pack is water-resistant to use light rainy areas easily.

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack ReviewsCheck For Details

This backpack is a molle design. That’s why there are too many webbing loops attached to all sides of this bag. It is famous as a three-day assault backpack, survival backpack, hunting backpack, range bag, etc. there are three organizing sections with a large main compartment. And the backside of this backpack is also soft padded and air vented. The harness system is also very convenient. The hip and chest strap are also attached with the shoulder belt so that you can quickly minimize your heavy load. There are two shades available in this bag.


  • Very durable.
  • Dimension 13×20×11 in(35×50.5×28 cm).
  • Molle system backpack,
  • Comfortable harness system,
  • Easily adjustable straps,
  • Zipper closure,
  • Water-resistant,
  • Affordable.


  • No hydration section; you need to buy it separately.
  • Outlook is not so impressive.

N Nevo Rhino Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

If you asked which backpack is best for hiking in 40L volume, it would be this N Nevo Rhino backpack. It is specially designed for hikers and made with an internal frame. Nylon is the main fabric of this backpack, and that’s why it’s durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

N Nevo Rhino Internal Frame Hiking Backpack ReviewsCheck On Amazon

This ergonomically designed backpack is very easy to carry on the shoulder. Nevo designed this bag very cleverly because there is a breathable section with an internal frame in the back part, which is very useful when carrying a heavy load. This frame minimizes the load all over the body and reduces gravity force. Shoulder straps are made with air mesh fabrics and soft foam. The straps are also easy to adjust. There are many organizing sections in this backpack. You also find the bottle section on two sides of this bag. You also get an extra water bag suspension, holding two liters of liquid. 


  • Waterproof,
  • Internal frame with breathable padded back part,
  • Water suspension bag attaches with the main compartment,
  • Very light in weight and also durable,
  • Hip and chest strap secure with each shoulder belt,
  • Buckle Built with the whistle and enough carabiners,
  • Very affordable with a one-year guarantee.


  • It’s hard to use all external sections when the main compartment is fully loaded,
  • There is no particular section for a laptop.

Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack For Trekkers

This bag is also a pretty good backpack for hiking. This Mountaintop backpack is suitable for three to four days travelers. And it’s made with solid ripstop material, which is water-resistant fabric. But don’t worry, this package came with an extra rain cover for this backpack. This ripstop is also famous for its durability and is very hard to rip or tear. It also looked very trendy and stylish.

Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

This bag came with a large 40L main compartment, and there is also a laptop section attached with it. These sleeves can fit a 15″ -15.6″ laptop and are secured with a soft pad—various organizing sections with an air mesh section for keeping your small items. At the bottom of the bag, there is a section for a rain cover, which came with its package. The back part and shoulder belt are also well padded to comfort heavy loads. Various compression straps also help you to minimize the size of the bag.


  • Ergonomically designed,
  • Durable with lightweight,
  • Water-resistant but came with extra rain cover,
  • Additional section for hydration,
  • Easily accessible pocket with zipper closure,
  • Affordable in price and also give eight different color options,
  • Special compartment for laptop,


  • No attachable hydration section,
  • Traditional bigger than school backpack, not suitable for a student that’s why.

Prospo 40L Military Tactical Backpack

The tactical military backpack is made with 1000d polyester. This fabric is famous for its durability and is also excellent water-resistant. It’s also a heavy-duty, double-stitched bag suitable for hunting, fishing, trekking, etc.

Prospo 40L Military Tactical Backpack ReviewsCheck Price

This pack is a molle system bag with a suitcase-style main compartment. This system is easy to load and reload. The organizing sections are also pretty good and handy—an air mesh slot attached with the main room for a tablet or any device. You also find a rear compartment in the back of the backpack. That reduces any device’s shock when trekking or running for a long time. The top handle is also solid and gives a grip when you go out. This backpack’s back panel and shoulder straps are made with a breathable system and soft pad. The two-way zipper also provides easy accessibility to every compartment. If your budget is under 40$, this bag is perfect for you.


  • Y-shaped compression buckle for reducing pressure,
  • Strong top handle with good grip.
  • Rear compartment for the gadget in the backside,
  • Molle system,
  • The breathable back panel,
  • Large main compartment with some well organized small section,
  • The flag patch came with the package.


  • No separate hydration section,
  • Outlook is ordinary,
  • Not waterproof.

Diamond Candy Waterproof Backpack

This bag is mainly focused on a durable material and is also waterproof. The Diamond candy backpack is made with nylon fabrics which are excellent water-resistant materials. This package also comes with a rain cover, Which you can easily store at the bottom of the bag. This rain cover is beneficial, and this also permits you to use this in any environment. And this is also very lightweight and can load two or three days essentially quickly.

Diamond Candy Waterproof Backpack ReviewsCheck On Amazon

The outlook of this bag is also trendy, with a bungee cord in the front. This bungee section is mainly accommodating as a short section. The buckle is solid and closed, and it is also built with a whistle for emergencies. This 14″ shoulder drop backpack has two bottle sections on both sides. This bag is a multi-compartment pack; its webbing loop also increases its gear capability. Its all compartments are well organized.


  • Water repellent, but the package came with a rain cover, which makes it waterproof,
  • The buckle of this bag came with Whitsel and can quickly close.
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee,
  • Unisex design,
  • Front bungee cord section,
  • Outlook is trendy,
  • Breathable back panel and harness.
  • Easily adjustable shoulder strap.
  • The chest and hip strap are also attached.
  • Very affordable with many color options.


  • No section for laptop,
  • Extra rain cover needs to be carried.

Venture Pal 40L Packable Backpack

Need a compact backpack? That sounds interesting, just like this backpack. This unisex backpack can easily fold and store in its pocket storage. And when it’s needed, you can use it by unfolding it. A heavy-duty and tear-free nylon was used to make this backpack—that’s why this backpack is water-resistant and quite durable in challenging environments. Zipper closure compartments are easy to access.

Venture Pal 40L Packable Backpack ReviewsCheck Price

The main compartment is large with 40L space and a wet pocket attached. So you can easily keep your wet thing in there, this section can also be used as a waterproof section. You can protect your valuables there. There is also a special section for laptops and some small room for small gadgets. The organizer section is also divided into many sub-sections for small essentials. The back panel is, as usual, softly padded for comfort. There is also two bottle section attached to the side of this bag. Sternum straps are easily adjustable. This lightweight backpack is not so expensive, and you can find some extraordinary printed versions of this bag.

What we like:

  • Compatible backpack,
  • Very lightweight, only 0.7lbs.
  • Extra wet/waterproof pocket attach with the central section,
  • Unisex design,
  • Various compression straps,
  • Soft padded laptop compartment,
  • School or college students can also use it.

What we don’t like:

  • Hip strap absent,
  • The laptop compartment is difficult when it’s fully loaded.

Fengdong 40L Carry-on Backpack

This model is specially designed for hikers. That’s why the material of this backpack is very durable, tear-resistant, and water repellent. It’s an excellent quality anti-abrasion polyester fabric. This bag is also very lightweight. The backside is also made with breathable mesh padded and ergonomically designed. That’s why it is comfortable in heavy loads.

Fengdong 40L Carry-on Backpack ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The main compartment is large with a multi-section backpack. This bag is also a compact backpack so that you can easily fool it in its pocket. There is also a tiny pocket attached with a waist strap. Two bottle sections are connected, and other compartments are well organized, with zipper and air mesh sections. There are also padded laptop sleeves attached to the main room. S that this bag is suitable for any school or college student. There is also a pair of compression straps at the bottom of the bag. These straps are quick storage for gym mat-type elements. That’s why it is also great as a gym bag. 


  • Lightweight backpack with durable material,
  • Compactable,
  • Unisex design,
  • Affordable in price,
  • Extra padded laptop section,
  • The breathable back panel,
  • Water repellent,
  • Easy to access hydration section.


  • Hip strap unavailable,
  • No hydration pack attaches.

24BattlePack Tactical Pack

Any military backpack is famous for its durability. This bag is a Combat Veteran Owned Company product specially designed for soldiers. So it doesn’t compromise the durability of this backpack and its molle design. This backpack is made with waterproof lining and heavy-duty zipper closure.

24BattlePack Tactical Pack ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The most impressive part of this backpack is the padded laptop sleeves attached to the main compartment, which makes it different from another tactical military bag. This laptop section can fit a 17″ laptop easily. And there is a universal gun holster in the main organizing room—a hydration suspension and hydration pipe attached to the main compartment. It’s a perfect backpack for one to three days outings. The price is also relatively low than other tactical backpacks. And you also get another three color options in this bag.

What they promise:

  • Molle system,
  • Expendable from 20L to 40L,
  • Double-stitched handle,
  • Universal gun holster,
  • Laptop sleeves,
  • Hydration suspension with a pipe,
  • Breathable backside,
  • Unisex design,
  • Extremely durable.

Negative Reviews:

  • As a usual design,
  • Not Waterproof.

TSA- Friendly Dinictis 40L Backpack

TSA approved one of the best traveling backpacks is this Dinicts backpack. This bag is very flight-friendly. Because there are two handles, you find the top and side in the bag. And the shoulder straps are hidden. You can carry it or lift it. Its suitcase system main compartment is also easy to load and reload. It can easily fit under an airline seat.

Dinictis 40L Backpack ReviewCheck Price

The laptop sleeves are also well padded, and there is also an extra soft foam section for the tablet. The main organizer compartment is also easy to access. The main room is a 40L space with one waterproof unit and a meshed pocket for small essentials. There are also easily accessible bottle sections attached on one side. The total dimension of this bag is 19.6×13.8×9.8 inches. The main fabric of this bag is high-quality nylon, which is quite good water-resistant and easy to clean material.


  • TSA approved,
  • Easily fit under flight seat,
  • Can carry or lift easily,
  • Hidden shoulder straps,
  • Trolly straps attach to the back panel.
  • Soft, comfortable backside,
  • Well, padded laptop section,
  • Affordable and also available in different shades,
  • Trendy design, suitable for both males and females.
  • Suitable for students.


  • Not waterproof,
  • Hip straps are unavailable.

Asenlin 40L Backpack For School/College Students

If you are an extremely organized person, this bag is perfect for you. This backpack came with three custom mood sections in the main compartment. One is for small-sized essentials, and the second is for medium items like shirts or T-shirts, etc. The final one is for your oversized items. These sections are secured with elastic. It’s also TSA-approved and easily fits under the flight seat.

Asenlin 40L Backpack ReviewsCheck On Amazon

The laptop sleeves attach to the organizing section. The heavy pad is used for security, and there is also an extra section for the tablet. This bag can easily be used as a duffel bag or a tote bag. So that is perfect for gym or school. The bag uses good-quality polyester. There is also a trolley loop attached to the backside to carry luggage easily. This bag is also suitable for students and not so expensive. The price and fabrics quality differs with its color options.

Positive Review:

  • Hidden shoulder straps,
  • Elastic secured main compartment with three custom mode sections,
  • Well, padded laptop and tablet sleeves,
  • Multi-functional backpack,
  • Suitable for gym, school, college.
  • An extra bottle section is added on one side.

Negative reviews from the users:

  • Not waterproof,
  • Not a perfect bag for hiking because it’s a little heavy.


  • Is it a 40L backpack carry-on size?

Yes. You can easily carry it on your shoulder. But if you don’t want to, go for a convertible one because it has two handles and a D string attached to one side. So you can lift it like a duffel bag or carry it as a backpack.

  • Is a 40L backpack enough?

That depends on you. A standard size 40L bag is enough for a 2-4 days outing. So it depends on your number of tour days and your essential list.

  • Is a 40L backpack big enough for traveling?

Yes. If it’s a short trip, it is perfect. You can also take this backpack for a 2-3 days-long journey. It would help if you thought about your load.

  • Does a 40L bag fit under the flight seat?

Every TSA-approved backpack satisfied this problem. So if you are regular in flight, I’ll suggest you go with any TSA-approved bag.

  • Which 40-liter backpack is best for someone suffering from back or shoulder pain?

Many brands are now working on that. And the ergonomic backpack is perfect for this type of traveler. And also soft padded, breathable back pane also helps a lot.

Final Overview

Here every backpack is famous for its additional features. Each bag is unique for each task, but always keep in mind your need to buy a multi-functional bag. All these bags are from the high to low range in price. If you love hiking, always go for these bags specially made for this. A good backpack is an essential part of any tour and travel. An ideal 40l backpack is a multipurpose pack, and it is also easy to carry. So you can go faster in any phase with this. Those bags are also ergonomically designed.

A 40L bag not only can be used as a travel bag, but it is also suitable for school or your daily commuter journey. So before buying any size or any type of bag, first note down your needs. Then take a look in the market, which can fulfill most of them and go with it.

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