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NOMATIC Travel Pack Review [Flight Approved Expandable Backpack]

Are you looking for a long-lasting travel pack and, by any chance, a person who loves to keep your stuff neat and organized? Do you love short trips and looking for a travel backpack that can hold all of your essential things in separate places and also can hold a lot of weight? Then in your possession, we have the right solution for you. Let’s give you a brief idea and overview of the NOMATIC pack in detail down below in our NOMATIC travel pack review. You are going to love this travel backpack so much!

The NOMATIC water-resistant travel pack has all in one just for you. This travel pack is well organized, has over 20+ pockets, and you can expand from 20L to 30L capacity by just unzipping. And it has a warranty of a lifetime with high-quality, durable materials for the bag.

Technical Specifications of the NOMATIC Travel Pack


NOMATIC Travel 30L Pack

Item Dimensions:  8.5 x 12 x 9.5 inches
Weight:  4lb
Capacity:  30 Liter
Material:  Tarpaulin
Laptop Sleeve:  Up to 15 inches
Shoulder Straps:  Padded shoulder straps
Zippers:  YKK zippers
Main Compartment Access:  Clamshell
Handles:  Side handles and Padded top
TSA Approved:  TSA-ready laptop sleeve
Anti-Theft Features:  RFID lockable security pocket
Warranty:  Lifetime Warranty
Price:  Check On Amazon

Anti-Theft 30L NOMATIC Travel Pack Reviews in 2023

The NOMATIC travel pack is full of numerous exclusive and exceptional features. Where do we begin! This travel pack is very stylish and organized. You have pockets and separate compartments for all kinds of items: the small ones, valuable ones, gadgets, clothes, water, everything. There are magnetic compartments that you can fold in. The main compartment is expandable, and you can add straps and take them off too. It has so many other unique features, and we will describe them in detail in a while.

Value or Pricing

The price for the NOMATIC travel packs undoubtedly is a bit higher than other travel backpacks. The price is usually above $250, which may seem a bit overpriced. However, the performance and delivery of this pack cover the cost up.

This pack’s materials are high-quality waterproof fabric and have so many well-organized pockets, magnetic pockets, etc., which are supposed to be costly. Also, the travel packs come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you get to have a brand new backpack if you’ve entirely wrecked your old one. With all of his facilities and free repairing options, the price seems to be just fine. If you want this travel pack and can afford it, then you should go and get it!

High-Quality Material and Design

The materials used in manufacturing the NOMATIC travel packs are very rich in quality. They use tarpaulin as the primary material instead of nylon or polyester, which is very high quality and durable. They also use tarpaulin linings. The stitches are strong and long-lasting. The bag has the YKK zippers, and the zippers are sturdy and high functioning.nomatic backpack reviewsThe fabric feels smooth and comfortable. It has a rubbery and less shiny texture making it matte. It has a beautiful flat finishing touch, and as a bonus, the triangle-shaped designs are light reflective, ensuring security late at night.

The bag has many features, but it looks compact and straightforward when you look at it, which is aesthetically pleasing for your eyes and offers you high-quality benefits.

Capacity and Expandability

The capacity of the NOMATIC travel pack is 20L-30L, which is considerably a lot!

You can use the travel pack according to your needs; however, you want to use it. You can travel somewhere carrying 20L belongings, and then if you shop there, you can expand it up to 10 Liters and put more stuff in it on your way back.

Adding a whole 10L is a massive amount of added space. And it’s impressive too because you can unzip it all the way and expand it to 30L, and zip it back to 20L to its previous compact format. All of that, so very easily.


The NOMATIC laptop travel packs have strong YKK zippers; they are reliable, solid, and effortlessly hold everything together. These zippers give you full access from all sides. You can unzip the travel pack all the way. It makes it easy for you to have an excellent and comprehensive view of the entire interior.

The zippers are solid and durable. They hold your backpack and the added weight you carry and still stay in place and do their job perfectly. Just like the fiber, The NOMATIC uses high-quality, long-lasting zippers as well, undoubtedly.

Straps and Handle

The NOMATIC travel pack’s shoulder straps are loved by some and not so loved by some. The shoulder straps aren’t padded well and aren’t dense and thick. The straps have so much less foam in their padding, making it uncomfortable or even a bit troublesome while carrying the whole load. The back weight doesn’t bother you much while having a lightweight on your back, but while carrying a heavy load, it might hurt your back and put pressure on your back.

The strap adjuster for the shoulders is, however, much better. You can release and stiffen it according to your need, and it’s durable too. There’s a harness system at the bottom of the shoulder straps that can tuck inside, and you can wear them if you need to. Overall the shoulder straps have so many features but could’ve been a bit more comfortable so that the uses of this travel pack wouldn’t be limited.

The handle of this travel pack is padded and comfortable. The handle is attached to the two shoulder straps as there isn’t much space for the handle. It’s a fixed padded one handle that you can hold with your fist and lift the whole weight of the bag using just one hand.

Magnetic Side pockets

Another fantastic feature of the NOMATIC travel pack is its magnetic side pockets on both sides. The travel pack has side pockets just like any other backpack for holding water bottles or umbrellas. They also have side handles that you can grab while walking when you’re carrying the travel pack. They have mesh and expandable pockets where you can store a giant bottle of water. Both of the side compartments have magnets. So when you are not using the side pockets, you can have the side pockets closed, collapsed, and tidy.

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Front compartment

As we have mentioned many times in our NOMATIC travel pack review article that the 30L backpack is a highly organized backpack with so many pockets and compartments. The front compartment isn’t very roomy, but it sure is well organized for your necessary small belongings. In the front of this travel pack, there is a zipped pocket to keep your handy things. Below that, there is a “U” shaped compartment which has some mini organized rooms. There is the RFID-safe pocket taking space for almost half of the compartment on the top. At the bottom side, we can see a small zippered pocket and two slots to keep your pens. There are also two pairs of mesh pockets with elastic on top of them. There are over 20+ pockets in total in this travel pack.

Main compartment

The main compartment of the NOMATIC travel pack is expandable and spacious. This chamber is expandable. It has a mesh padded secure section for laptops, a room for notebooks or books, a massive space to keep your clothes in, and a shoe compartment. It is one of the main attractions of this travel pack for having such an organized and spacious chamber for the mai9n chamber. Also, it is expandable up to 30L. That’s a lot!

NOMATIC Travel Pack Laptop Chamber

 The idea of traveling somewhere without or laptop and other necessary electronic devices is pretty impossible. The NOMATIC travel pack has the feature of a separate compartment for a laptop, just like most other travel bags and packs.NOMATIC Pack ReviewsThe laptop compartment has meshed pads all the way. So it protects your laptop from any harm from the outside. It is not so big but not so compressed at well. You can fit up to a 15-inch laptop in it while packing, and you will be good to go.

Notebook chamber

One of the other very exceptional features in the NOMATIC travel pack has to be its notebook chamber. A chamber for a notebook is pretty unusual to see in a travel pack, not going to lie. Although it is not necessarily for notebooks, you can also put a slim book or notepad for something inside it. It’s just an extra compartment to put whatever comes in the shape of a notebook in it.

Shoe Chamber

While on a trip, You most likely need an extra pair of shoes along with extra clothes, right? But keeping your dirty shoe with your clean and tidy clothes may muddle things up and make your packings an unorganized, chaotic mess.

To solve this problem, The hyper-organized NOMATIC 30L travel pack has a separate shoe chamber. You can just put your extra pair of shoes in that compartment without having to worry about getting them mixed up with the clothes and making them dirty. They stay separate, don’t add too much hassle or extra weight as it is already under the weight capacity. When we said well-organized, we meant it.

Hidden Pocket Of NOMATIC Travel Backpack

Do you want to keep some cash or small valuable belongings on a trip, just if you need them but are scared of the pickpockets? Then you don’t have to worry about it anymore! We will reveal its hidden compartments in this NOMATIC travel pack review section. NOMATIC Pack ReviewsThe NOMATIC travel pack has a tiny hidden zipper pocket at the back of the bag just serving that purpose. You can keep money, rings, receipts, whatever small essential thing you need to stay safe in your huge travel pack. It’s completely hidden and easy to access. So whenever you need access to that stuff, you can grab them safe and sound.

RFID Safe pocket

One of the most impressive features the NOMATIC laptop backpack has is the RFID anti-theft safe pocket. If you are traveling somewhere, you will most likely take your credit card and other valuable things with you.

Nowadays, pickpockets are way cleverer than before. They use devices to scan through your bag and get your credit card info, your passport info, and many more. That’s highly dangerous for you.

This bag offers you an anti-theft RFID safe pocket that is not possible to scan. You can put your passports, credit cards, visa, and other valuable items inside, and they will be just safe and sound.

Portable Sunglass Shell

Traveling has an unwritten rule of taking a pair of sunglasses with you, right? You never know how sunny the day might get or if you need some cool shades for your vacation.

The NOMATIC travel pack comes with an additional sunglass shell to protect your sunglasses or specs while traveling. The main compartment has a mesh pocket that can hold this sunglass shell. You can carry it with you using other bags as well as it’s portable. This shell is helpful as it prevents the glasses from getting damaged or broken while on a trip.

Retractable Key-Lash

This feature might seem like nothing much, but if you are a clumsy or an absent-minded person who is most likely to lose your keys ever so often, the NOMATIC anti-theft travel pack has solutions to your problem. It has a key-lash at the bottom pocket.

While traveling somewhere, you can adjust your key to this key-lash, and you won’t have to lose it at all. You can also keep your room key for the hotel or motel you stay while traveling with this bag in this key-lash. It is retractable, so you can adjust it as you need.

Cord-pass through

All NOMATIC bags come with a cord-pass through. There is a hole in the bag to have access to your portable power bank or some other gear, and you can use the device with a wire attached to it through the hole. You can charge your electronic devices, listen to music by using just the spot. You don’t have to worry about carrying the battery or mp3 player in your hands, and this means you can use it while walking, traveling effortlessly.

Compressional packing cube

The NOMATIC travel pack comes with an additional compressed packing cube that is so compact that you can compress; it can be down to almost 3 inches from nearly 6 inches.

This packing cube comes with a handle so that you can carry it outside of the travel pack. This small compact packing cube is suitable to hold your undergarments, toiletries, medicines, and such. Not to mention, this packing cube adds more features to the bag in terms of organizing your belongings.

NOMATIC Backpack Has Suitcase Sleeves

The NOMATIC travel packs have additional suitcase sleeves if you want to carry a suitcase along with this pack while traveling. The sleeves are effortless to put on your suitcase handle and carry smoothly. As it’s an add-on, you won’t have to worry about taking the whole weight or pushing/pulling the entire weight.

The durability of the NOMATIC 30L Travel Bag

The durability of the NOMATIC backpack is pretty good. The structure of this bag is top-notch, has a very sturdy fiber to begin with, and is waterproof. So no matter where you’re taking your pack, the risk of damaging it is pretty low. Whether you spill water on it or if you’re traveling to a very dusty area, the materials will stay strong and help keep your belongings inside of your bag safe from damage.NOMATIC Travel Pack ReviewsThe zippers are also robust. They hold the belongings safely inside. However, when you expand your backpack from 20L to 30L, It might become tough to handle and uncomfortable. When it’s compressed down to 20L, using the pack becomes easier.


The bag should be very comfortable as long as you use the NOMATIC travel packs for a short and easy trip and not for hiking or trekking. It has so many pockets and compartments for all your different belongings and keeps them separate and organized. When you are carrying 20L, it is very easy and comfortable to support on your back. The straps don’t add extra weight or cause pain to add more hassle to it.

However, when you expand the travel pack to its full extent, it might be uncomfortable to carry on your shoulders as the shoulder straps don’t have enough supporting features.

Overall for the primary purpose of using the travel pack, it is very comfortable and not so challenging to handle.


All of the NOMATIC durable travel packs have a lifetime warranty. If your backpack gets torn apart or if it’s so damaged that you can’t use the bag anymore, the factory repairs your bag and sends it back to you free of cost or even sends you a completely new one.

However, You will have to send them the shipping money when you send the backpacks to repair. But you don’t have to send an extra penny to get your bag fixed and completely brand new. How great is that?

Is NOMATIC Backpack Worth The Hype?

I am a bit skeptical about it. NOMATIC brand manufactures some of the highly ranked best-selling bags on the market. They have many unique features, waterproof, very high class, top-notch materials, 20+ pockets, well organized, and facilities.

However, the uses of this bag are limited. This pack is not an all-purpose bag, and you can’t use it for various kinds of events. According to its price, it could’ve offered some more features making it easy for other purposes. So, in my opinion, The answer would be both yes and no for the hype the NOMATIC travel packs get.

Is the NOMATIC Travel pack suitable for you?

If the NOMATIC laptop travel pack is suitable for you or not entirely depends on the purpose of your uses. The backpack is entirely suitable for you if you are a light packer. This pack is an excellent solution for light packers who don’t like to pack too many pairs of clothes and essentials while traveling.

If you are organized and love to keep your things separate and well organized while packing, the NOMATIC travel pack is your best solution. This pack has over 20 compartments and pockets in different sizes and shapes, and they serve so many other purposes according to your need.

If you are up for a short vacation for up to two to three days, urban travel, and a quick business trip, this pack is your best solution to pack your essential things and get them done! As the compartments are designed and perfect to hold light packing swiftly, it’ll save you trouble and be very useful during your short trips. Not to mention the backpack is very stylish and simple in design too.

However, this bag is not for you if you’re up for a long trip or hiking; the NOMATIC travel pack won’t be the best solution for you. People like photographers or videographers who need to carry a lot of gear with you, or if you’re looking for a cheaper backpack or need a lot of heavy stuff to pack for your long journey, this pack isn’t the right thing for you. Below this NOMATIC travel pack review section, we will discuss its pros and cons, which will help you make the right decision.

Features we liked in NOMATIC Bags.
  • It’s expandable up to 10L, which adds a lot of weight capacity to it
  • The magnetic side pockets are useful
  • Nomatic Travel pack is well organized
  • The RFID-safe pocket helps protect your privacy and adds more robust security.
  • This pack has waist straps
  • This travel pack has a lifetime guarantee
  • The laptop sleeve of this pack fits up to 16-inch laptops
  • It has so many pockets
  • It has a normal lowkey but also aesthetic design
  • The material of this pack is a top-notch
  • This backpack is waterproof


  • The harness-system straps are a bit uncomfortable
  • When the pack is loaded up to 30L, It becomes a bit difficult to carry it.
  • The laptop sleeve isn’t easily accessible 
  • The size of this pack is a bit unusual


Overall, the NOMATIC Travel packs can be your best option for an organized person. And love to travel light. The travel pack is very compact and can hold your clothes and shoes for a short trip. You can even put a few gadgets in, like laptops up to 15-17 inches and such. If you have the person and you fall under the categories that meet the criteria of this exclusive pack, what are you waiting for? Get your NOMATIC bag and enjoy your short trips and keep your things tidy with a lifetime of the warranty. I hope the pieces of information that we’ve provided so far in this NOMATIC travel pack review were helpful.


  • Where are NOMATIC bags manufactured?

 Utah. The manufacturers of NOMATIC bags are from Utah.

  • How many kinds of travel bags does NOMATIC have?

The NOMATIC brand makes three kinds of backpacks. 1.The NOMATIC Backpack, 2.The NOMATIC Travel pack, and 3.The NOMATIC Travel Bag.

  • Are The NOMATIC packs waterproof?

The NOMATIC bags have high-quality tarpaulin as the material and lining. This material is waterproof. Thus the bags are also waterproof.

  • Does NOMATIC use YKK Zippers?

All of the NOMATIC Bags use YKK zippers for their compartments. These zippers are the strongest and most stable ones currently in the market, and they’re sturdy as well.

  • Is NOMATIC Tavel Pack expandable?

The NOMATIC Travel packs come with a capacity of 20L, and you can expand them to 30L by adding a volume of 10L in total, which is a lot.

  • Are NOMATIC travel packs suitable for short travels?

The NOMATIC travel packs are really suitable and highly recommended for short travels or traveling across the city. The bag is well organized and can easily hold several essential items for 2-3 days. However, it might not be your best option for a long journey.

  • Are NOMATIC travel packs suitable for hiking?

Not really. The NOMATIC travel packs are more suitable for short trips than for hiking or long trips. Although the bag has a maximum capacity of 30L, It becomes difficult to organize so many items essential for a hike in just one big compartment.

  • What is the capacity of NOMATIC Travel packs?

The capacity of a NOMATIC travel pack is 20L-30L. It comes with an average ability of 20L, and you can expand it to 30L if you need to carry more weight.

  • Should I buy a NOMATIC Travel Pack?

If you want to buy a bag that might come in handy for urban travels or short trips, the NOMATIC Travel backpacks are one of the best options out there for you. This bag is well organized and has so many unique facilities.

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