Remove Stains: How to Wash a Nylon Backpack? (3 Ways)

The nylon backpack is trendy among every sector of backpack users. Nylon is a smooth and beautiful material. It is manufactured with synthetic textile that is made from polyamides. In this article, we will discuss how to wash a nylon backpack. We will also discuss removing the stains from the bag.

How can I wash a nylon backpack?

If we consider cleaning a nylon backpack, we have three options.

  1. Cleaning with hand and homemade solutions
  2. Using dishwasher detergent
  3. Cleaning the Nylon bag using a washing machine

Cleaning the Nylon backpack with hand and homemade solutions

Handwashing may be the perfect cleaning method for a nylon backpack when there is no significant amount of dirt.

Empty the backpack: If anything is necessary inside the bag, bring it out and empty the backpack.

Use Brush: You may easily find some specks of dirt on the backpack. Brush them to remove them quickly.

Cleaning solution: Preparing a good cleaning solution to clean your backpack is an effortless task. Follow the instructions below.


  1. A small spoon
  2. Dish soap and vinegar
  3. sufficient quantity of water
  4. A bowl for placing the solution

How to make a Nylon backpack cleaning solution?

  • First, you have to mix vinegar with water and lemon juice to prepare the cleaning solution.
  • Now, take a spoon and stir the mixture.
  • Using the cleaning solution, brush the stains off the bag using a toothbrush.
  • No, rinse the backpack carefully and keep it in a warm place to dry.

Cautions about cleaning with homemade solutions

  1. Do not use abrasive detergents; they may be harmful and damage the backpack’s color.
  2. If you want to have the perfect color, you should dry the wet bag in the sun for a short time.

Using dishwasher detergent to clean the Nylon backpack

This process is an alternative if you want to use a bar of dish soap instead of vinegar. You should follow the mentioned rules the Nylon backpack

Things you need:

  1. A bar of dish soap or detergent from any well-known company.
  2. A toothbrush
  3. A small bowl and a spoon

The process of cleaning a nylon backpack with dishwasher detergent

  • First, place about one ounce of dish soap with eight ounces of water in a bowl.
  • Now, stir the mixture to melt the water and dish soap efficiently.
  • Use a toothbrush to apply the mixture to the specific dirty areas.
  • Rinse the backpack with clean water.
  • Now dry it with air.

Cleaning the Nylon backpack using a washing machine

A washing machine is a trustable device for quickly cleaning stubborn dirt from clothes. It helps you by removing dirt from clothes using electricity.

A washing machine is a suitable device for cleaning clothes. But, can it clean a backpack perfectly?

Yes, it can. Although a backpack is made with fabric, it is heavier than the general fabric materials. But, you can easily clean a bag using a washing machine because the device is powerful.Nylon backpack using a washing machine

The process of cleaning a nylon backpack using a washing machine

  • First, regulate the temperature. If you want to wash your bag with cold water, you must use the cool water setting.
  • Now, add sufficient detergent to the washing machine. It will clean your backpack more efficiently and give you a beautiful outlook.
  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • After completing the task, take the backpack out and let it dry.

Does a washing machine harm a nylon backpack?

There are backpacks of several types and brands. They are all not the same. It is better to read the instructions to take proper care of the bag. The instruction manual of your newly purchased washing machine will also provide information on whether you can wash a nylon backpack with it.

Generally, a nylon or polyester backpack is perfect for going into a washing machine to clean it properly. A washing machine is suitable for cleaning the equipment and removing unwanted stains.

How to clean the spots and stains from my backpack?

Generally, your backpack may have spots for use in a dumpy or dirty place. If the spot marks are new, they are easy to clean. But, the old spots take a lot of time and hard work to clean. Sometimes the old spots on the backpack are so stubborn that they will not come off the bag. Cleaning simple spots from a backpack is convenient.How to clean Nylon backpack

Necessary items:

  1. A soft brush
  2. A detergent without bleach
  3. Removal of stains
  4. Water

Steps for removing stains from a bag

  1. First, rub the stains off the bag with a soft brush.
  2. Now, mix a small amount of non-bleach detergent and water.
  3. Apply the water and detergent mixture to the bag’s spot.
  4. Rub the area efficiently.
  5. Rinse the backpack with clean water.

How to remove bad smells from my backpack?

A new backpack is full of a glorious smell. After keeping a lot of things inside the bag, including food, shoes, or others, the bag can have an intolerable smell. Some backpacks are made of several fabrics that do not breathe well. As a result, the weird odors of things inside stay in the bag.


  1. Take a cup of baking soda and two cups of water.
  2. Melt both of them and make a solution.
  3. Use the solution to clean the backpack. Rub it carefully.
  4. Sink the backpack into a bucket of water and wash it.
  5. Now, pick up the bag from the bucket and let it dry in the air.

When you want to clean your backpack at a lower cost, you can use a homemade solution and wash the bag by hand. A washing machine gives you an effortless cleaning experience but is costly.

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