nylon bag in the washing machine

Can you put a nylon bag in the washing machine? Yes

The Nylon Backpack is famous and well-performing because the material is extremely durable. There are various backpacks of different types. But how can you tell which backpack is perfect for cleaning in a washing machine or not?

  • Check the manual

You can check the safety and care of the backpack, which is mentioned in the user manual. Following the directions according to the user manual is the best way to ensure your gear’s expected durability.

  • Ask an expert

There are many backpack users around you. Some of them have experience cleaning their bags with a washing machine. You can frequently ask them if you can wash your backpack in a washing machine.

Chelsea Medium nylon backpack– you can clean it in a washing machine.

Can I wash a nylon backpack in a washing machine?

Yes. Cleaning a nylon backpack in the washing machine is simple. Instead, it makes your cleaning and washing process easier.

A washing machine makes cleaning easier by using an automated system. You can easily wash your backpack by putting it into your washing machine. Open all of the zippers before beginning the cleaning process. It will make it easy to get water and detergent into the inside surface of the bag to clean it entirely. You should use a specific amount of bleach-free detergent and some water. Now turn on the electrical connection of the washing machine and let it clean your backpack. After completing the washing process, pick up the backpack and let it dry in the air.

You could easily wash your single nylon backpack at once. But what can you do when you have to wash several nylon backpacks at once? There is a smart solution. Put your backpacks inside a large mesh laundry bag or an old pillowcase. Now, place the laundry bag or pillow cover in the washing machine.

How often should I clean my nylon backpack?

Significantly, we have to face a lot of germs during our travels. The travelers can understand how much they should fight against the dirt and germs. If a backpack user can not wash his gear perfectly after a journey, he may lose the backpack’s good outlook and performance.washing machine is best to clean a nylon backpack

If you want to keep your backpack in the best condition, you should not only know about its cleaning process but also know how often you should clean it. As you use your backpack for traveling, hiking, school, office, or other essential work, you should be careful about its cleanliness.

A backpack accumulates a huge amount of germs and dirt on it. Your bag looks worse than the first day after using it for several days. Many users prefer to clean their backpacks once or twice a year. But the best way to use precious gear for a long time is to clean it at least once a week.

What type of washing machine is best to clean a nylon backpack?

Backpacks are necessary but more challenging to clean than the general fabric. The backpacks are made of thick fabrics and have complex constructions. So, selecting the best and most potent washing machine is the best initiative for cleaning the backpack.

There are two types of washing machines available for cleaning backpacks.

  1. Single drum washing machine
  2. Double drum washing machine

If your backpack is larger in size, you should use a double-drum washing machine. But, you can save time work by using a single drum washing machine if your backpack is smaller.

Should I use a washing machine to clean a smaller backpack?

People who have to carry a few items can use a smaller backpack. It reduces his trouble carrying heavier gear on his back.

But there is a question – should he wash his tiny backpack in a washing machine?

There is no need to use a washing machine to clean smaller packs. Instead, hand washing is a better solution to quickly clean a tiny backpack. It makes your backpack beautiful and increases its durability.


When you are a user of a nylon backpack, you have to wash it with soap and water by hand. This is the best process of having a backpack for a long time. The washing machine users can also use the device for faster cleaning. But, there is a small cleaning gap because the washing machine’s power can not reach most of the inside areas of your nylon bag.


Is it harmful to clean a nylon backpack with a washing machine?

Generally, nylon and canvas backpacks can be cleaned with a washing machine. So, cleaning a nylon backpack with a washing machine is ok.

If you have a nylon backpack at home, you can easily clean it with a washing machine. The cleaning process is easier and more suitable for getting an excellent outlook on your backpack.

Which backpack is unsuitable for cleaning with a washing machine?

You can not wash a leather backpack with a washing machine. There is a strong reason for it. Since leather is a thick material that is not similar to general clothes, it is unsuitable for machine washing. You should also avoid rubbing or soaking to clean your leather because the processes may damage it. So, use only water and non-abrasive cleaners and wash your leather bags, jackets, and other items by hand.

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