How do you put a hydration bladder in a backpack

How do you put a hydration bladder in a backpack?

The hydration bladders are very useful for travelers. They can easily hold a sufficient amount of water so that you can drink it when you are thirsty.

Suppose you need a backpack with a hydration bladder that will hold a sufficient amount of water inside it. But your backpack does not have this feature. Moreover, you cannot replace your backpack with a hydration backpack because your backpack has not gotten old. So, in this situation, you can install a hydration bladder inside your backpack without changing it.

Can I put a hydration bladder in a regular backpack? Yes, it is possible to take an extra hydration pack in our backpacks. Mainly, the extra hydration pack is necessary for hikers who do not have any water reservoirs placed in their backpacks.

Process of installing a new hydration bladder in a backpack

Step 01: Select the appropriate place for installing

This task is the most essential. You should choose a place inside the backpack that will not be used for placing anything else. However, the place must ensure a sufficient amount of space so that you can easily carry a sufficient amount of water.

Step 02: Take a sealed hydration bladder

You should make sure that your hydration bladder is properly sealed. An unsealed hydration bladder will not be able to keep water inside it. So, the water may fall and spread through your backpack, and every necessary thing inside, including the electrical devices, may get wet.

Step 3: Attach the water reservoir

Now, fit the water reservoir inside the backpack. The selected location of the backpack will be used for storing the reservoir. Most backpack models include a sleeve in the main compartment. This sleeve is the perfect place for placing your hydration bladder.

The water reservoir must be sized perfectly because it must carry sufficient water, and it must fit in the limited space of the backpack.

Step 4: Place the bladder tightly

Sometimes, you may travel in such a way that your backpack is shaken continuously. So, the water can fall out of the bladder and make everything in the backpack damp. This is why you should make sure that the bladder is placed tightly in the backpack.

Step 05: Check the hydration system

Finally, fill it with sufficient pure water and sip some water from the suitable pipe of the water reservoir. It will make sure that the hydration system of the reservoir is really working. Otherwise, you may fall in danger if it mistakenly stops working when it is necessary.

Be careful: The water bladder works on the basis of gravity. So, the tube exit must stay at the bottom of the pocket.

How can I drink water using the hose of my hydration bladder?

Every hose of a hydration bladder has an open-close mechanism. First, you have to identify the switch and turn it counterclockwise. The switch will turn on and give you access to drinking water. When you turn the switch clockwise again, it will be turned off, and you can put the hose back inside the backpack.

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