How to Spot a Fake Loungefly Backpack

How to Spot a Fake Loungefly Backpack?

Loungefly backpacks are becoming popular for their user-friendly performance. But now, the world is full of fake products. So, it is necessary to identify fake and authentic products.

The older Loungefly backpacks had a metal plaque on each backpack. Every plaque featured a small heart logo. But, after being purchased by Funko, the newer Loungefly bags do not have these types of logos. So, you have to follow the other techniques for identifying a real Loungefly.

How can I identify that the Loungefly backpack is not fake?

If you check the Loungefly website, there are several names of sellers on the list there. If you purchase your desired product from the seller, you will get the real product.

Coast City Styles, Value Crown, American Charm, etc., are the companies that purchase Loungefly products directly from their company.
So, if you select these companies to have Loungefly products, you will not get any fake ones.

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Are Loungefly backpacks waterproof?

The Loungefly backpacks are not waterproof. These backpacks, however, are water-resistant.
So, you can carry the backpack on your shoulder when a slight rain has started, and you are finding shelter. But do not wet the backpack in heavy rain for several minutes. However, submerging the backpack in water is also harmful.

How can I wash my Loungefly backpack?

It is very easy to wash a Loungefly backpack by hand. You just need a sufficient amount of warm water and detergent.
Are Loungefly backpacks unisexFirst, take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Now, take some soap or a sufficient amount of mild detergent. Mix the detergent with the warm water perfectly. After you have the perfect mixture, you should take a soft and clean cloth and sink it into the water. Make the cloth wet and squeeze your Loungefly backpack with a damp towel. Now, take another soft and dry cloth and wipe the backpack with it so that the water droplets on the backpack can be quickly removed. Finally, keep the backpack under a fan to dry.

Can I wash a Loungefly backpack with a washing machine?

No, the Loungefly backpacks are unsuitable for machine washing. If you do that, you cannot enjoy the long-lasting performance of your backpack. To prolong the lifespan of your Loungefly backpack, you must wash it by hand.

Cons of the Loungefly backpack

There are several downsides to the Loungefly backpack. If the users judge them, they will not wish to purchase the backpack.

Too little room

The Loungefly backpack is too small to carry the necessary items. So, people who need to carry a lot of things cannot get any advantage from the Loungefly backpack.

Weird design

The outlook of the original Loungefly backpack is not enjoyable. The backpack is not appropriate for carrying everywhere.

Although someone can say that these backpack models are good for children’s use, some of their weird designs are not childish. As a result, the backpack has received significant criticism.

Easily become dirty

The Loungefly backpacks have light colors, so they become dirty very quickly. As a result, if you do not have enough time to clean your backpacks on time, you will be in a terrible situation. They can be looked at like old backpacks, and they will lose their beauty.

So, whenever you use colorful Loungefly backpacks, you must be careful about washing them promptly.

Are Loungefly backpacks unisex?

Yes, Loungefly is a backpack brand that makes items suitable for both men and women. Although the childish look of the backpacks does not attract older individuals, several other collections can be suitable for them.

Are Loungefly backpacks worth the money?

The value of the Loungefly backpacks is relative. If you have the desire only to purchase a backpack with a crazy outlook, you can collect Loungefly. The Loungefly backpacks are sometimes priced between $50 and $125. So, the backpacks are suitable for people who want to purchase a colorful backpack at a low cost.

If you believe that the design of the Loungelfy backpack is not suitable for you, you can choose another backpack. Moreover, the alternatives will give you sufficient storage for your long travels.

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