How I dyed my JanSport backpack

Can You Dye a JanSport Backpack at Home?

The JanSport is a durable backpack made with quality materials. But, there is a possibility of discoloration of a long-lasting bag. Although the bag can be used for a long time, it may not look perfect. So, dying a backpack is an important task for every user, and it is possible to dye a JanSport backpack. In this article, we will discuss the dying process of the JanSport backpack and the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

How I dyed my JanSport backpack at home:

Most of the popular backpacks are made of natural fibers like nylon, cotton, canvas, etc. The materials will not be damaged by dying. Moreover, the dying process is secure to keep the materials safe from critical weather conditions.

Dying is not a simple task, so you should be trained. There are several steps below to complete the task perfectly.

Fix the amount of dye and water

This task is the first one. It is so important that the dye can be imperfect if you make a mistake in determining the ratio.

Collect one small bottle of a synthetic-specific dye for every 2 lbs of your pack’s weight. If your backpack is made of pure polyester, it will need a little more dye. Get a suitable container. The container is an important part of completing a perfect dying process.

You have to apply intense heat to your vessel. This process will bring the water to a suitable temperature for making the perfect dye for the backpack.

So, if the container is not stiff, it may not complete the process successfully. Setting a large steel container on the grill outside your home will be the best way to boil water properly for the dying process.

Since you are going to deal with high heat, you must be careful about spilling the water out. So, you have to ensure the safety of the outside of your cookware before boiling water.

Add vinegar and dish soap

Though vinegar and dish soap is optional, there are slight advantages. Vinegar is a color enhancer. So, when you dye synthetic fabric, you must add 6½ ounces of vinegar to your water.

On the other hand, dish soap helps to dye the backpack by ensuring the color is taken up evenly. However, the quantity of dish soap is unrelated to the quantity of water and dye. You can use a huge amount of dye and water, but just one teaspoon of dish soap is enough to mix with it.

Mix the dye with the boiled water

When you get the water perfectly boiled, you will mix the dye with it. Stir the mixture efficiently so that the dye mixture is nicely prepared. It is a delicate process, and the dying depends on your perfect mixture.

Perfect stirring can make a perfect mixture. If the dye color does not mix with water perfectly, it will not be delicate and will not color the backpack nicely.

So, you have to take a large spoon to stir the mixture of the color and then apply it to your backpack.

Sink the backpack into the dye mixture

When the mixture is complete, it will make the perfect color, which will reflect the backpack’s outside.

So, sink the backpack into the mixture now. You should keep the backpack under the mixture for about ten minutes.

Before sinking the backpack, you should unbuckle and unzip it so the color can reach everywhere.

Take the backpack out

Now, pull the backpack up and keep it under the fan for several minutes. You can use the backpack again after getting it dry. But do not forget to rinse and wash the backpack after air drying.

Benefits of Dying a JanSport Backpack

There are several advantages to dye-coloring a backpack.

Looking attractive

Every user wants a good-looking backpack. But, after using the product for a long time, it loses its new outlook. So, he must buy a new one, although the backpack has not been damaged.

So, dyeing the backpack is the best solution. The backpack will look gorgeous again, and you can enjoy the new look for a long time.

Save the backpack from sunlight

When you use a backpack for several long tours, you should keep it under the sun’s scorching heat for a long time. It is harmful to a thread; even the color may be damaged very quickly if the backpack is low-standard.

A backpack’s color dye protects it from the sun’s harmful effects. It is not only important for the backpack’s new outlook but also good for its durability.

Removing monotony

Colorful backpacks are associated with giving us pleasure and breaking up the monotony in our minds.

When you use the bag for years, it loses its color gradually. One day, it will become so faded that you will feel terrible. So, coloring a JanSport backpack will quickly remove your backpack’s monotony.

How to Clean a JanSport Backpack?

Cleaning a backpack is an essential task. A bag needs to have a new-looking outlook for a long time. So, you have to clean the bag perfectly to avoid the trouble of dying the backpack randomly.

  1. Empty the backpack

Take all the backpack equipment out and make it blank so you can easily clean the bag. Be cautious; no electronic device, including a phone or laptop, should be left inside the backpack; otherwise, it may be damaged.

2. Clean the backpack

There are two ways to clean a backpack: handwashing and machine washing.

The JanSport backpack manufacturer does not recommend machine washing. It can be harmful and reduce the backpack’s lifespan.

So, you must always clean your JanSport backpack by hand and use detergent and water. Mix a specific amount of detergent with water and stir it. Now, sink your backpack into the mixture.

3. Wash the backpack

After abrading the JanSport bag with the detergent mixture, notice it carefully, as all the specks of dirt have been removed.

Now, pick up the backpack from the detergent mixture and wash it with clean water.

4. Dry the backpack

This task is the last one before using the backpack again. The wind dries the backpack. You can also keep it in the heat of the sun, but do not make it lengthy. The rays of the sun on your backpack may harm its outlook quickly.

Final Thoughts

We mentioned the ways of both dying and cleaning a JanSport backpack in this article so that you can follow both ways perfectly. However, the amounts of dye, water, and vinegar are so important here. As a little mistake can decrease the standard of your backpack’s color, you must be careful about it. 

You can also control the color measurement by increasing or decreasing the dye amount. Using less dye will give you a lighter color.

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