Can you machine wash a polyester backpack? (Handwashing preferred)

Washing a backpack is an easy task. There are some common steps to cleaning every bag. The steps are: making the backpack empty, washing the bag with detergent, rinsing with water, and keeping it for drying.

But what about a polyester backpack? Washing a polyester backpack is not a complex task. Cleaning a polyester backpack is almost the same as washing an ordinary bag.

Washing a polyester backpack

Generally, there are two different ways to clean a thread backpack. The first one is hand washing, and the second one is cleaning with a washing machine.

The good news is that cleaning a polyester backpack is possible with a hand wash and washing machine.

How to wash a polyester backpack by hand?

Everyone wants to keep their backpack in the best condition after using it for years. But, the presence of sand, dust and other specks of dirt makes their backpacks gradually dirty. So, one day, the users need to clean it properly.

A polyester backpack also becomes dirty after use. So, you have to wash it carefully.

Washing a polyester bag by hand has a simple process to follow.

  • Empty the backpack

Take all the accessories inside the backpack out and make the bag empty. Be careful about the tiny types of equipment, as they do not stay inside the backpack mistakenly.

  • Fill a bucket with water

A sufficient amount of pure and cold water is necessary for washing a polyester backpack. However, the bucket should be large enough so you can quickly put your bag into it.

  • Launder with detergent

When you are following the process of washing a backpack to remove the specks of dirt, you have to remember that some stubborn scratches and foul smells do not get out of the bag. So, you should use sufficient detergent to make the task easier.

  • Abrase the backpack

Now, sink the backpack into the water, which has melted with detergent. Abrase it carefully so that it begets foam. You can abrade the backpack with a soft sponge or a brush to make the work more perfect.

  • Rinse the backpack with water

Finally, when removing the dirt from the backpack is complete, you will throw away the water mixed with detergent and fill the bucket again with pure water. Rinse the backpack carefully so that all the foam from the soap is removed.

  • Let the backpack dry

After rinsing the backpack, you will keep it in the sun for a short time. But, do not do the task for long because the sun’s scorching heat may damage the backpack’s color. The best way to dry the backpack is by using the help of the wind or keeping the wet bag under a fan.

How to wash a polyester backpack in a washing machine?

People may be confused about using a washing machine to clean a polyester backpack. Someone can ask, “Is it possible at all?”

Yes, you can do this fearlessly. A washing machine makes your polyester backpack cleaning process easier.How to wash a polyester backpack

But how to wash a polyester backpack with a washing machine? Follow the steps.

  • Empty the backpack

The cleaning process of the backpack in the washing machine will go through a complex process. So, be careful that nothing stays inside the backpack. Take out all the necessary things, including pens and notebooks.

  • Vacuum the backpack

This process is important because you can not find the small dirt in the backpack after placing it into the machine. Suppose some brick powder or pebble stones remained inside the bag’s pockets. If you do not find them, they will get into the washing machine and complicate the cleaning process.

  • Cover the backpack to prepare it for washing

Wipe the backpack with a wet microfiber cloth. Now, take a laundry bag that is big enough to cover the backpack entirely. It will make the washing machine safer by preventing the zippers from getting tangled in the washer.

  • Put the backpack into the washing machine

Now, keep the bag inside the washing machine and start washing. Do not forget to pour a sufficient amount of detergent inside.

Now, turn the washing machine on and start the process. When cleaning is stopped, turn the machine off and take the backpack off.

  • Dry the backpack

This process will end your task. You can dry your backpack with a dryer or the sun’s heat. Now, use a clean backpack and prepare for your next trip.

Is machine washing harmful to a backpack?

Most nylons, polyester, and canvas backpacks are suitable for machine washing.

Do not think the backpack will lose its good condition after a machine wash. Instead, your backpack can give you a better outlook if you wash it inside the machine, and your time and money can be saved.Is machine washing harmful to a backpack

How frequently should I machine wash my backpack?

Washing your backpack once or twice a year with a washing machine is perfect. If you use machine wash randomly, the backpack’s outside may be damaged soon.

The best way to keep your backpack safe is to read the backpack’s user manual carefully. Significantly, washing a polyester backpack once or twice is not harmful at all.

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