Don’t make a mistake while cleaning a canvas backpack (Our guide)

Are you a user of a canvas backpack? Every backpack user must know the best cleaning method for their bag. Otherwise, the bag may lose its durability and beautiful outlook. Cleaning a canvas backpack is a very easy task. You can use both hand washing and machine washing to clean the backpack.

What is a canvas backpack made of?

Different types of fibers, including cotton, linen, or hemp, make the canvas. Cotton comes from the cotton plant, linen comes from the flax plant, and hemp comes from the cannabis plant.

Cotton and linen are the two most popular materials for manufacturing fabric. But hemp is an uncommon one that is also used for making canvas.

How do I clean my canvas backpack?

Now we are going to show you an easy process of cleaning your canvas backpack in several steps.

  1. Empty the backpack

Do not forget to take your laptop, id cards, mobile phone, and other electronic devices out of the backpack before washing it. Otherwise, they will be damaged.

2. Pretreat the backpack

You can find any stain on the backpack. Don’t worry; a suitable stain remover can solve the problem.

You can apply the remover and use a soft brush to abrade the specific areas of the bag. It will make the backpack’s outlook better.

In any unfortunate accident, some stubborn stains may fall on the backpack. But, the light stains are easier to remove with a simple stain remover.

Now fill a saucepan or bucket with hot water. In this step, you will use sufficient water to clean your backpack.

3. Place the backpack in the detergent mixture

You will mix the essential amount of detergent from a good brand with water. Now, stir the mixture perfectly so that it makes foam. Place the backpack inside the mixture and rub it with a soft brush.

4. Rinse the bag with water

When washing the bag with detergent is complete, you will take it out of the bucket. Now, rinse the backpack with cold water. Be careful that no detergent stain remains on the backpack’s outside.

5. Let the backpack dry

Air drying is the perfect way to make the bag last a long time. You can also keep the canvas backpack under the sun for a while. When the backpack is slightly dry, keep it under the air.

Can I clean a canvas backpack with a washing machine?

Canvas backpacks are suitable for machine washing, like the basic school bags made of nylon. 

But here is a question, “Can I wash all canvas backpacks in the washing machine?”

Some backpacks can be different, so you should read the care label first. You can find the label inside the backpack, most possibly inside the main compartment. If you find the washing machine harmful to the backpack, abstain from it.

The washing machine cleaning process for a canvas backpack

Using a washing machine makes your backpack cleaning easier. Follow the steps below.

  1. First, place your canvas backpack inside a pillowcase or a laundry bag.
  2. Now, place it inside the washing machine.
  3. You can choose a suitable temperature to run it.
  4. Close the door and turn on the washing machine to start the process.
  5. Take the backpack out after completing the process.

Are canvas backpacks durable?

Yes, they are strong. Canvas backpacks are quite durable and user-friendly.

Canvas backpacks, made of natural fibers, are rip, tear, and puncture-resistant. Moreover, it is not waterproof but water-resistant. The natural fibers made the backpack stiff and increased its durability.Canvas backpacks

Which material is best for a backpack?

Nylon is the most popular material for backpacks. Generally, it is popular among users for its outstanding performance and long-lasting features. Moreover, nylon is a water-resistant fabric, so it is better for use during journeys.

Leather is also common worldwide. It is a very durable and reliable one that is available in various colors.


Canvas backpacks are tough and sturdy. So, everyone can take it for long trips. As a result, it becomes dirty randomly, and you have to clean it efficiently.

The perfect cleaning process can provide us with an outstanding outlook on a backpack. As a result, random washing of the backpack is a necessary task for canvas backpack users.

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