How to compare real vs. fake Herschel Backpacks?

Herschel has been a popular backpack since 2009 among backpack users. It is a trustworthy backpack with excellent performance and outlook. But sometimes fake products are sold in the name of this brand. It harms the customers, the manufacturer, and the product’s reputation. Are you looking for a way to identify fake Herschel backpacks? Okay, this article is for you.

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Why are fake Herschel backpacks available?

Popular products have a significant possibility of being copied. Since Herschel is a good backpack manufacturer, some other fake companies try to sell their products in Herschel’s name, which Herschel does not manufacture. It is a significant hit on Herschel’s reputation.

So, it is necessary to identify the honest Herschel and the fake Herschel.

How to check a fake Herschel backpack?

Check out Herschel’s backpack’s following features to identify whether it is real or fake.fake Herschel backpack

  • The quality of the material

If you are an old user of the Herschel backpack, you can easily detect the quality of the backpack’s material by touching it.

But what should you do when you are a new user? Don’t worry; go to an experienced Herschel backpack user and check your purchased one with him. You can also take an experienced person to purchase the backpack because you can check and buy the bag at a time.

  • Lower price range

Sometimes, duplicate product manufacturers sell their products at a lower rate. But, if you check the real price on the online marketplace, you can be sure about the duplicate products.

  • Browse the product’s official site

If you are a new buyer of Herschel backpacks, you have to browse the manufacturer’s official site. You can find several characteristics of the product’s materials there.

  • Website rating

The original products should get a smart rating from the customers.

If you purchase the product from an online store, you lose the chance to test it by hand. But do not be disappointed; the rating given by the other customers will make you sure whether the product is real or not.

  • The country of origin

If the manufacturer does not say that the country of origin of the Herschel backpack is Canada, it is fake.

Herschel originated and was first manufactured in Canada. Now it is manufacturing its products in 15 factories in China.

Why should I be careful about purchasing a genuine Herschel backpack?

The fake products are not as durable as the real ones. Sometimes, fake products show us some attractive features that many people appreciate. However, the products will not last long. Moreover, it negatively impacts the real ones because the consumers lose trust in the products. So, you should carefully check the products before purchasing.

Herschel backpack

Want to Buy Original Herschel backpacks?

Herschel Backpack for Men

Herschel Backpack for Girls

Herschel Backpack for Boys

Herschel Backpack for Kids

Final Verdict

Although it is hard to find a real thing, as there are a lot of fakes, you should not give up trying. Considering the features of a real Herschel backpack is a good idea before choosing the genuine one.

So, do not forget to read the several features of a backpack before purchasing. As a result, you will enjoy the outstanding performance of the real one.

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