Differences between Kaukko and Herschel backpacks

Differences between Kaukko and Herschel backpacks

The Herschel is a popular and good-looking backpack. Kaukko is another backpack manufacturing brand that makes almost similar backpacks to Herschel. Now we are going to compare two backpacks with almost the same outlook.

Quick info Table: 

Features Herschel Backpack Kaukko Backpack
Dimensions: 19.5″ H x 11.25″ W x 7″ D 16.9″ H x 5.9″ W x 11″ D
Volume: 25 Liters 18 Liters
Material: polyester and nylon fabric 6000D polyester fabric
External:  Pockets Front pocket only Front pocket + two side pockets
Laptop Pocket: Up to 15″ Laptop Up to 15.6″ Laptop

A review of the Herschel Little America backpack

Herchel is a good manufacturer of durable and trustworthy unisex backpacks. The front part of Herschel bags presents a simple but exceptional look. So, Herchel is so popular among fancy backpack users.Herschel Little America backpack Review

  • easy to transport

Herschel’s backpacks are not big enough and are so easy to carry.

However, you can use it as your college or official bag for daily use.

  • User-friendly organizations

A Herschel is a medium-sized backpack with several pockets for carrying all the necessary elements.

So, as a user, you can be satisfied with it.

  • Large capacity

There is a massive space inside the bag. You can even carry your pens or heavy books in a comfortable bag.

A review of the Kaukko Travel Casual Rucksack Laptop Daypack

Kaukko backpacks are lightweight backpacks, and they are suitable for use. It has the perfect carryable size, which makes it ideal as a daypack.Kaukko Travel Casual Rucksack Laptop Daypack Reviews

  • High quality

The Kuako backpacks are made of 600D polyester fabric. It is a durable material. Moreover, the fabric is water repellant, allowing you to return to the shelter if you accidentally face a slight or medium rain.

  • Various attractive colors

The Kaukko backpack’s outlook is similar to Herchel’s, but its colors vary significantly. Several beautiful collections of Kaukko will suit both men and women.

Kaukko backpack vs. Herschel backpack

Now, we will discuss the differences between Kaukko and Herschel backpacks.

Both of the backpacks have some positive characteristics. Consumers must judge them carefully to make the most suitable one according to their needs.


The Herschel Little America has a 25-liter carrying capacity, and the Kaukko Travel Casual Rucksack Laptop Daypack capacity is 18 liters.

However, Herschel backpacks are pretty much more extensive than Kaukko bags. 

Herschel Little America backpacks are 19.5 inches in height, 11.25 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth. But, the Kaukko Travel Casual Backpack dimensions are 16.9″H x 5.9″W x 11″L.

It means that Herschel is providing you with a giant-size backpack. But, if you think you should purchase an 18-liter backpack with the same design as Herschel, you can choose the Kaukko backpack.

Laptop compartment capacity

Here is a surprise for you. The Herschel backpack has a larger dimension and volume, so you may imagine its laptop compartment is larger.

But, it is totally the opposite. Herschel’s laptop compartment size is 15 inches, and Kuakko’s laptop pocket is 15.6 inches. 

So, if your computer is larger than 15 inches, you may choose the Kaukko backpack to carry it easily.

Latest Price- Kaukko


The Herschel Little America backpack has two internal pockets along with a padded fleece-lined laptop pocket.

You can go for the Kaukko Classic backpack if you need more pockets. Besides the laptop compartment, it has four different internal pockets.

The number of external pockets on Kaukko’s backpack is also larger than Herschel’s. Herschel provides you with the external front pocket only. But, Kaukko’s backpack has a front pocket and two extra pockets to store more things.

The construction of the backpacks

There is a significant difference between the Herschel and Kaukko backpack constructions. You have to look closely at the backpacks to find out the differences.

A single piece of fabric is used to make the main body construction of Herschel. The fabric is wrapped around and stitched to the backpack and bottom panels. But the three separate fabrics of the Kaukko backpack are stitched together.

The difference in stitching made the Herschel backpack more trustworthy than the Kaukko backpack. 

But, several loose threads and the small points of fraying on Herschell’s backpack disappoint many users. So, Herschel must be careful about the construction of their backpack.

Similarities between Kaukko and Herschel backpacks

Since Kaukko’s backpack manufacturer followed the design and characteristics of Herschel, there is no doubt they have several similarities. So, both of them are good alternatives to each other.

Kaukko and Herschel’s backpacks are almost the same in outlook. Both of them have hanging belts on their fronts.

Magnet buckle system and drawstring compartment

Both the Kaukko and Herschel backpack buckle systems are magnetic. The cover is attached to the magnet and is easy to remove.

The drawstring compartment is another similarity between Kaukko and Herchel’s backpacks. This feature enlarges the backpack’s surface and allows you to store your large books and other things.


No doubt, Kaukko and Herschel backpacks are durable backpacks. Their sustainable materials are safe and user-friendly.

Herschel’s Little America backpack uses sturdy polyester and nylon fabric, and Kaukko is made of 6000D polyester fabric. If you can take proper care of them, you can use them for a long time.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

It is hard to determine which is better, but the Herschel backpack is good for its extensive capabilities in the main compartment. It is also popular for better construction.

On the other hand, the Kaukko backpack has more pockets and a larger laptop compartment.

Since the Kaukko backpack copied the design of Herschel’s backpack, you can purchase the Herschel backpack if you want to use the original design.

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