Are JanSport backpacks waterproof or water resistant? (Tested result)

Waterproof and water-resistant features are highly discussed for a backpack. Significantly, travelers and hikers who research backpacks find these characteristics useful in some critical situations.

Some JanSport backpacks are water-resistant but not waterproof.

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You can easily use the JanSport backpacks in mild rain. But, when heavy rainfall starts, you must take shelter with your bag to keep the equipment inside your bag safe.

What is meant by a waterproof backpack?

A waterproof backpack has a powerful feature that allows your bag to submerge underwater without entering the water inside.

Sometimes, heavy rainfall may happen when you are enjoying long journeys or hiking. This situation can hamper your backpack’s electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops. But a waterproof backpack can keep the pieces of equipment inside your bag safe.

What is a water-resistant backpack?

“Water-resistant” is a feature of a backpack that resists and holds up water that can not go through the bag for a specific time. This feature allows you to go under a shelter quickly. But it has the limitation of not repelling water.

Is JanSport backpack materials water-resistant?

JanSport’s backpacks are made entirely of recycled polyester fabric. It has a water-resistant capacity like nylon backpacks. But, it is not fully waterproof.

JanSport backpacks give you all the advantages of using polyester, including lightweight, easily storable, and water-resistant capacity.

Some polyester fabrics are waterproof, but JanSport backpacks are fully waterproof. But, you can be pleased with its performance because JanSport ensures the safety of the inside equipment of the bag and gives you a chance to find shelter.

Are JanSport backpacks comfortable to use?

JanSport is a popular brand of backpacks. The backpacks are very easy to use. The zippers of the JanSport backpack have suede pull tabs. They make it easier to pull the zippers.

But, the backpack’s main compartment has two zippers; the right zipper does not include it. However, all JanSport backpacks are comfortable. You can easily use the casual backpacks as your school bag or for college and university use.

Do JanSport backpacks provide sufficient storage?

Yes, the medium dimension of the JanSport backpack provides sufficient storage to hold several necessary items.

As a student, you can easily carry several books, notebooks, and practical notepads inside this backpack. Moreover, you can also carry your T-shirts, pantaloons, and shoes if you use them for a journey.

The JanSport Big Student backpack is 13 × 17.5 × 10 inches, giving enough space to carry several essential pieces of equipment.

Does the JanSport backpack have a good outlook?

JanSport is a backpack brand that comes with several models and various color options. It presents different designs of backpacks for both men and women. Significantly, the men’s bags with a black outlook and the women’s specific packs with colorful perspectives added a new dimension to the JanSport brand.

Are JanSport backpacks durable?

JanSport has been manufacturing high-quality and durable backpacks since 1967.

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No matter whether you use the backpacks on your adventures, JanSport will be perfect for your lifelong use. But, of course, you should take care of the backpack properly.

Are JanSport backpacks costly? The JanSport-manufactured backpacks are comparatively cheap. But they are costlier than Eastport backpacks.

Can I wash a JanSport backpack with a washing machine?

No, you should avoid washing the JanSport backpacks in the machine to maintain durability. 

Cleaning a backpack with a washing machine is a popular concept. Significantly, busy people try to follow the process to save their time and hard work.

But, using a washing machine to clean a polyester backpack may be harmful.

However, if you have to clean the recycled polyester bag with the washing machine, you must take a large mesh laundry bag and keep the backpack inside. Then enter the bag into the machine solo. Do not place other clothes with the backpack into the washing machine because it can quickly hamper the backpack’s color.

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