Where are Maxpedition backpacks made?

Maxpedition Backpack

Maxpedition is a popular backpack manufacturing company. It makes travel bags, school bags, hiking bags, and many other necessary daily types of carrying items.

Where Maxpedition backpacks are made is the most asked question among backpack users. Significantly, the users who love to use outstanding Maxpedition backpacks want to know about their manufacturing process and their standards.

The Maxpedition backpacks are mainly made in Taiwan and Vietnam but are designed in the USA.

Where are Maxpedition backpacks manufactured?

  • When was the brand Maxpedition founded?

Maxpedition is a famous backpack manufacturing brand that was established in 2003. It was first found in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is a benchmark to achieve users’ trust by providing quality products.

  • Are the Maxpedition backpacks made in Vietnam?

The Maxpedition backpacks are made mainly in Taiwan. The Taiwan-manufactured Maxpedition is an outstanding backpack and is popular for its durability.

Some users reported that they got Vietnam-manufactured Maxpedition backpacks also. Significantly, there is another production line of  Maxpedirion backpack located in Vietnam.

  • Where is Maxpedition company located?

The outstanding backpack manufacturing company is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

  • Who makes Maxpedition?

Tim Tang is the founder of Maxpedition, a backpack manufacturing company. He founded Maxpedition in 2003. He also named the brand “Maxpedition” with a blend of “Maximum” and “Expedition.”

Tim Tang is now the CEO of Maxpedition. He works for Maxpedition Hard-use Gear and also works in the military.

His colleagues are Stephen Gamboa, Justin Chae, and Erin Symington.

Maxpedition Backpack Materials

  • What is the Maxpedition backpack made of?

Maxpedition backpacks are made of nylon. It is an outstanding material for its excellent strength and abrasion-resistant features. Moreover, it is also resistant to sunlight, which increases the durability of your backpack.

  • Are Maxpedition backpacks good?

The Taiwan and Vietnam-manufactured Maxpedition backpacks are not bad at all. However, they are tough and reliable products that can last for a long time.

So, if you can utilize your Maxpedition backpack perfectly with proper care, you will never be disappointed.

  • Are Maxpedition backpacks waterproof?

Nylon backpacks are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. Nylon is superb quality material. It can withstand rain for a long period of time.

So, if you face rainfall, unfortunately, you can stay calm because the water resistance feature of the Maxpedition backpack will keep the inside equipment of the backpack safe.

What we found in Maxpedition backpacks:

The pros of Maxpedition backpacksMaxpedition backpacks Review

  1. Maxpedition is superbly water and grime-resistant. It has nylon fabric treated with TEFLON, so it needs less washing. They are protected from stains.
  2. The backpacks have excellent quality in size, outlook, and layout.
  3. Maxpedition backpacks will give you perfect durability. It is made of quality materials, so it should last a long time.
  4. The backpack comes in various dimensions with different capacities.
  5. Various colors of the backpack present attractive outlooks so that people of different choices can select the items.
  6. Maxpedition is a well-made Vietnam-made product brand. It has been operating as a backpack manufacturing company with a good reputation since 2003.

The disadvantages of Maxpedition backpacks

  1. The side pouches for carrying water bottles are necessary for a backpack. But this feature is absent in Maxpedition.
  2. The number of straps on Maxpedition’s backpack is large. Despite its being attractive to some people, it is not admired by all.

Final Remarks about Maxpedition Backpacks

Although there is a concept that many American users do not like Taiwan and Vietnam-made products, Maxpedition changed that. A brilliant person, Tim Tang, the CEO of Maxpedition, made the product outstanding.

However, the backpack is totally a touch of American technology. So, as a consumer, you can trust the performance of the Maxpedition backpack.


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