washing a Swissgear backpack

Two of the best ways to wash a Swissgear backpack

Swissgear is a popular backpack. The users of the Swissgear must know how to wash it so they can keep the bag neat and clean for a long time. It is so easy to clean a Swissgear bag. There are two ways of cleaning a backpack. The first one is using a washing machine, and the second one is cleaning by hand. Handwashing is the best way to clean a backpack safely.

Can I wash my Swissgear backpack in a washing machine?

The answer is no because the washing machine and drier harm a backpack. 

A washing machine is an excellent device for cleaning our clothes and fabrics. A backpack is also made with fabric, so some people may use the machine for cleaning the bags. But how safe is it?

Backpack materials like nylon, polyester, or cloth are machine washable, but make sure the zipper and straps are well covered.

If you want to wash your backpack with a washing machine, you must first check the machine’s compatibility. It is written on the care label attached to the bag.

But, it is better to avoid cleaning the backpack with a washing machine, although the manufacturer suggests it is safe.

The major disadvantage of a washing machine is that it can cause severe damage to the backpack and hamper the bag very quickly.

Cleaning a backpack with a washing machine or drying it with a dryer is unsafe. The device can be harmful to the bag. Instead, using a non-abrasive detergent and a soft brush or sponge is the best way to clean the backpack safely.

How can I clean the Swissgear backpack with my hand?

Washing a backpack by hand is an easy task. You can go through the process any time, even if there is no washing machine or other cleaning device beside you.

When you follow every step of washing the backpack properly, you can get a new outlook on your backpack. There are some simple steps to follow for a cleaner and better bag.

Step– 01: Carefully read the “Care Label”

Every Swissgear backpack includes a “Care Label” to inform the users of some techniques to keep the gear in good condition. You must read it carefully because some people ignore it and make several mistakes while cleaning the backpack. As a result, the bag may be damaged.

Step– 02: Empty the backpack

Now, take all the pieces of equipment out of the backpack and make the gear ready for cleaning. Be careful that no electronic device should be left inside it. Otherwise, the device will be damaged.

Step– 03: Using a stain remover, remove the spots

You have to take a toothbrush and a small amount of stain remover. Apply the stain remover with water to the backpack surface spots and scrub with a soft-headed toothbrush.

But what should you do if you can not manage a stain remover? You can melt some detergent in water and prepare a cleaning solution for your backpack.

Step– 04: Fill a bucket with clean water

Pure water is necessary to clean your Swissgear backpack. So, you will pour sufficient water into the bucket.

Step– 05: Add a small amount of mild soap or detergent

You should add the most important item to the cleaning solution at this stage. You should be cautious about the quality of the soap or detergent you use. The soap or detergent must be non-abrasive so that it can not harm the backpack anymore.

Step– 06: Scrub the backpack with a soft brush

Sink the bag into the mixture of water and detergent. Now, scrub it carefully. A perfect scrubbing process will remove all the dirt and stains from your backpack.

Step– 07: Rinse the backpack with clean water

Now, throw away the dirty water from the bucket and fill it with pure water. Rinse the backpack with water carefully so that no dot of detergent can stay on the backpack.

The washing process of your Swissgear backpack is complete now.

Is it hard to clean a Swissgear backpack?

It can be harder to clean a backpack with soap and water if you have the practice of using a washing machine. But Hand washing is always a better solution.

Generally, there is no complexity to washing a Swissgear backpack by hand. You can clean it quickly with the use of soap, mild detergent, or water.

Is Swissgear a good backpack?

The Swissgear backpack is the top choice for a massive number of people. Significantly, it is preferred by users who want a backpack with high quality and excellent performance.

However, Swissgear backpacks may seem a little bit pricier to some customers. But, comparing the backpacks according to their features, you will find Swissgear is better.

Is the Swissgear backpack waterproof?

The different terms “waterproof” and “water resistant” are so confusing that people often make mistakes with them. Before considering the Swissgear backpack, we must know the difference between the terms.

“Water resistance” is a feature of a backpack that indicates its capacity to repel water in light rain. So, the inner electric pieces of equipment of the backpack, including laptops or tabs, will be safe in this situation.

But waterproof is a higher performance of the product, which means it will prevent water from entering the bag even if you put it under water.

Swissgear backpacks are water-resistant; they are not waterproof. If you are in heavy rain, the backpack will keep the inner equipment safe for a specific time and allow you to go under a shelter.

Final Thoughts

Swissgear has an excellent reputation in the backpack industry for its outstanding products and durability.

It is an easy task to keep the backpack clean if you follow some simple rules.

But careless use can damage a backpack fast; even a reputable institution manufactures the bag.

So, every user must take the necessary steps to clean the backpack efficiently.

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