Swissgear 1900 vs. 1923 Backpack

Swissgear 1900 vs. 1923: Compare and select the best backpack

Swissgear gained a lot of popularity as a brand of TSA-friendly, durable, and attractive backpacks. Their TSA-friendly feature saves you time checking in at the airport, and their outstanding performance makes you happy after every use.

Swissgear 1923 vs. Swissgear 1900: Quick Comparison

Features Swissgear 1923 Swissgear 1900
Color: Black Ballistic Navy Blue
Model Number: 19232215 1900303411
Dimensions: 18.5 x 13.25 x 9 inches 18.5 x 13.25 x 9 inches
Laptop/Tablet Compartment: No Yes ( 17” inches)
Material: 1200D Polyester Ballistic Fabric
Price: Check Review Check Review

What are the common features?

Now, we are starting the comparison with the similarities between the two backpacks. These features are present in both backpacks, and you can easily find one as an alternative to the other.Swissgear 1900 Backpack

TSA-friendly feature

If you buy Swissgear 1900 or Swissgear 1923, you will get a TSA-friendly feature. Both come with scan smart lay-flat technology. It has an ultimate laptop in case TSA scanning for the most portable computers.

Both Backpacks are Easy to Carry

The Swissgear 1900 is a comfortable backpack to carry everywhere. The adjustable compression straps and padded shoulder straps add a new dimension to Swissgear 1900 backpack. The features increase comfort and relaxation while carrying it on your back.

The contoured shoulder straps with mesh fabric and adjustable side compression straps make the Swissgear 1923 backpack comfortable and easy to carry. So, you should not be worried if you go far away with a lot of weight in your backpack.

Laptop Pocket

The 17-inch laptop carrying ability is a common feature of Swissgear 1900 and 1923. Moreover, you can also carry all the other necessary electronic devices inside the bags.

Both are water-resistant

Both the Swissgear 1900 and the Swissgear 1923 come with a water-resistant feature. If you get caught in the rain, your belongings inside the bag will stay safe from water.

It would be best to carry your electronic devices, including computers and tablets, inside the backpack. So, the bags must be dry after being caught in sudden rain.

Differences between Swissgear 1900 and Swissgear 1923:Differences between Swissgear 1900 and Swissgear 1923

Dimensions and carrying abilities

The ability of Swissgear 1900 is slightly larger than that of Swissgear 1923. The Swissgear 1900 weighs about 3.3 lbs. On the other hand, the Swissgear 1923 is approximately 3.9 lbs. So, we can easily find the Swissgear 1900 as a lighter-weight backpack.

Laptop compartments

Although Swissgear 1900 and Swissgear 1923 have TSA-friendly features and a laptop compartment, their dimensions are different. The laptop for the Swissgear 1923 must be up to 15 inches. But, the Swissgear 1900 has the carrying ability of a 17″ laptop.

So, the laptop compartment of the Swissgear 1900 is slightly bigger than that of the Swissgear 1923. As a result, you must buy Swissgear 1900 if you are a user of a slightly bigger laptop.

Tablet sleeve with padding

The Swissgear 1900 comes with a padded tablet sleeve. So, it should be your first choice if you want to carry your device and go anywhere safely. But this feature is absent from Swissgear 1923.

But, if you do not need a tablet to use or carry anywhere, you can certainly buy Swissgear 1923 because it offers many other features than 1900, which will greatly impress you.

Finally, which backpack is better?

Although Swissgear 1900 and Swissgear 1923 are different branches of the same manufacturing company, there are several differences between the two collections.

Of course, the Swissgear 1900 is a better backpack because it has a larger laptop carrying ability, a suitable tablet sleeve, and a lighter weight. Moreover, Swissgear 1900 collections are also available in various colors, so they are suitable for the tastes of different users.

The Swissgear 1923 backpack is also good for its durability, performance, and outlook, but it is less suitable for larger laptop and tablet owners.


Both backpacks are quality and suitable for use. The Scansmart technology of the bags made both of them ideal for quickly checking in at an airport. As a user, you must assess your need to keep your laptop or tablet in your backpack. Thus, you can collect the most suitable one for you.

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