Osprey Porter 30 vs. Fairview 40- Which one is best for women?

Do you want a good backpack to use every day? The Porter 30 liter and Fairview 40 liter are the two outstanding collections of the Osprey brand.

The Fairview travel pack is famous for its lightweight and streamlined capacity. Its minimal weight and outside appearance made it suitable mainly for women. On the other hand, the Porter 30 is a simple and comfortable backpack with ease of use.

Now, we will compare the Porter 30 and the Fairview 40 of the Osprey brand and find out which is most suitable for the users.

Comparison Table: Osprey Fairview 40 and Porter 30 Backpack

Features Osprey Fairview 40 Osprey Porter 30 
Dimensions: 22 X 14 X 9 inches 19.69 X 12.6 X 7.87 inches
Capacity: 40 Liter 30 Liter
Weight: 3.411 lbs 2.822 lbs
Material: Nylon and Ripstop Fabric 500D
Color: Rainforest Green and Misty Grey Mineral Teal, Black, Castle Grey, and Diablo Red
Laptop Compartment Size: 17″ or more 15 inches
Price: Check Review Check Review

A short review of Osprey Porter 30 backpack

Osprey Porter’s 30-liter backpack will be one of the best choices if you want a comfortable bag with functional simplicity. Although a 30-liter pack is comparatively small, its size is enough for a short or medium-length journey.

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Dimensions of the Osprey Porter 30

The Porter 30-liter backpack from Osprey is 19.5″ in height, 13″ in width, and 10″ in depth. This measurement shows how suitable the backpack size is for carry-on bags everywhere. The Osprey Porter backpack is ideal for use while traveling in cars, trains, and even airplanes.

The Porter is also a medium-weight backpack. It weighs 2.82 pounds, which is suitable for both men and women.

Fast airport checking

The Porter 30-liter backpack is perfect as a carry-on backpack on budget airlines. The dimension of the bag does not exceed the limitations of the airlines. You can also keep the pack under an airplane seat. It is so tiny that it can easily fit in that place.

There are several pockets in Porter 30 for storing various necessary items. Both pockets are for use with different intentions.

Zippered top pocket

Every large backpack must include quick access to store pens, pencils, tiny notebooks, keys, and even a mobile phone. The Porter 30 has a suitable top pocket with a zipper. It is good for keeping the small things you forget to keep with you. So, the compartment will assist you by placing them.

U-zip access to the main compartment

The main compartment of the Porter 30 backpack is an excellent place to carry your necessary items, including clothes, books, shoes, and others. The zipper also provides access to the laptop compartment. The zipper is lockable, so it increases the security of your laptop and other types of equipment inside the gear.

Laptop Compartment

Several users choose the bag, which can carry a 17″ laptop inside. However, the Osprey Porter 30 liter is a small backpack that can safely carry a 15″ backpack.

So, if you are a user of a 17-inch laptop, there are other collections of Osprey that will satisfy you by providing ample space inside the bag.

A brief review of the Osprey Fairview 40 Backpack

When you think the inside area of the Porter 30L is too small to carry several types of equipment and you need a backpack of a larger size, you can choose the Fairview 40 L backpack. However, it is more suitable for women for its lightweight design. This pack is also from the same brand as Osprey, which has an attractive outlook.

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The 40-liter Osprey Porter backpack has sufficient space inside it. There are several compartments in Osprey Fairview.

Main compartment: The Fairview is bigger than Porter 30 and has an extensive main compartment. The large panel zip is suitable for access to the main compartment.

It has a huge space to keep your things for traveling. Significantly, you can keep your T-shirts, pantaloons, underwear, books, shoes, and many other things in this space.

However, the bag’s inside space may be insufficient for hiking, but it is very good for long 1-2 day journeys.

Laptop and tablet sleeves

If you have a 15″ laptop and you want to carry it with you safely, you can purchase an Osprey Fairview 40 L backpack. The laptop compartment of the backpack is so convenient. The compartment is lockable and suitable to protect your devices, including a phone charger or a power bank, from harm.

Lightweight Material

The Osprey Fairview 40L bag is a relatively lightweight backpack. It is so good to carry that you will not feel any pain in your back in general.

The Osprey Fairview 40 is a fantastic backpack with durable materials. It is made with nylon and ripstop. It has excellent water-resistance ability.

Women-specific design

The Osprey Fairview 40 backpack has updated its features to a women’s-specific design. It is an attractive characteristic because the women can easily carry the bag with its minimalist design.

However, both men and women can use the attractive unisex backpack, the Osprey Porter 30.

Similarities Between Osprey Porter and Fairview 40

Several attractive characteristics of Osprey Porter and Fairview make them similar in many ways. The following features help you to get rid of the terrible experience of hairpin analysis of the products.

Most users of the Osprey Porter 30 say it is a very comfortable backpack. During long journeys, the backpack provides a lot of comfort on the back.

Fairview also provides excellent back support, even as it becomes heavier as more items are loaded inside.

Osprey is a brand of beautiful backpacks. Fairview has an exceptional outlook with misty grey and a reinforced green color. However, Porter 30 also has an excellent view with its straightjacket compression straps on the front.

Osprey Porter 30 vs. Fairview 40: Key Differences

Now we are at the crucial part of the discussion. When a buyer wants to buy a backpack for use, he decides according to several aspects. Some features of Porter 30 and Fairview 40 will determine the choice of the backpack according to the user’s demand.

Extensive size

The Fairview has a 40-liter carrying capacity. So, it is comparatively bigger than the Osprey Porter, whose capacity is 30 liters.

As a result, if you require a large backpack, the Osprey Fairview 40 is an excellent choice. Some users complain that Porter’s 30-liter capacity is shorter, but it is suitable for users who need a medium backpack to carry it every day.

For Women

Although Osprey Porter and Fairview are unisex backpacks, Fairview’s women-specific design is now very popular for women’s usage. Its perfect design suits them and makes them satisfied.

However, a woman can also use Porter when she needs a smaller backpack.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the discussion, we can say that both Porter 30 and Fairview 40 are good for particular users. The different products added several dimensions and made them unique. The Fairview 40 is preferable for storing more pieces of equipment. So, you must consider your goal and make the best choice.

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