Nomatic vs. Peak Design: Which backpack is suitable for you?

Nomatic vs. Peak Design Backpack

The Nomatic and Peak Design are two different backpacks with some specific features. The first is suitable for everyday use and the other for photography.

According to the product categories, all Peak Design products are now made in southern Vietnam factories. The soft goods of Peak Design are manufactured in Ho Chi Minh.

Nomatic is a Utah-based company. The warehouses of Nomatic are situated in the USA and Canada, which ship the orders closest to the shipping address. Then they make the checkout and deliver the products to the buyers.

Comparison Table: Nomatic vs. Peak design backpack


Peak design backpack

Nomatic backpack

Dimensions: 21.3 x 13 x 4.2 inches 19 x 9 x 13 inches
Item model:   NOMATIC 30L Peak Design 30L
Capacity: 30 Liter 30 Liter
Item Weight:   3.5 Pounds 3.3 pounds
Material:    400D Double-Poly Coated Tarpaulin
Waterproof:   No Yes
Laptop Sleeve: 16 inches 15 inches
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A brief review of the Nomatic backpack

  • The new Nomatic bags provide ample space.
  • The sleek outlook of the Nomatic backpack can impress a person at first sight.
  • This bag is suitable for carrying tech items, including laptops, iPods, mobile phones, etc.
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A short review of the Peak design backpack

  • Peak Design is a photography backpack.
  • It is waterproof as far as possible. So, it protects your camera from rain.
  • It has dual weatherproof side zips. They provide access to the backpack from every side.
  • There is a waist strap with the backpack. You can tuck it away if it is not necessary.
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Similarities We Found While Comparing

Although Nomatic and Peak design backpacks differ in their features, they also have some similarities.


The Peak Design backpacks are so durable. Significantly, the nylon canvas-made outer shell increases its sustainability. It is also double-padded.

On the other hand, Nomatic backpacks are also made from durable materials. The water-resistant zips and materials of the Nomatic backpack are user-friendly. They increase the bag’s durability and make it suitable for keeping the gadgets safe in light rain.

Reinforced Stitching

When a backpack has reinforced stitching, it becomes more sustainable and long-lasting. Both Nomatic and Peak Design backpacks have reinforced stitching. There is, however, no square inch on the Pick Design backpack that lacks the feature.

Differences between Nomatic and Peak Design backpacks

Nomatic and Peak Design backpacks are from two different brands with several excellent features. Both are beautiful and user-friendly.

Now, we will present the differences between Nomatic and Peak Design backpacks to ensure which one will be appropriate according to your needs.

Using intentions

The Nomatic backpack is suitable for use on long journeys, including plane travel. You can use the Nomatic bag for daily use and traveling, so the gear is multi-functional.

The Peak Design backpack is an excellent product for photography. If you look at the backpack, you can quickly realize how beautiful the outlook is. Moreover, the backpack is designed to keep a photographer’s essential items inside it. This feature makes the bag suitable for photographing. So, the Peak Design backpack is just like a companion for photographers.


The Nomatic backpack’s dimensions are 18.5′′ x 12′′ x 5′′ inches, and the dimension of the Peak Design 30 L backpack is 20 x 13 x 7.75 inches. There are also smaller collections of Peak Design. The 20 L Max is 18 x 12 x 6.75, and the 10 L Max is 9″ x 16″ x 5.5″. You can select the backpack according to your camera’s dimensions and the number of products you want to keep inside the bag.


Nomatic backpacks are made of tarpaulin. It is made of very strong and waterproof material, so it makes the backpack long-lasting. Moreover, the weather-resistant feature of tarpaulin proves that the Nomatic backpack is good for use everywhere.

The Peak Design backpack is made of 100% recycled material. The main fabric of the Peak Design backpack is 400D double-poly coated, DWR-impregnated nylon canvas, which is durable and easy to repair.


The Nomatic backpack is an extremely sustainable product. It can protect the inside equipment from heavy rain. The strong exterior of the Nomatic backpack makes it more protective and ensures its good performance.

The Peak Design backpack is not 100% waterproof but works well in light rain. A Peak design backpack saves your phone, camera, and other necessary devices from a short rain.

If you have to work in heavy rain and you need an extra safety measure for your products, you can choose a Nomatic backpack.

Final Thoughts: Which is better?

It is hard to judge which backpack is better, but you can purchase a pack according to your demands.

The Nomatic backpack is slightly better than the Peak design backpack. The waterproof feature and the more durable material make it more impressive.

However, if you are a photographer, you can purchase a Peak Design backpack to accommodate your camera and other necessary items.


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