How do you tell if a Sprayground backpack is fake?

The backpack is an essential part of our everyday lives. A backpack that is suitable for both teenagers and older people is very popular because most of the population can use it easily. The Sprayground backpacks are in these collections. In this article, we will provide 5 tips to identify a 100% original backpack.

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How to verify the original Sprayground backpacks?

1. Secret pocket

This feature is another one for detecting the genuine Sprayground backpack. Every Sprayground backpack has a secret pocket for the user’s personal tasks. The pocket helps them by providing the service of keeping their personal things and finding them easily.

2. First impression

The main feature of the backpack that users will appreciate is that it is not made of genuine leather, but it has the same feel as a leather product. Moreover, there are also some other attractive characteristics of the Sprayground backpack, which are discussed below.

3. Odor-free

The secret compartment of the Sprayground backpack has a smell-proof pouch. The pouch has several user-friendly features. The pouch is charcoal-lined, which creates a scent-free chamber in the bag. So, the people in the surrounding area cannot smell the scent of the inside of the secret chamber of the backpack.

4. Waterproof?

The Sprayground backpacks are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. These backpacks are made of leatherette fabric, which allows them to be used in light rain without soaking the inside elements.

5. Long-lasting

Sprayground is a backpack brand known for manufacturing quality and strong backpacks. The strength and durability of the products are admirable. The Sprayground backpack easily outperforms many other brands on the market due to its appealing features.

Manufactured in China

Sprayground is a China backpack. It is made in China and designed in the USA (New York). The bag is an excellent choice for users who like Chinese products.

In a short time, the Sprayground backpack became popular. The backpack brand was established in 2010. This year, the backpack’s goodwill spread, and it became a famous name in the backpack arena.

People Also Ask

  • Can I wash my Sprayground backpack?

Cleaning a backpack is an essential task for users. But you must not avoid the safety tasks.

The Sprayground backpack is suitable for cleaning with a damp cloth. It is also possible to clean the backpack with soap or detergent. But you should not put the backpack in a washing machine because it can be damaged soon.

  • Can I get the Sprayground backpack everywhere in the world?

Yes, Sprayground backpacks come with a worldwide shipping option. As a result, you can call and order the Sprayground backpack from anywhere in the world.

Bottom lines
Users who like weird designs for traveling through adventurous places can choose the Sprayground backpack. Moreover, the secret pocket of the backpack is another attraction to consumers. So you can verify the backpack before purchasing.

Cons: The weird design of the Sprayground backpacks may not be preferable for every user.

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