Is the North Face Borealis backpack waterproof

Is the North Face Borealis backpack waterproof?

The North Face Borealis backpack is famous for its gorgeous outlook and well-rounded performance. They have water-resistant backpack series. The waterproof backpack keeps the water out of the backpack. On the other hand, water-resistant backpacks resist water. The material of a specific backpack determines what type of backpack it will be.

Are the North Face Borealis backpacks waterproof?

There are several valuable materials in the North Face backpack. The materials are 600-denier polyester toile, 500-denier nylon oxford slub, 420-denier nylon, 210-denier Cordura ripstop nylon, and even polyester jacquard camo. Both of the materials are trustworthy and water-resistant.

But North Face Borealis backpacks are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. The water-resistant fabric allows you to prevent water or go on light rain. But you can’t fully submerge the backpack into water.

What are the advantages of the North Face Borealis backpack?

The North Face is a well-known backpack brand around the world. The Borealis is one of their popular models.

Now, we are presenting some attractive features of the North Face Borealis, which will tell you why you should buy it.

Sufficient storage

It is a big advantage that you can get with the North Face Borealis backpack. The backpack’s dimensions are so large that you can fit a lot of things inside it, including books, clothing, smartphones, and other essentials. Moreover, the backpack is suitable for both traveling and going to college.

Versatile backpack

There are several designs of quality backpacks in the North Face Borealis collection. The backpacks are suitable for both men and women.


The North Face Borealis backpack is available for $98.95. This price range may be high for some medium-range consumers. But, if you compare the price of the Borealis with the backpacks from other brands, you can easily determine that it is a price-worthy backpack.

Padded laptop compartment

If you have a valuable laptop and want to use it safely on your journey, the North Face Borealis backpack is ideal. The well-padded laptop compartment of the Borealis was made to protect your laptop from any harmful touch or strike.

Versatile colors

It is another advantage of a backpack brand that the products are suitable for several types of consumers. The choice of all people is not the same. But if you do not like a specific color of the backpack, you can choose another one. So, the Borealis backpacks are available in several colors.

What are the cons of the North Face Borealis backpack?

The North Face Borealis is an outstanding backpack overall. But, based on the customers’ reviews, this backpack is not super stylish. Although the design of the backpack cannot satisfy a small number of customers, the other features can make up for it.

Lifetime warranty

If there is any problem with the backpack that is a technical fault, the company is always prepared to repair it free of charge. This amazing service ensures that you should not face any problems with the standard of the backpack; otherwise, the company is ready to repair it.

Dimensions of the North Face Borealis backpack

The North Face Borealis backpack is 12 inches by 6.5 inches by 19.5 inches (30.5 cm by 16.5 cm by 49.5 cm). There is a well-sized laptop sleeve that is 13.75 inches by 11.25 inches. The volume of the North Face Borealis is 28 liters.

On the other hand, the North Face Borealis backpack for women is slightly smaller in dimension. It is 18.75 inches by 5.75 inches by 11 inches. The laptop sleeve of the Borealis backpack for women is 12.5 inches by 11 inches, and its volume is 27 liters.

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But the first one is unisex, so as a woman, if you think that the women-specific Borealis bag is shorter, you can use the first one.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Borealis larger than Jester?

The North Face Recon, Borealis, and Jester are all different models from the same company. But, if you need a backpack with a larger dimension for more comfort, you can use the Borealis because it has a larger footprint. But the main compartment capacity of the backpacks is almost the same.

  • Can I carry a North Face backpack with me on a plane?

Yes, you can easily carry a North Face backpack with you when you are traveling by plane. The North Face backpacks are perfectly sized for carrying under the seat of a plane. Moreover, it can be considered one of your personal items, so there is no restriction on taking the backpack.

Bottom lines

You are not getting the waterproof feature from a North Face Borealis backpack, but it is water-resistant. Moreover, the backpack has several user-friendly features. North’s after-sales service is excellent, which gives buyers more confidence in purchasing and using the backpack.

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