What size suitcase do I need for 2 weeks

What size suitcase do I need for 2 weeks?

A suitcase is the right thing to carry on family or business trips. A backpack can be used when you are going on a journey alone. But a suitcase is a must when family members are also traveling with you. It is better to carry a single bag than to carry individual backpacks for everyone.

What size suitcase is necessary for my 2-week trip?

The choice of suitcase depends on how much anticipation you have. If you want to take your most necessary things for your two-week journey, a 50- to 75-liter suitcase is perfect. However, some travelers have higher expectations when it comes to carrying more items. They can also use a suitcase of 75-100 liters.

There is no doubt about it: whenever the aristocratic people go anywhere, they always find a way to collect many exceptional items from the market. In this situation, they must use a larger suitcase, although they are on a short trip.

What are the best brands of Luggage you want to buy?

The dimensions of the suitcases

There are several categories of suitcases from different brands. The different sizes of suitcases are manufactured to fulfill the demands of different users. Assume you’re planning a long day trip. In this situation, a short suitcase cannot fulfill your demand because you must carry a lot of things with you.

On the other hand, a short-sized suitcase is appropriate for a short day trip. When you are preparing to come back home within a week, it is not necessary to carry a lot of things with you; instead, they will increase your suffering. Suitcases are classified into three types based on their size.The dimensions of the suitcases

Large suitcase: These suitcases are appropriate for you when you are traveling anywhere with several family members for more than a month. Their heights are 70 to 79 centimeters (27 to 31 inches). The carrying capacity of large suitcases ranges from 55 to 140 liters.

Medium suitcase: These types of suitcases are suitable for all journeys. You can buy a suitcase that will meet your needs for both long and short trips without having to buy separate ones. These suitcases are ideal.

The dimensions of a medium-sized suitcase are 60 to 69 cm (23 to 27 inches). These suitcases have the ability to carry about 50 liters to 120 liters.

Cabin-sized suitcase: These suitcases are suitable for weekend trips. The cabin-sized bag has the lowest carrying capacity, which is 30 to 50 liters.

Which things should I consider for a 2-week trip?

Sometimes we forget to take the most necessary things on our trips. It is not only harmful, but it is also the worst way to cause suffering. So, every traveler must be careful about the essential things that should be kept with him on the journey.

Sufficient clothes: Take the clothes off every member who is going with you on the trip.

Phones and chargers: Generally,  smartphones stay in our pockets. But several people forget to take the chargers and headphones with them. As a result, before embarking on your journey, you should inspect the suitcase to see if anything is inside.

Bring a handbag: A handbag is another essential element that should stay inside your suitcase. The small, necessary things and a sufficient amount of money should be kept here.

Enough medicines: These are some of the most important things you should keep in your suitcase. Otherwise, if you have a patient with you, you will have a significant problem.

The other factors determining the size of the suitcase

  • The season of traveling

If you are traveling during the rainy season or winter, you will need to bring more clothing. But traveling in the summer does not require a lot of clothes. So, the season is a great factor.

  • The place of travel

This is a very relevant fact for the season. Suppose you are going to one of the colder places in America or a snowy area. Undoubtedly, you need more clothes to protect yourself from the cold weather. As a result, you must bring a larger suitcase.

What are the best brands of suitcases?

There are several available brands of suitcases. Now, we are mentioning the names of the best ones. 

i) American Tourister Luggage

ii) Away Luggage

iii) Briggs and Riley Luggage

iv) Monos Luggage

v) AmazonBasics Luggage

vi) Bric’s Luggage

vii) Delsey Luggage, etc.


Sometimes we do not realize how many things should be considered during our journeys. But, when we think about them, we can understand how important they are. A suitable suitcase selection is one of the factors that determines how enjoyable your journey can be.

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