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How long do Herschel backpacks last?- Extend Lifespan

The Herschel is an attractive and durable backpack. Its exceptional outlook and attractive features impress the users. But a typical question among people is how long the Herschel backpacks really last because people always want to purchase a durable bag. Here is our prededication:

Careless use: 6 months-1 Year

Normal Use: 3-5 Years

If maintained properly: 5-8 Years

Where are Herschel backpacks made?

Herschel backpacks are now made in China. There are fifteen factories in China that manufacture Herschel backpacks. The companies’ manufacturing processes are very high-level, and it is appropriate to produce sustainable bags for use.

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How long do Herschel backpacks last?

It is a crucial question because the customers’ decision depends on the answer.

Most customers want a durable backpack at a reasonable price. Does Herschel’s backpack last long? The backpack lasts from six months to several years. It can last for ten years if you use it carefully. 

Of course, careless use can reduce your backpack’s lifetime and is not the manufacturer’s liability.

Does Herschel provide any warranty?

Herschel backpacks are durable products. The backpack manufacturer, Herschel, provides a limited lifetime warranty. Herschel will provide a free warranty if there is a material or manufacturing defect.

What is the Herschel backpack made of?

The best-selling version of the Herschel backpack is 100 percent polyester. The main ingredient of the Herschel backpack is polyester ripstop, a water-resistant material. However, it is very durable and user-friendly.

Are Herschel backpacks good?

The Herschel is a classic backpack. It is a good choice for users who love simple bags.

Moreover, Herschel is a quality backpack. It is durable and fashionable, and its trendy appearance changes according to the changes of the era.

So, Herschel’s backpack makes a good impression on people.

What is special about Herschel’s backpack?

The very durable Herschel backpack is made of ripstop nylon. The material is water-resistant.

The main products for the outdoors are made of ripstop nylon. Several products, including flags, sleeping bags, tents, sails, banners, etc., are popular ripstop nylon-made products.Herschel backpack Review

There are many advantages to ripstop nylon. It is waterproof, water-resistant, and even fire-resistant. Moreover, the backpack’s zero porosity and the ability to carry a high weight are admirable features.

Can I wash a Herschel backpack?

If you go out for a long tour, you must prepare to wash your backpack ideally. A lot of sand and dust attack us, and our backpacks are also affected by the problem.

So, everyone should be careful about the cleanliness of his backpack. To keep your Herschel backpack clean and new-looking, you should follow some simple steps.

The company always recommends washing their backpacks with mild soap, detergent, and water because firmer soaps than dish soaps may harm the charming outlook of the bag.

After cleaning the sand and the specks of dirt, you will rinse your backpack with cold water.  

Now, hand the backpack to where you can quickly dry it using air. Air drying is better than using sunlight because it does not harm the attractive color of the bag’s outside. However, if you want to remove the unpleasure smell from your backpack, you can dry it in the sun for a short time.

What are the cons of the Herschel backpack?

Although Herschel backpacks are durable and good-looking, some customers have complaints against them. If Herschel can overcome the problems, it will be a more popular brand in this challenging and competitive era. 

  1. The laptop compartment of Herschel’s backpack is so tiny (15.6-inch laptop sleeve) that it can not fulfill some users’ demands. 
  2. Some users claim that the after-selling service for a damaged backpack is slow, although it has a one-year limited warranty. 
  3. The front flap of Herschel’s backpack has a problem. When the bag is entirely packed, the flap can come undone easily. 

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