Surefire G2X Pro Review 2023: Tactical LED Flashlight

There are various must have everyday carry items that a person should have. One of those important everyday carry items is a flashlight. And if you believe in quality then SureFire G2X is a great flashlight to buy. Surefire G2X pro flashlight’s maximum brightness is 600 lumens, the minimum output is 15 lumens and a Tough Nitrolon body is perfect for self-defense or tactical use. Read this Surefire G2X pro review to know more about this flashlight feature.

Technical Features of the Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight


Surefire G2X

Lumens: 600 lm
body: Tough Nitrolon polymer and Mil-Spec hard anodized bezel for durability
Two output levels: High for maximum light, low for extended runtime
Batteries: 2 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries
Batteries Included?: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 1 inches
Weight: 4.48 ounces

Among the best flashlight brands on the market is the Surefire g2x led light. The USA made flashlight is one of the best pocket size flashlights on the market. It is built with quality materials that ensure it is resistant to impact and water. The Surefire g2x series torch has a two output mode and a powerful strobe mode. Furthermore, the tactical flashlight is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in the hands of the user.

The lithium-ion batteries that Surefire g2x pro uses are made in the USA and meet the required specifications. Moreover, the batteries run for very long hours before being recharged.  The precision reflector it comes with creates a smooth, optimized beam with a lot of reach and surrounds light. With a maximum lumen of 600, this military flashlight is very bright and powerful. It as well as a secure grip that resists corrosion and other tough conditions. Although, it is not compact like the surefire titan plus flashlight, but perfect for tactical use.
If your car has ever broken down in the middle of nowhere, then you know the importance of carrying a torch with you. As we carry on with our duties, unexpected things might occur without us being fully prepared for them. But having EDC tools with us greatly reduces the chances of being stranded by far. When your car breaks down or the lights go off, you can use a light to repair your tire or light in the darkroom, respectively.

Surefire G2X Pro review 2023

  1. The maximum lumen is 600(Pro & law enforcement v.) and the low output lumen is 15.
  2. G2X LED bulb
  3. 10-year shelf life
  4. Tough polycarbonate window
  5. Parabolic reflectors
  6. Tough nitrogen polymer body
  7. Precision reflector
  8. Secure grip
  9. Tailcap switch
  10. Hard-anodized aluminum head
  11. Built-in heat and fault protection
  12. O-rings and gasket seals

Advantages of Surefire g2x pro flashlight

  • It is made up of durable materials that make it last long and withstand harsh conditions.
  • It as well as a secure grip that provides comfort to the user during use.
  • The 15 minimum lumens offer enough light to light a dark room or path
  • It has a maximum of 600 lumens to disorient an attacker and keep the user of the torch safe (This lumen only for Law enforcement version).
  • The tough nitrogen polymer body provides comfort even in bad weather.
  • The tailcap switch is very easy to use
  • It has a high quality led bulb that ensures the light emits enough brightness and lasts long
  • Its rugged finish makes it ideal for outdoor activities.


  • It is not very durable as it’s not made from aluminum or steel
  • It is not very bright with its green tint and cannot light well in some conditions.

What to look for in Tactical Flashlights like G2X Pro?

Number of light modes

A good military grade flashlight is one that allows the user to have full control of its light output. Usually, most of the military grade flashlights come with at least 5 lighting modes. This include: low, medium, high, strobe and SOS mode. These modes enable users to switch on either a low light so that the torch can run for long hours or a very bright light to brightly light a place. The strobe mode is for protection or security purposes just in case one is faced with danger like being attacked.


Ensure that the military grade led flashlight that you buy is durably made. The usual materials used to create tactical flashlights include: heavy duty plastics, durable composite, anodized aluminum and steel. The best material to use is anodized aluminum as it’s durable but at the same time lightweight. Steel is the sturdiest but it is a little bit heavy. There is as well some quality composite tactical flashlight that can be relied on to perform well in the wild.

Water resistance

Choose a flashlight that is both water and impact resistant. This will ensure that the torch doesn’t spoil or get damaged even after falling on the ground or on a rock. Also, since led flashlights are used outdoors, the weather can get bad and having a water resistance flashlight can ensure usage even in bad weather.

Type of bulb

The type of bulb a flashlight has can decide whether the torch will last for long or not. LED bulbs are the most durable as they have a long lifespan.

Also, they are some of the brightest and can light well in different conditions such as dusty areas or in total darkness.

Size of the flashlight

A tactical flashlight should be very portable and easy to store. Pick one that is light and has a pocket clip for easy storage. Also, if you can get one that can easily fit in the pocket can be a great idea.


When selecting a flashlight to use in the wilderness, you should check the grip of the torch. A torch with a nice grip will make sure that the user easily handles the light even when in danger or in bad weather conditions.

You can also check a few other popular brand flashlights like Fenix, Streamlight, etc.

Where to use the Surefire g2x Pro flashlight?

Camping – if you are a camper, this surefire g2x tactical flashlight can be a great choice for you. When it gets dark out there in the wild, you may not be able to access any place without a light source. Unlike estates or streets, camping in the mountains or woods means you will be in darkness when dusk falls. A light source such as this one from surefire g2x light can help run errands at the camp.

Hunting – hunting is an activity that is fun and interesting. But when it comes to hunting in the darkness, this is no easy thing. For you to hunt at night, you need the right tools such as a powerful rifle and a torch to light your target for a great shoot. You can either select a hybrid torch or mount torch. Surefire g2x flashlight can be utilized like a mount torch as it’s bright and very powerful too.

Hiking – the weather around a hill or mountain can be very cold and tricky. So, if you’re a hiker, you need a quality flashlight that can help you move easily on this terrain without tripping. This flashlight is quality and has a nice grip that allows easy handling even in wet conditions. The body of the surefire torch is made of a tough nitrogen polymer body that is easy to handle.

By police – the police are on the constant chase of hooligans and burglars. Having a reliable flashlight that they can carry in their pockets is an added advantage. The Surefire g2x torch is a nice tactical flashlight with excellent features that can be great for use by the police. With a nitrolon polymer body, tailcap switch and a precision reflector, this is a wonderful flashlight to have.

Final Thoughts
The Surefire g2x tactical flashlight is among the best flashlight brands on the market. It is built with a quality nitrolon polymer material that is weather resistant and long lasting. The design is compact and can easily fit in a pocket or backpack for storage when not in use. This professional flashlight is also lightweight and doesn’t weigh down the user when in use. With various excellent features, the surefire g2x military light is suitable for outdoor use. So, after reading this surefire G2X pro review article what is your decision? Let me know!

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